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Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

A beautiful dark green background highlights the festive theme and conveys a sense of high quality. A sprig of holly adds a Christmas feel to the gift box, indicating a business that sells Christmas boxes and wrappings, gifts, or decorations. The Averia Serif Libre typeface underscores this simple design with its minimalistic style.

Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

The Vesper Libre typeface grabs attention in red and creates a comfortable but modern appearance. The lights around the Christmas tree may indicate a business that focuses on Christmas light installation, and the classic red and green color palette emphasizes the Christmas theme.

Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

Bright red grabs attention and encourages impulse buying, while light green adds an electrifying aesthetic element. The gifts at the bottom of the Christmas tree are a well-known Christmas image that will evoke joyful feelings of opening gifts. The geometric Arvo typeface balances this happy design with a professional element.

Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

The large, tapered letterforms of the Crushed typeface add dynamism and modernity to this logo and is contrasted by the traditional image of a deer in the snow next to a Christmas tree. This design will evoke gentle feelings of peace and affection in viewers, and the bright, vibrant lime green color conveys energy, freshness, and creativity.

Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

The business name in the rounded, friendly Dosis typeface claims prominence in this design and will help your business stick in customers' minds. Rust red and dark green create a more subtle, elegant effect that complements the sophisticated snowflake ornament with small pine twigs — an elegant design for an upscale Christmas business.

Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

Bright pink is an unusual choice for a Christmas logo and will help your brand stand out from the crowd. At the same time, the friendly symbolism of pink will also encourage customers to visit your business and is complemented by the Barlow typeface. The festive bells with holly and a bow pulls focus on the Christmas decorations.

Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

The Rubik typeface stands out in red and adds a friendly, welcoming atmosphere through the rounded letters. The bow, wreaths, and streamers seem to indicate a gift-wrapping service, while a traditional Christmas feel is portrayed through the classic red and green color palette.

Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

This straightforward icon clearly conveys a gift-wrapping business, while the yellow-orange color choice hints at brand affordability and creativity. The unique Kodchasan typeface adds a casual, hand-drawn appearance that will appeal to customers from all walks of life.

Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

Santa's hat and decorated reindeer antlers immediately set the scene for a fun Christmas brand. The aqua and white color palette creates an almost tropical atmosphere that contrasts the idea of a traditional white Christmas and gives the design a more laid-back, casual feel. This is complemented and enhanced by the surf-inspired Pacifico typeface.

Christmas logo for a business called Rustic Noel. Edit

The dark green and red color palette creates a more sophisticated, elegant brand that is complemented by the traditional Anton typeface. The snow-globe effect of the icon highlights the idea of a white Christmas and may be used to indicate a pine tree farm or Christmas decoration store.

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Where can I download Christmas logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download free Christmas logos on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

How do I come up with a Christmas logo design?

  1. Consider your business plan and the type of business you are running.
  2. Do some research on colors to find the best ones to convey your business, for example, a company Christmas logo versus a family Christmas logo.
  3. Think about icons that will best show your Christmas business focus.
  4. Research your top competitors' logos for inspiration.
  5. Use a logo maker to experiment with different logo ideas.
  6. Design a few options and ask friends and family for feedback.
  7. Use the feedback to tweak your favorite designs and download the best one.

Where can I find Christmas logos for apps?

Zarla is an AI-powered logo generator with great Christmas logo images that you can use to design a Christmas app logo for free.

Where can I download Christmas logos in PNG format?

You can design and edit Christmas logos in PNG or vector format on Zarla for free. PNG logos are versatile as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, and vector logos can be resized without losing resolution.

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