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Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

These cute cartoon kittens sharing a bowl of food create an atmosphere of family, community, and happiness —attracting a more youthful target market to your business. The rounded, open Dosis typeface complements the friendly, welcoming theme of this design, while sky blue conveys peace and tranquility, contrasting the agility and grace of the cats.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

Bright red conveys drive and energy, complementing the resourcefulness of the cat and drawing attention to your brand. The raised tail on the cat indicates the inquisitive nature of this intelligent creature, perhaps hinting at an educational brand. Meanwhile, the classic Cardo typeface works with the idea of an educational business.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

This cat poses beautifully in front of the camera shutter, perfectly highlighting your pet portrait business and the creativity you show in getting the best shot. This idea is complemented by the orange and purple color palette, symbolizing the creativity and joy of your business. Meanwhile, the athletic Playball typeface adds dynamic energy.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

The handwritten style of the blue Sansation typeface suggests a small business that offers customers a personal touch in their business dealings. The cute, cartoon cat face adds a child-like energy to this design that is whimsical and appealing, while the natural tone of green brings a sense of relaxation, peace, and order to the design.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

Shimering light blue conveys peace and calm, encouraging customers to trust in the reliability of your brand. The neutral Public Sans typeface ensures the logo can be used in any context, from branding to marketing, while the icon of two cats surrounded by a circular frame suggests a community-based business, such as a cat rescue center or cat café.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

The contemporary Asap typeface provides an optimized design for an online brand to fully utilize its branding and marketing opportunities. Orange conveys a brand message of ambition, adventure, and sociability, while dark blue adds professionalism to your brand. Meanwhile, the clean lines making the cat's face are modern and highlight independence.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

Earth tones bring a comforting sense of stability and security to a business, reassuring customers that their cats will be safe with your business. The business focus is highlighted in their cat within the view-finder of the camera, conveying a pet photography business, while the classic Cardo typeface adds a complementary elegance to the design.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

Monochromatic dark blue creates a contemporary and professional aesthetic, encouraging customers to trust in your brand. The rounded Comfortaa typeface is open and friendly, conveying a welcoming brand message, while the cat's elegant profile evokes the grace and agility of this creature — perfect for a business that wants to convey these traits.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

The comic book style of the Delius typeface brings a fun, happy characteristic to this design for a family-friendly atmosphere. The peach color creates a warm design, symbolizing joy and a youthful energy. The cat's paw print within the house makes a good icon for a cat café or a cat shelter, showing the safety of cats under the roof.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

The sparkles around the inquisitive cat highlight the magic and mystery of owning one of these curious and playful pets. Bright red-orange complements the playful energy of this design, suiting a brand message of excitement, engagement, and vitality. Meanwhile, the informal Pattaya typeface adds a casual atmosphere that encourages relaxation.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

The strong use of vivid orange draws attention to your brand and conveys joy, warmth, and fun. This positivity is enhanced by the small heart within the icon, while the cat is cleverly indicated in the negative space within the dog silhouette. Meanwhile, the handwritten style of the Kodchasan typeface brings a casual, youthful aesthetic.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

A calm silhouette of a cat within the viewfinder of the camera is a clear reference to the business's focus while reassuring customers that your business is trustworthy. The rounded Comfortaa typeface conveys a sense of warm welcome to customers, telling them that all are welcome at your business. Strong red shows your passion for the business.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

The Heebo typeface has clean, geometric letters that are highly legible on screens, creating the perfect logo for an online cat-focused pet store. The cat within the house emphasizes this focus and perhaps hints at niche cat toys for the home. Meanwhile, tones of blue highlight the reliability and professionalism of your business.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

The business name in the Hind Madurai typeface stands out in black, aiding in brand memorability and creating an open and friendly aesthetic. This theme is complemented by the happy cartoon cat, which will attract a youthful target audience — perfect for a children's brand. The young and playful characteristics of bright pink complement the design.

Cat logo for a business called Purrty Cat. Edit

The calm cat within the house shape conveys peace, security, and comfort, suggesting both pets and customers will feel at home at your business. Dark blue encourages customers to trust in this sense of security your business provides and conveys the authority and skill of your business. The Zilla Slab typeface adds to the friendly approachability.

Animal Logos

10 cute and cuddly logo ideas for your animal business.


The are several car and sports brands that have large cat breeds as their icon, such as Jaguar, Peugeot, the Carolina Panthers, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Domestic cats are less common in existing brands, making them a good option for a unique logo design. Take a look at our collection of cat logos for inspiration when designing your own logo.

What companies have cats as logos?

Generally, cats in logos are used by pet-related companies, such as Whiskas, Cool Cat Apps, and Nauti Cat. If you are planning on starting a business like a cat café, pet store, cat rescue shelter, or more, try Zarla's logo maker to design, edit, and download a cat-based logo for free.

How do I come up with a cat logo design?

  1. Review your business plan and determine whether a cat logo is right for you.
  2. Consider the style of cat that will suit your brand message, whether that's a cartoon, serious, inquisitive, or agile cat.
  3. Research color theory to determine a color palette best suited to your design aesthetic.
  4. Use a logo maker to come up with various designs.
  5. Show your top designs to friends and family and ask for feedback.
  6. Use the feedback to tweak the best design and download it.

What kind of cat logo images should I use?

  • A cartoon cat.
  • A cat toy.
  • A sleek cat profile.
  • A cat showing curiosity.
  • An inquisitive cat with a raised tail and ears.
  • A loving cat being petted by its owner.
  • A cat among other animals, such as other cats or dogs.

Where can I download cat logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download cat logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our logo examples, or by going to our logo maker.

Are there any cute cat logos I can use?

Yes, we've created a collection of cat logos, including some cute ones, using Zarla's logo maker, for you to browse and use. If you see one you like, simply click on "Edit" beneath it to open the Zarla editor.

Why should my cat logo be in PNG format?

A logo in PNG format is good for branding because it can be downloaded with a transparent background so that it can be placed on any background or on any promotional item.

Yes, the simpler icon of just a cat's face makes the design more modern and less cluttered, helping with brand memorability.

What are some funny cat logo ideas?

Try a cartoon-style cat icon combined with a bright and colorful color palette, such as yellows, pinks, and oranges. Complete your design with a funky, handwritten typeface like Playball for a fun, energetic logo design.

Where can I find cat logo ideas with names?

Go to NameSnack, our free AI-powered name generator, to come up with a unique name for your business. Then, head on over to Zarla's logo maker to use your business name in an original logo idea.

What is a good cat logo ideas aesthetic?

Your cat logo aesthetic depends on your business style and brand message. You can create a playful aesthetic, or a calm and serious one, using different styles of icons and different color palettes.

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