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App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

The solitary camera icon makes a great logo for an app that brands itself as an alternative to the native smartphone camera app. The orange color is classy and stylish, and so is the Cinzel typeface, making this seem like the "Pro" version of a camera app built for high-end photography.

App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

The pencil with spiraling shavings evokes a sense of motion and productivity, as if the pencil is writing so fast that it is unraveling. This makes a great symbol for a writing or note-taking app. Blue suggests trust and reliability, while the business name is bold in the Alfa Slab One typeface.

App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

The beaded circle with tiny reflections is a great symbol for an online jewelry or accessories store. The shape-within-a-shape concept is distinctive and memorable, and the neutral color palette evokes professionalism and reliability. The Quantico typeface has sharp lines that contrast the circles.

App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

The sleek and stylish handbag hints at luxury shopping, and the wreaths adorning it suggest excellence and quality. This makes it a great logo for an online shopping app. Orange and yellow do well to capture attention and create positive associations, while the Overpass typeface is legible.

App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

The flower petal made with symmetrical, mechanical lines is a clever icon for a drawing or sketching app. Its unfinished, minimalist look suggests that an artist's hand is needed to get the job done. The design stands out as unique, and the business name is salient in the yellow Blinker typeface.

App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

App logos tend to favor simple geometry that catches the eye on an overpopulated screen, which is exactly what this logo boasts. The lines create a three-dimensional effect and form the letter "A," while the business name makes a statement with the exaggerated lines of the Elsie Swash Caps typeface.

App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

The pink splash on black is a unique logo that makes for a distinctive brand identifier. Moreover, pink and black is an eye-catching, attractive color combination that grabs the attention and stands out. The business name is nicely contrasted in white, and the Bungee typeface is bold and loud.

App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

The modern house with extended lines running through it makes it seem like a house sketched by an architect or designer. This is a great logo for an architectural or home designing app. The red profile catches the eye, and the business name stands out in the decorative Marko One typeface.

App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

The water drop that is formed by circles of varying sizes is a creative use of geometry to communicate the essence of a nautical brand. Swapping out the blue for red creates intrigue, allowing the vibrant color to stand out on a digital screen. The Quantico typeface is sharp and clean in black.

App logo for a business called Project App. Edit

The spiral pattern seems to be painted on a canvas, making this logo suitable for a digital art app. The swirling lines resemble strokes of a paintbrush, and the light blue color evokes feelings of creativity and self-expression. The Freckle Face typeface has a distinct personality that is memorable.

Smartphone Logos

10 memorable logo ideas for your smartphone business.


A good app logo will use simple geometry to make a shape that is recognizable at a glance on either a smartphone or desktop. Pair a minimalistic design with bright and attention-grabbing colors for a winning app logo. Most app logos will forego using a business name, as the smartphone or computer will caption an app with its name, giving you more space to create a memorable design. App logos tend to substitute a business name for their business initials, like Google or Twitter.

  1. Write down some key points about your business and its values.
  2. Think of symbols that represent your company's unique offerings, or experiment with different iterations of your business name initials.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with a few ideas for your app logo.
  4. Pick your favorite ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  5. Show your family and friends and ask them what they think.
  6. Use their feedback to narrow your final selection.
  7. Pick your favorite logo and download it.
  1. Find an icon that best represents your business, whether it be the product you sell, the service you offer, or your brand mascot, like Twitter.
  2. Use simple shapes. Your icon must be instantly recognizable on phone screens without having to do much squinting or guessing.
  3. Omit words. Words add clutter and distract from the main visual you want people to see.
  4. Use the first letter of your company. This is a great minimalist technique used by tech companies.
  5. Use colors that stand out. This will help make your logo salient on a busy smartphone screen.
  6. Choose your best mobile app logo and ask your friends and family for honest feedback.
  7. Use a mobile app logo maker like Zarla to generate hundreds of creative and memorable designs.

Where can I download free app logos?

You can create, edit, and download free app logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our logo maker.

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