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Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

The refreshing color palette taps into feelings of serenity and good energy, with the glass's fork detail adding a dramatic twist to a simplistic design. While the Alatsi typeface's condensed capital letters draw attention to your brand name, its overwhelming blue tone adds to your logo's modernity.

Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

The vibrancy of the orange tone pairs beautifully with the dark gray tint, combining themes of enthusiasm and maturity. The Sansation typeface comprises humble, curved letterforms that complement the boldness of the icon, while the glass and fruity accent hint at a creative cocktail menu.

Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

The dark backdrop mimics the color of red wine, creating an inviting setting for the peachy icon to pop! While shades of orange denote joy and creativity, both great brand messages to link with your brand, the icon's agile linework match the Caudex typeface's modest letters, forming a clean finish.

Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

The Fredoka One typeface's bold, chunky letterforms provide some colorful flavor to your business name, appealing to an audience that's youthful and energetic. The rich crimson tone enlivens the design, signifying love, passion, and confidence, themes that instantly draw attention to your brand.

Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

This logo's magnetic charm stems from its clever use of modern features. The sleek Audiowide typeface lends a futuristic touch, with the monochromatic color scheme reinforcing the logo's effortlessly cool aesthetic. The winged bottle makes for a captivating image that will stand out in the field.

Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

The elaborate design of the martini glass testifies to your bartending skills, with the artful addition of a lime and leaves lending a dramatic flair. The chunky letterforms of the Poetsen One typeface anchor the design, while the vibrant orange tone adds a splash of happiness and positive energy.

Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

The thick, capital letters of the Blinker typeface call attention to your brand name, which will make a statement on online and conventional platforms. While the icon's whimsical charm is bolstered by the classic imagery of a wine glass encased in stars, the white accents lend contrast and clarity.

Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

The Crushed typeface's unique characters mix lower and uppercase letters, giving your logo originality. This theme is underlined by the colorful palette, which includes bursts of lime green to add flavor and vibrancy. The glass surrounded by fruit spotlights your fruity cocktail drinks perfectly.

Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

The burnt red tone is lively and energizing, hinting at flavorful cocktail drinks that pack a punch! The sharp swish of the drink adds a dynamic edge that offsets the glass's neat linework. The Monda typeface features dainty but robust letterforms that command space well, creating a modest finish.

Bartender logo for a business called Cartini. Edit

The little drop dripping into the half-empty glass is a brilliant approach to promoting your on-tap beverages, while the golden yellow hue indicates a brand that only uses high-quality ingredients. The Luckiest Guy typeface carries a young, playful allure that appeals to a trendy target market.

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10 cool logo ideas for your bar business.


How do I come up with creative mobile bartender logos?

  1. Research mobile bartending services and identify design elements that make their logos stand out.
  2. Consider your branding strategy and how you want to attract customers.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with some logo ideas.
  4. Play around with different colors, icons, and typefaces that relate to your mobile bartending brand.
  5. Share your ideas with friends and family in exchange for honest feedback.
  6. Tweak your ideas where necessary and download the best one.

Where can I download a bartender logo in PNG format?

You can use Zarla to create and download bartender logos in PNG format for free. To get started, simply browse through our examples and click on "Edit" below your favorite design to make it your own.

What are great bartender logo images?

Great bartender logos includes standard and recognizable images of drinks, alcohol bottles, and wine glasses. However, to add some fun to your brand identity, consider adding images of limes and mint leaves to highlight your menu's creativity.

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