Atelier Logo Ideas:



Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

The tiny heart detail conveys your love for creating pottery and being artistic and creative. The curves of the Roboto Condensed typeface are friendly and open, the perfect brand message to entice customers into your atelier to buy your artwork or take a class. A black and white color palette shows you respect your craft and asks others to as well.

Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

Bright orange stands out from the crowd and draws attention to your logo, conveying your excitement and joy in your craft, as well as your creativity. The pencil icons is a great indicator of an atelier belonging to a designer, while the funky Boogaloo typeface looks like its been written by the pencil, bringing a fun sense of artistry to the logo.

Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

This beautiful geometric design conveys the artistry and creativity of your business, while leaving the exact nature of your business an intriguing mystery. This idea is complemented by the use of purple, giving the design a sense of magic, mystery, and creativity. The geometric Sen typeface complements the design and provides a friendly look.

Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

The soft Marmelad typeface gives this logo a gentle, fluid characteristic that is perfect for online advertising and marketing. It is complemented by the fluid splashes fountaining up from the business name, perhaps suggesting the atelier of a watercolor artist. Meanwhile, green breathes a feeling of freshness and hope into the logo.

Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

Bright pink catches the eye, drawing attention to your brand and hinting that customers will fall in love with your artwork. The almost mechanical style of the floral icon shows your creativity in seeing things in a different way, leading to amazing designs and art. The Autour One typeface gives the logo a personal touch with a handwritten style.

Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

These fun handprints with heart details suggest an atelier where customers will love to come take an art class and get their hands dirty. The elegant Rosarivo typeface provides an intriguing visual contrast to the icon with its delicate and luxurious letterforms. Dark gray-brown brings a feeling a stability and professionalism to this strong logo.

Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

This cool, contemporary icon gives a modern spin to the wax seal and fountain pen, bringing this art form of calligraphy and seal designs into the future. The elegant Yeseva One typeface gives this logo a contrasting feminine essence that increases the traditional, vintage feel of the design, while cyan and green make a soothing color palette.

Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

The paintbrush icon features a welcoming door, inviting customers into the atelier of an artist who works in paints. The different shades of black bring power and elegance to your design, suggesting an upmarket design studio, while the inner tension and smooth details of the Marko One typeface give the logo a memorable brand detail.

Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

The tall, narrow Cuprum typeface complements the icon but, with a bolder stroke on the letters, draws attention to the brand name, aiding in brand memorability. The delicate and detailed clutch of flowers makes a picture, suggesting an art atelier, while the dark purple conveys the creativity and magic of an well painted canvas.

Atelier logo for a business called Atelier Arts. Edit

Bright red grabs attention and encourages customers to come to your atelier. The paint splash with paint brush highlights the kind of atelier you own and the type of artworks you create or give lessons in. The classic Vesper Libre typeface gives the design a modern appearance that is perfect for online marketing of your atelier and your artwork.

Workshop Logos

10 wonderful logo ideas for your workshop.


  1. Review your business plan and brand message for design inspiration.
  2. Research your top competitors' logos for ideas.
  3. Use a logo maker to create some atelier logo templates.
  4. Experiment with the different color, icon, and typeface options.
  5. Create a few options and ask family and friends for feedback.
  6. Use the feedback to tweak the top design choice and download it.

Where can I download atelier logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download atelier logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by using our logo maker.

What are some examples of atelier logo images?

As an atelier is a workshop used by artists and designers, you can use virtually any image in your logo. Try an image that conveys the art you specialize in, or an emotion you hope your art conveys.

How do I find ideas for my atelier logo design?

  • Go through your business plan.
  • Consider the type of art or design you specialize in for ideas.
  • Try to convey an emotion that your art brings out in the icon or colors of your design.
  • Research your top competitors' logos for inspiration.

Is there an atelier logo font?

Yes, there is a handwritten script typeface called Atelier. It is a modern typeface, inspired by the fashion industry and brings to mind the colorful chaos of a designer's atelier.

Where can I find an atelier logo idea template?

Try Zarla's free AI-powered logo maker to generate hundreds of logo templates in seconds from just a few input keywords. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded in both PNG and vector formats for free.

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