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This purple and blue logo is pleasing to the eye and memorable. The flowers are indicative of beauty and growth. The purple conveys luxury and quality, while the light blue adds a softness to the design and is symbolic of tranquility. The bold Days One typeface balances the thin lines of the icon. Edit

The icon of a branch turned into a spade is ideal for a garden center or service. The sky blue portrays open spaces, freedom, and imagination, while the white indicates freshness and simplicity. The royal blue Pridi typeface is ideal for displays, advertisements, and print media. Edit

The light yellow background is attention-grabbing and is associated with positivity. The red circular branch reflects growth and movement and adds warmth to the design. The thorny Eater typeface contributes to the branch symbolism, while the brown tone conveys resilience and dependability. Edit

Black and white logos are classic and timeless. The circular icon projects strength and inclusivity, while the white portrays simplicity and new beginnings. The black background is symbolic of power and strength. The Eater typeface adds a tad of informality to the design and is ideal for displays. Edit

This red and cream logo is ideal for a vintage-style property or accommodation business. The branch and the cream tone reinforce the landscape motive of the icon, while the light blue is symbolic of serenity. The angular lines of the Quantico typeface bring professionalism to the design. Edit

This high-energy logo will suit a Christmas decor or gift shop. The lime green background is joyous and lively and conveys creativity. The white bow and branches represent freshness and simplicity, while the bold letters of the Days One typeface are eye-catching and ideal for displays. Edit

If you are looking for a memorable logo for an agricultural or landscaping business, this icon will work great. The red waves and circle represent commitment and life, and this is reiterated by the icon. The Pridi typeface in royal blue grounds the design and portrays confidence. Edit

All the elements represented in this icon are representative of life and new beginnings. The lime green tone supports these characteristics and adds a sense of creativity, while the red brand name naturally draws attention to the icon. The Abril typeface is easy to read and ideal for displays. Edit

The circular branch suggests nourishment and transformation, while the rectangular shape of the soap conveys trust. The blue tones create a sense of relaxation, peace, balance, and stability. The Federo typeface is a display font ideal for online shops and urban displays. Edit

When opening a judo or karate dojo, this logo with its wreath symbolic of the Olympic Games will be a great addition. The all-caps Cinzel typeface grounds the design with its classical proportions. The black background suggests power and authority, while the white is symbolic of balance. Edit

This playful icon will be perfect for a bookstore or kids' clothing line. The owl symbolizes wisdom and intuition, while the green brings a sense of creativity to the brand. The blue stars reflect quality and intuition. The Poetsen typeface contributes to the casualness of the design. Edit

This purple and gold icon resembles elegance and extravagance and will be great for a luxury gift shop or a high-end bookstore. The wreaths are indicative of quality. The DM Serif Text typeface with its delicate features creates a contrast with the gift box and supports the idea of splendor. Edit

The simplicity of this icon makes it memorable and inviting. The waxing crescent moon is symbolic of positive action and a better future to come, while the branch is indicative of growth and prosperity. The red color, along with the Sen typeface, draws attention to the brand name and icon. Edit

Maroon is the color of ambition and confidence and inspires creativity. The white space successfully draws focus to the icon of a branch which symbolizes growth and prosperity. The geometrical lines of the Poppins typeface balance the circular design that reflects unity. Edit

Green is symbolic of nature and balance and is, therefore, a great choice for a logo for a nursery or a business related to sustainability. The tree branch represents uniqueness and empowerment, which are ideal characteristics for a start-up. The Averia Libre typeface is great for displays.

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20 natural logos for you to use and customize.


Where do I find the best branch logo ideas?

Use Zarla to create and download branch logo designs for free. Alternatively, see our collection of branch logos for inspiration.

Zarla is a free and intuitive logo maker that allows you to design and download logos in vector format. Vector images can be enlarged without losing their resolution, making them ideal for branding.

Which brands use branches in their logos?

  • Harvard University.
  • Mercedes Benz.
  • Cadillac.
  • Sheraton Hotel.
  • Starbucks.
  • Whole Harvest.
  • Monsanto.
  • Atlas Olive Oils.

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