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Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

The loose strings of this bikini icon not only clearly reference your brand but create a dynamic element that helps customers to imagine the cool ocean breezes. This image is enhanced by the strong blue and white color palette, while the wide-spaced Signika typeface adds a gentle, calming aesthetic.

Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

Purple captures the creativity, magic, and mystery of your brand and of the sea as well. The seahorse makes a unique icon and, combined with purple, may indicate a bikini brand that caters to young people. The friendly Mitr typeface enhances this youthful vibe with casual, airy letterforms.

Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

This strong sun hints at the precision and style of your brand, while also adding a sense of energy and positivity to the design. Orange is the perfect color for this icon, matching its symbolism and encouraging fascination, while the soft curves of the Miriam Libre typeface indicate a modern brand.

Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

Three curved lines resembling the waves of the sea could indicate a bikini brand with specialized fabric to withstand salt water. It is also a soothing, relaxing image that pairs well with the calming cyan color palette as well as the rounded letters of the friendly, open Comfortaa typeface.

Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

Alice is a quirky typeface with an old-fashioned aesthetic that marks your business as specializing in vintage swimwear. The old-style bikini icon complements this idea, showcasing the types of bikinis on offer, while the use of black conveys the sophistication and elegance of a high-fashion brand.

Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

Bright sky blue brings to mind calm blue waters and gentle breezes, and encourages customers to dream of summer vacation. The delicate palm frond surrounded by a thin circle may symbolize the high-quality materials used in your bikinis, and the printing press Caudex typeface shows professionalism.

Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

A daring string bikini highlights modern fashion styles, setting the scene for a trendy brand. Green may show your brand's ambition to grow, or maybe you use sustainable products in your designs? With the sturdy Arbutus Slab typeface, this logo will do well on all marketing and branding materials.

Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

The contemporary style of the PT Sans Caption typeface grabs attention and makes the business name shine. The sandy and dark blue color palette is a great base for the icon, hinting at the beach and surf, while the sun setting over the waves inspires customers to show off their new bikinis.

Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

A monochromatic color palette is modern, trendy, and fashionable, showing that your bikinis are ahead of the trends. Mermaids traditionally symbolize water and femininity, highlighting your bikinis that will make women feel good. This idea is complemented by the pin-up style of the Cookie typeface.

Bikini logo for a business called Sunny Days. Edit

A delicate butterfly with overlapping wings represents the brand's hope that their bikinis will provide customers with a positive, transformative experience. Sky blue is romantic and dreamy, complementing this translucent icon, while the weighty Nunito Sans typeface provides a solid foundation.

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What does a bikini logo look like?

A bikini logo should use an icon that references the beach, sun, or swimming, or it may use a simple bikini icon. It should use colors like blues and oranges to reference water and the sun, or purples and blacks to stand out as fashionable and trendy.

A great bikini brand logo should be rounded off with a casual typeface, such as Pacifico, to enhance the "summer vacation" feeling. Have a look at our bikini logo collection for inspiration.

  1. Think about the kind of brand image you want to convey.
  2. Do some research and get inspired by existing bikini logos.
  3. Identify which colors, typefaces, icons, and logo styles best represent your business.
  4. Experiment with a logo maker to create the right design for your brand.
  5. Play with the customization options to design original logo ideas.
  6. Share your best ideas with potential customers and ask for honest feedback.
  7. Choose the best logo.

Where can I download a bikini logo in PNG format?

You can create and edit bikini logos with Zarla and download them in PNG format for free. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker to get started.

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