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Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The conical flask expelling bubbles to the top and surrounded by rings creates an eye-catching, dynamic image of chemistry in action. The shades of purple enhance the icon's spirit and infuse it with a sense of mystery, creativity, and excitement. The gently rounded KoHo typeface underlines the design with a confident, modern edge.

Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The almost black shade of the crisp, bold Lato typeface provides this design with an authoritative baseline. The dark, near black, green in the icon reiterates the assured tone of the brand name, while the lime green accentuates the natural theme created by the leafy crown above the bubbling test tube positioned on a field of green.

Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The symmetrical, circular arrangement of elements in the hexagon creates an enthralling image that links your business to chemistry. The bright orange color infuses the design with lively and optimistic energy, while the wide, thick strokes of the Days One typeface make it — and by extension your business name — look sturdy and reliable.

Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The shades of blue in this design signal professionalism and stability, while the delicate stars add a sense of magic, gently lightening the otherwise serious tone of the logo. The flask creates a clear association with chemistry, and its clean, crisp lines match the neat, sharp strokes of the Sarabun typeface, creating a well-matched design.

Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The intense violet color of the icon sets a fun and creative tone that enhances the energy of the circular design's sense of motion. The rounded strokes have a mesmerizing effect and draw attention to the liquid-holding flask. The vibrancy of the logo is balanced by the stern-looking, black Caudex typeface which has a near medieval appeal.

Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The blocky letters and sharp edges of the Play typeface are softened by its curiously square yet circular design, giving it a professional yet friendly appearance. While the flask containing bubbling liquid creates a link to chemistry, the leaf design suggests that natural elements play a major role in the business, reinforced by the strong green.

Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The stepped strokes behind the flask create a sense of depth and give the container a winged appearance. Coupled with the sloshing liquid, this conjures an image of chemistry in flight. The bright pink gives this icon the last push to convey a rosy, playful energy, which is contrasted by the tall, razor-edged letters of the Alatsi typeface.

Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The deep blue-black background sets a serious, corporate tone that lets the cleverly arranged white and green shapes stand out beautifully, creating an image of something being brewed up in a chemistry lab. The white lettering of the Sen typeface neatly underlines the icon, not distracting from it but adding to its simple, scientific appeal.

Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The taught, rounded characters of the KoHo typeface exude precision and innovation, with the black adding an authoritative feel. The chemistry flask in the icon is fronted by a leafy plant, suggesting that the business prioritizes nature or natural products. The yellow-orange of the icon gives the overall design a more sunny disposition.

Chemistry logo for a business called ChemXperts. Edit

The icon, a bubbling round-bottomed flask containing a circular grid reminiscent of a globe, beautifully encompasses the themes of chemistry and internationality. The light blue and green colors add an uplifting sentiment that pairs well with the idea of the blue planet and the thick, quirky characters of the PoetsenOne typeface.

Chemical Logos

10 professional logos for your chemical business.


How can I create a logo for chemistry?

  1. Review your business plan and brand message for inspiration.
  2. Research your top competitors' logos to see what's already been done.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with fonts, colors, and icons.
  4. Design a few logo options and show them to friends and family for advice.
  5. Use the feedback to tweak the best design and download it.

What are some chemistry logo images?

Common chemistry logo images include variously shaped flasks, either containing fluids and producing bubbles or not and creative designs of atoms. For inspiration, have a look at our collection of chemistry logo designs or use our logo maker to create your own.

Should I get a chemistry logo in 3D?

Getting a logo that has a 3D effect is an option, but it may not be suitable for all brands and designs. While the lifelike appearance it can lend designs may help your brand stand out, it also puts the design at risk of appearing cheesy or cluttered. Furthermore, 3D logos may not be supported by all media platforms.

Where can I find some free chemistry logos?

You can create, edit, and download chemistry logos on Zarla for free. Simply click on "Edit" below one of our examples or use our logo maker to get started.

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