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Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

The beaded bracelet framing the tiny charms makes a compelling visual that'll attract your niche market. The fierce orange hue is energetic and exciting — ideas that will draw attention to business cards and labels. The Barlow Semi Condensed typeface's humble lettering offers a modest finish.

Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

The Arbutus Slab typeface includes curving serifs that are charming and full of personality. The sunny orange background is exciting and adventurous, hinting at a brand that specializes in unique designs, while the bracelet dotted with little charms does well to spotlight your brand's specialty.

Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

The ornate Philosopher typeface comprises dashing strokes and bold stems, lending importance to the business name. The icon's soft peachy hue is romantic and attractive, themes mirrored by the elegant neckless charm, which would make an excellent brand identifier for a premium charm line.

Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

Opting for a dark monochromatic color scheme adds a stylish and contemporary charm, appealing to a young, trendy target market. While the heart-shaped charm at the core of the bracelet sends a message of love and compassion, the dainty letters of the Cinzel typeface offer a refined finishing touch.

Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

The tasteful draping of the charm studded necklace is graceful and stylish, mirroring the Caudex typeface's elegant letterforms. The midnight blue background is alluring and sophisticated, complementing an exclusive charms jewelry brand, while the hint of white promises honest jewelry making.

Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

A pair of earrings as your primary identifier places your charm line in the costume jewelry sector, forming a distinct visual that stands out on promotional items. The tangerine orange hue is vivid and captivating — ideas echoed in the classic, commanding letters of the Cormorant Garamond typeface.

Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

The Sansation typeface features friendly letterforms that are both modern and endearing, complementing the playful design of a charm bracelet. The inclusion of a little star and heart highlights your brand's variety, while the rosy red tone denotes brandable messages of love, kindness, and romance.

Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

With its sweeping serifs and refined strokes, the El Messiri typeface reinforces the royal blue background's formal aesthetic. Steeped in a pale orange hue, the bracelet and minimalistic charm hint at a brand that creates simple, elegant designs, while the pop of white promises transparent practices.

Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

The sunny green hue is eye-catching and energetic, adding positive energy to the bracelet design, while the bursts of dark violet lend a sophisticated twist that speaks to the quality of your charms. The Righteous typeface is condensed and distinctive, underscoring the logo's contemporary aesthetic.

Charm logo for a business called Charm Craze. Edit

With a monochrome color scheme and minimalistic imagery, this design radiates grace and simplicity — imbuing the logo with marketable qualities. The Radley typeface features elegant letters that offer a touch of formality, while the interlocking heart and diamond creates a dynamic brand signature.

Bracelet Logos

10 beautiful logo suggestions for your bracelet business.


Where can I find logos for a charms bracelet brand?

We've compiled a list of charm bracelet logo ideas for you to customize and download for free. Alternatively, navigate to our logo maker to start from scratch.

How do I create a good logo for a charm manufacturer?

  1. Consider your target market and charm manufacturing expertise.
  2. Think about the message you want your logo to communicate.
  3. Research competitors' logos to identify key design elements.
  4. Use a logo maker to play around with various colors, icons, and typefaces.
  5. Create a list of favored logo ideas and ask trusted peers for feedback.
  6. Tweak your designs where necessary and download the best one.

Where can I download custom charm logo designs?

Try using Zarla, an intuitive logo maker that allows you to generate, edit, and download custom charm logos for free. To get started, click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or navigate to our logo maker.

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