What makes a logo "cool"?

Cool logos generally include clever iconography that's either abstract or distinct to a brand's specialty. While cool logos should be original and memorable, they're often understated designs that incorporate smart imagery or text that pair well with stimulating colors, such as red, orange, and yellow.

This is demonstrated in logo designs by famous brands, including Coca-Cola and Lego, which boasts intense color palettes and distinct typefaces. The color palette also determines the logo's "cool" factor since some hues, such as black and dark gray, can make a merry icon appear cool and enigmatic.

Famous Cool Logos:

1. Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola logos have always had a personable character to them, thanks to the distinct curly Spencerian script, which seems to resemble handwriting. With the brand opting to remain true to the well-known typeface, they decided to add a pop of color in 1950, introducing the famous red hue.

When paired with the confident and energetic red shade, the typeface comes to life, resulting in a cool, effortless design that remains memorable long after you've seen it.

2. Lego.

The original Lego logo was unveiled in 1934 and included harsh, authoritative typography that failed to convey the brand's sense of fun. The logo was later redesigned several times to include more color, mostly an intense red shade to command attention.

Today, the Lego logo is more playful and trendy, which is largely due to the youthful Legothick typeface. Comprising chunky letters that seem to resemble balloons, the logo captures the target market perfectly, with the pops of yellow denoting the joy and adventure that can be found when playing with Lego bricks.

3. Marlboro.

Marlboro spent years redesigning its logo before settling on the ideal version in 1932, which has remained the brand's logo ever since. The modern Marlboro logo combines geometric elements and the well-known Neo Contact typeface to create a timeless appeal that still manages to look cool.

The famed red color breathes life and confidence into the design, while the white background communicates safety and trust, creating a well-balanced visual identifier that has never gone out of style.

4. Uniqlo.

There has only been one significant modification to the Uniqlo logo over the years. This shift saw the introduction of the more contemporary, text-only design that excluded the original logos' inclusion of figures. Today, the Uniqlo logo is more stylish and dynamic, and it establishes a clear connection to the brand's roots in Japan.

The current Uniqlo logo, created by the company's head designer Kawashi Sato in 2006, expertly combines the four kanji that make up the brand name with the colors of the national flag of Japan. According to the designer, the logo was altered to "represent the so-called 'Cool Japan'" aesthetic.

5. Cisco.

Cisco's logo has experienced significant change since the original logo was launched in 1984. Back then, the design simply showcased a bridge-like design in the popular red tone. Over time, the company introduced the famous blue shade, resulting in a combination of themes that highlight the brand's ambition and professionalism.

Today, the Cisco logo is a shadow of the first design, adopting a more contemporary icon that resembles sound waves. This cool design element couples wonderfully with the classic color palette, creating a dynamic design that's fashionable and distinct.

6. Nike.

Nike has one of the most recognizable logos in the world, with the "swoosh" dominating products and advertisements. Originally created by Carolyn Davidson in 1971, the cool "swoosh" symbol came to be renowned as a "representation of speed and unbroken motion," complementing the brand's target market.

While the company has played around with several logo designs, the most recent design exudes coolness, thanks to its strong but understated color scheme and sharp linework. Because the Nike symbol is more well-known, omitting the brand's name seems to strengthen the trendy feel, adopting the "less is more" philosophy.

7. Caterpillar.

The Caterpillar logo has changed over time to reflect the brand's development and expansion from a modest local company to a sizable international corporation. Originally, the owners wanted a design that resembled the caterpillar's shape, which made the logo appear playful despite its somber color scheme.

The logo would undergo seven changes before settling on the latest and more famous design. Thanks to the bold Helvetica Inserat Roman typeface and the burst of sunny yellow, the current design carries an air of authority that matches the brand's global significance.

8. MasterCard.

Besides the original logo, which includes gray and black colors to denote maturity and sophistication, the MasterCard logo has undergone very few changes. In 1966, the company introduced its famous red and yellow circles, which it hoped would project unity and connection.

Over the years, small changes were introduced, including a shift in typefaces and the placement of slogans. Finally, in 2019, the company launched its current logo showcasing the two interlocking circles without any text. This move to a more contemporary aesthetic simplified the brand's image and made it perfect for online marketing.

9. T-Mobile.

T-Mobile, originally established as Voice Stream, has always opted for a minimal design that cleverly reflects its prestige and professionalism. While the company has played around with the incorporation of gray tones, it has stuck with its famous hot pink shade, which gives the logo a more approachable quality.

The current design opts to forego the unnecessary use of circles and instead focuses mainly on the "T" symbol, resulting in a modest but effortless design that feels cool and welcoming.

10. IBM.

The International Time Recording Company and Computing Scale Company were merged to form IBM, which has maintained a largely consistent visual identity over the years. In 1967, famous graphic designer Paul Rand designed the iconic IBM logo as we know it today, with slight adjustments to the number of lines introduced in 1972.

The shift in logos also cemented the brand's attachment to the blue color scheme, which does well to denote both coolness and professionalism. IBM Plex® Mono Light typeface has a similar aesthetic to the Monoton typeface, appearing versatile and modern in all capital letters.

