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Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

Incorporating blue tones adds depth to this modest design, which features a lone backpack to showcase your brand's primary export. While a monochromatic color scheme is soothing and contemporary, the Josefin Sans typeface capitalizes on the hue's symbolism of formality and elegance.

Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

Showing your hiking backpack in use offers an interesting marketing approach, and it gives the impression that your products can withstand the elements. With the capital letters of the Bebas Neue typeface commanding attention, the dark green grounds the logo and helps link it to outdoor activities.

Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

Simple with a contemporary twist, this logo will pop on uniforms! The Righteous typeface is made up of condensed, uppercase letters that add a modern flair to an ambitious backpack brand. These qualities are cleverly underlined by the energetic orange background, which conveys joy and creativity.

Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

If you want your logo to instill faith in your backpacks, including an image of a mountain goat is a smart marketing technique that will help your brand. While the goat also makes an excellent mascot, it's the refined quality of the Vollkorn SC typeface and rich blue tone that defines this logo.

Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

A hiker celebrating on top of a mountain seems joyful and powerful, imbuing this design with notions of optimism and triumph. These traits are emphasized when matched with the vibrant orange tone, which brings needed energy to the design, while the youthful Crushed typeface provides some character.

Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

The Vollkorn SC typeface features capital letters with quiet, refined strokes, creating a stylish basis for the whimsical bird. While the red is stimulating and spirited, it also helps highlight the comical image of a bird with glasses — a trendy icon that would look great stitched into a backpack.

Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

A solid background in the color of rich soil serves as a captivating brand identifier, pointing toward a backpack business that wants to make a bold statement. While the mountain range's angular peaks convey power and precision, the formal Josefin Sans typeface offers a beautiful finishing touch.

Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

Opting for the bold but humble Poppins typeface suits this expansive logo well, allowing the clear, authoritative structure of the mountain range to steal the show. The hiker's sturdy backpack highlights your niche target market, while the royal purple hue underlines this message of premium quality.

Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

A captivating design that's fun and trendy! The youthful aesthetic added by the happy baby is friendly and endearing, while its bumblebee form adds an imaginative touch. The earthy color palette and graceful Marmelad typeface mature these features, lending the design an understated finish.

Backpack logo for a business called Pack Power. Edit

A brand specializing in travel-sized backpacks will appreciate the generous size of the icon, which allows the bag's solid form to highlight your quality and spacious designs. While the Noto Serif typeface's elegance is heightened in royal blue, the bursts of lively orange add a refreshing contrast.

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Where can I download backpack logo designs?

You can try using Zarla, an intuitive logo maker that generates hundreds of backpack logo designs for free. To get started, scroll through our examples and click on your favorite one.

  1. Identify design elements that best represent your brand and target market.
  2. Research competitors' logos to study how their target market responds to their icons, colors, and fonts.
  3. Use a logo maker to compile a list of backpack logo ideas.
  4. Share your ideas with friends and relatives in exchange for their honest feedback.
  5. Tweak your ideas where necessary and download the best one.

What are great backpack logo images?

The imagery you use in your backpack logo should reflect the quality of your products and showcase its best features. For example, if you're creating trustworthy and durable backpacks for hikers, include an icon with a hiker and their backpack to highlight these themes. Alternatively, you could include a comical or trendy mascot to show creativity.

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