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Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

An eye-catching choice that's perfect for those looking to create promotional material, thanks to the bold Anton text. The icon in this logo features the blades of scissors that double as suit lapels, ultimately dignifying the logo to create a more refined allure.

Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

A creative logo that cleverly combines the informal, loopless design of the Pattaya font with a sleek icon that features the profile of a bearded man. The color combination of red, white, and blue pays tribute to the traditional colors of barbershops in Europe.

Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

A cool logo design that will instantly intrigue customers with its elusive icon. The white and black color scheme is sleek and clear, radiating professionalism and class. The Bungee font is known for its urban appeal, making it the ideal fit for a modern barbershop.

Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

A unique choice that will captivate customers with its effortless charm. The Monoton font was initially created for the "cloud-based era," making it the ideal fit for the modern barbershop. In advertising, black and blue represent trust and stateliness, two excellent qualities for a barber brand.

Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

A sophisticated but alluring logo design. The clever combination of modern and traditional elements instantly sets the standard, evoking images of old-school barbershop branding and decor. Created for signage purposes, the urban Bungee font pairs well with the legendary, gentleman-inspired icon.

Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

A striking logo that's on-brand and trendy. When paired with a dark background, the glowing yellow Pattaya font creates a striking impression, promising stylish branding and professional service. This clever color palette is further emphasized by the sleek, emblem-inspired icon.

Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

This three-toned logo design immediately captures the eye, thanks to its yellow, suit-inspired icon and dark background. The Pattaya font is reminiscent of handwritten calligraphy, transforming this logo into a personalized gem that will appeal to both young and mature markets.

Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

The icon in this captivating logo features a gladiator, suggesting that customers will walk away with haircuts fit for champions. This standard is upheld by the clear Anton Regular typeface and sophisticated color scheme, which features popular colors used to represent power and wellness.

Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

A marketing dream! This striking logo conjures images of smooth and contemporary branding, which may suit those looking to create a reputable brand. The bright yellow adds a dash of cheer to the icon, instantly grabbing attention and drawing the eye towards the prominent Anton Regular text.

Barber logo for a business called Barber Bros Edit

This classic design pays homage to the traditional style of barbershop logos, thanks to its gentleman-inspired icon and incorporation of the famous colors typically used for barber poles. The Monoton text modernizes the name, creating the perfect combination of old-school elements and new designs.


  • Review your marketing plan.
  • Consider the branding and design of your barbershop.
  • Use a barber logo generator for inspiration.
  • Customize your logo design by playing around with fonts, colors, icons, and placements.

What's a good logo for a barbershop?

A good barbershop logo should be memorable while remaining true to the brand message. Many barbers choose to stick with striking colors like dark blue and black.

  • Consider the message you want your logo to convey.
  • Research your competitors.
  • Play around with a barber logo generator.
  • Ask potential customers for feedback.
  • Choose a logo design that resonates with your target market.

Vintage barber logos generally make use of the traditional barbershop colors; red, white, and blue. These recognizable colors are often accompanied by intricate icons that highlight a gentleman's facial features and/or profile.

How can I get a barbershop logo in vector files?

You can design your barbershop logo and download it in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) on Zarla. SVG suits business's looking to leverage promotional signs and online banners because it supports customization and animation.

Where can I download free barber logos?

You can create, edit, and download free barber logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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