Other Famous Cool Logos:

Cool Logo Ideas:



Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

Sen is a clean typeface that appears friendly and sensible, accentuating the happy features of the monkey. When paired with a pair of cool sunglasses, the cartoonish icon is elevated, complementing the prestigious connotations of its berry pink shade, which includes hints of red to seize attention.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The modern reimagining of a dreadlocked lion will surely turn heads in the music scene, making it ideal for a new studio or production company. The authoritative power emanating from the icon is softened by the golden orange hue, which appears fun and lively — themes echoed in the Candal typeface.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

This sparkling logo exudes an air of patriotic charm, thanks to the all-American hues that seem to radiate with confidence. The rocket within a lightbulb offers a cool approach to highlighting your brand's innovation, while the strict but spacious letters of the Teko typeface add a modern finish.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

Combining a chat bubble and a paper plan is an ingenious visual identifier for a delivery service, especially one that operates primarily online. The Lato typeface's slightly rounded letters complement the curve of the icon, while its contrasting shades of blue denote dependability and wisdom.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The dancing audio bars forming a vast metropolis is a clever way to highlight your small business's ambitions. While the icon's red hue emphasizes your brand's confidence and determination, the tall stems of the Antonio typeface command attention, holding their own against the icon's whimsicality.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

Converting the tree trunk into a spade offers a clever connection to your gardening services, and the refreshing green and dark cyan hues emphasize your love for nature. The refined Noto Serif typeface helps mature the design, while the intricate vines and delicate leaves lend a touch of whimsy.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

Steeped in a vivid red hue, the intensity of the flames is brought to life, creating a daring visual identifier for a cool food truck! While the outline of a dumpling does well to spotlight your specialty dish, the delicate Marcellus SC typeface adds some authenticity and a touch of class.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

In contrast to the dark backdrop, the sea green hue resembles a neon sign, befitting a cool midnight dispensary. The framed icon, brilliantly depicting a vast field to highlight your growing business, strengthens the idea of a sign. The Montserrat typeface provides harmony with its curving stems.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The icon's neat linework appears sharp and polished, with the pop of sunny orange helping to temper these themes with welcoming ideas of joy and creativity. By encircling the cursor, the logo instantly spotlights your area of expertise, an idea supported by the Teko typeface's contemporary letters.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The icon's perfect symmetry is a showstopper on branded items, including uniforms and takeaway boxes, making it ideal for a fast-food restaurant. The intense red hue animates the design and gets the taste buds watering for spicy meals, while the Proza Libre typeface's uniform style adds structure.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The haunted house's vintage charm is contrasted by the Monoton typeface, offering a contemporary twist that's distinct and dynamic. The dark monochromatic color scheme strengthens the design's trendy appeal, while the skeletal tree and scythe build on the logo's theatrical aesthetic.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

By simply showcasing a lone spatula, you give your brand room to grow, while the flames promise customers mouthwatering meals prepared fresh. With the SeoulHangang typeface's dashing serifs adding to the flames' sense of danger, the golden orange hue promises satisfied customers and happy bellies.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The elegance of the Cinzel typeface is echoed in the captivating icon, which provides just a glimpse of your resort or camping site's magnificent midnight views. The soft sprinkling of stars is accentuated by the dark gray hue, offering refinement while evoking the feeling of being in nature.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The lines escaping the commanding mushroom mimic sound waves, adding a unique twist to this cool design. Red-orange is a fiery color that denotes passion and courage, two respectable brand themes, while the Cardo typeface's strict serifs and stems help to anchor the design and provide confidence.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The brilliant use of 2D imagery defines this icon, which features a hot air balloon and little birds to emphasize the joyous adventures you can take clients on. Perfect for a tourism agency, the bright orange hue enlivens the design, while the Josefin Sans typeface's sharp letters promise accuracy.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

By blending complementary hues of sunny orange and cool blue, the icon transforms into a dynamic visual that will excite travelers looking for adventure. This idea is strengthened by the addition of a sleek location pin, while the Exo typeface's slight slant underlines the idea of movement.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

Including an abstract icon boosts your business's possibility for growth while remaining modest but memorable — two qualities echoed in the quiet Questrial typeface. When combined with lively green, the dark gray elements appear regal and confident, matching an exclusive club or association.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The strategic placement of shapes brings this cool icon to life, which would be ideal for a fun home maintenance company. Traditionally seen as a feminine color, the deep shade of pink emphasizes your business's creativity, while the dainty letters of the Cinzel typeface exude effortless style.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

This design is a great example of how color can transform any logo into something that's cool and trendy. The lone sock looks almost comical against the fiery red spotlight, creating a captivating scene, while the Libre Baskerville typeface's strict form builds on the black background's elegance.

Cool logo for a business called Funfilly. Edit

The icon's radio head reference is a call to action for all music lovers, leaving plenty of room to experiment with branding. The splashes of sunny orange complement the cool blue tone, combining themes of excitement and wisdom. The Dosis typeface's lack of serifs give the logo an informal quality.

Awesome Logos

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How can I make my logo look cool?

  1. Research your competitors' logos to identify trends.
  2. Consider your brand's specialty and how you want to portray that in the logo.
  3. Use a logo maker to generate some ideas.
  4. Play around with different color combinations, artwork, and typefaces.
  5. Show some ideas to trusted peers in exchange for honest feedback.
  6. Tweak your designs where necessary and download the best one.

Where can I find cool logo designs for free?

Zarla's intuitive logo maker allows you to generate, customize, and download cool logo designs for free. To get started, simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or navigate to our logo maker.

What is the coolest logo in the world?

  • Nike.
  • Marlboro.
  • McDonald's.
  • Lego.
  • Corona.
  • Red Bull.
  • Starbucks.
  • Gucci.

What is some cool logo text?

  • Ceviche One.
  • Monoton.
  • Nosifer.
  • Audiowide.
  • Dosis.
  • Pattaya.
  • Teko.
  • Elsie Swash Caps.

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