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The soft green and lavender color combo enhances the appeal of the sugary delights flaunting your primary product and adds a sweet youthfulness and sense of magic. The large letters of the Quicksand typeface look attractive and commanding, with the rounded letters mirroring the lollipops' swirls.

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The Averia Serif Libre typeface has a charming retro look, which helps to balance the childish playfulness of the smiling cookie. While the mint green has a delicate, calming effect, the vivid pink adds vibrancy, lifting the character of the design to achieve an image dripping with sweetness.

Confectionery logo for a business called Edit

A shopfront with striped awnings and a mellow blue-gray and white color scheme with a touch of pink creates a nostalgic image. The vintage appeal is enhanced by the Gothic flair of the Grenze typeface, while the warm brown of the lettering softens its dramatic character, infusing homely energy.

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The endearingly wonky strokes and playfully curled serifs of the Emilys Candy typeface radiate a whimsical, romantic charm. The sprightly green and orange color scheme keeps the atmosphere light and fun, which works well with the sweet temptation of the wrapped confectionery in the icon.

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The heart-shaped popsicle and pink and violet color palette create an adorable vision of sweet innocence. The thin popsicle stick guiding the eye to the brand name adds a touch of refinement, while the thick, even letters of the Poppins typeface balance the visual weight of the heart.

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If your confectionery business prides itself on offering an extensive range of sugary delights, this cute design of chocolate and popsicles offers a great way to show it. The soft brown gives the logo a homely feel, while cyan adds a lively touch, reiterated by the fun and bubbly Chicle typeface.

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The solid violet background makes a striking impression, exuding a powerful creative energy, and lets the icon and brand name stand out crisply. The crossed popsicles framed by a heart announce a sweet affair, with the quirky Denk One typeface's odd proportions adding an easy playfulness.

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The swirling, juicy green confectionery topped by subtle sparkles creates a sense of magic, enticing customers to be dazzled by brightly colored, brilliant confectionery. The large lettering of the fun Original Surfer typeface provides a good counterweight to the icon, creating a balanced logo.

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Emilys Candy is a display typeface that exudes positively giddy energy and adds a romantic playfulness, which is softened by the gentle gray. The pale pink and blue complement the heart-shaped donut covered in sprinkles, which represents your affinity for confectionery.

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Three brightly colored popsicles announce your confectionery business in this cheerful logo. The green and pink color combination suggest variety, with the more striking of the two — the vivid pink — allowing the brand name in the friendly, chunky Fredoka One typeface to stand out like a neon sign.

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Where can I find some confectionery logo ideas?

You can research existing confectionery logos online or look at our collection of designs. Alternatively, use a free logo maker such as Zarla to generate some logo ideas.

Why should I get a confectionery logo in PNG format?

PNG files support transparent backgrounds making them ideal for social media and digital marketing.

Where can I download confectionery logos in vector format?

You can use Zarla to create your confectionery logo and download it in vector format for free. Vector files are useful for large-scale branding as they can be scaled to any size without losing image quality.

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