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Cyberpunk Logo Ideas:



Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

The Rye typeface, with its old American West style, is an interesting addition to this logo and gives it a vintage edge. The futuristic aspect comes from the streamlined eye against the shield, highlighting a gothic "we're watching you" aesthetic. Meanwhile, tones of blue reassure customers and tell them your brand can be trusted.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

Dark blue symbolizes your expertise in your field, as well as your brand's trustworthiness. It is also a good color choice for the cyberpunk aesthetic. This style is also highlighted by the addition of techno glasses on the icon as well as the Monda typeface, which has been optimized for use on screens and mobile devices.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

This icon with its cyber stripes is reminiscent of a military badge but with a techno-futuristic edge — just like in the cyberpunk aesthetic. The point of the icon leads the eye to the KoHo typeface, which combines the humanistic with the mechanical for the perfect cyberpunk edge. This design looks great in cool, metallic dark gray.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

Vibrant red orange grabs attention and says, "Warning! Dangerously fun adventures ahead!" The creepy skull adds a gothic detail that is complemented by the halo of spikes, also subtly hinting at a cyber aesthetic. The Libre Baskerville typeface complements the cyberpunk vibe with its vintage letterforms that have been reworked to suit screens.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

The Black Ops One typeface is a strong, military-style lettertype that gives your brand a punchy, sturdy aesthetic. The vibrant yellow-green color strongly contrasts the cyberpunk style, instead highlighting feelings of excitement, joy, and cheer — creating a stand-out logo! The metal mask brings the design back to the idea of cyber mechanics.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

Bright yellow shines against the dark background, bringing to mind ideas of the light shining through the dark. The abstract symbol is interrupted by lines, creating a sense of motion that is trendy. The Goudy Bookletter 1911 typeface adds a vintage charm to this design with its classic old-style letterforms.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

This design fairly drips with gothic mystique! The Nosifer typeface oozes down the logo, resembling blood drips, and perfectly complements the sinister skull's surrounding splashes of blood and gore. The bright red strengthens this design aesthetic, enhancing the idea of blood. This is a great gothic design with a cyber edge from the typeface.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

This design perfectly combines the futuristic with the old for a unique cyberpunk look. The interconnected nodes highlight the idea of connection through technology, while the wood-type style of the Rye typeface adds an Old West charm to the design. The muted color palette softens the overall logo, suiting a business with a laid-back atmosphere.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

A badge-like icon is given a cybernetic twist through the addition of nodes and the dark gray color, which could symbolize metallic components. The abstract design is open to interpretation, aiding in brand memorability, while the weathered, almost blurred style of the Averia Libre typeface brings in a hint of vintage elegance.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

The intriguing design of this computer chip icon looks like some sort of techno bug or spider, combining ideas of gothic style with cybernetic enhancements — perfect for the cyberpunk aesthetic. The Bruno Ace SC typeface's digital-styled letterforms add to the techno aspect of this design, while bright orange creates excitement in the viewer.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

The Sancreek typeface brings the 19th-century style that is a cornerstone of the cyberpunk fashion. It is contrasted by the cybernetic details on the shield icon, creating a bulls-eye effect that subtly tells customers that your business hits all the right notes and is the place to be. Meanwhile, dark blue creates a professional atmosphere.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

This is a strong design with simple, clear lines that creates a great modern logo. The simple letters of the Monda typeface lay out a strong foundation for a design that can be used for online marketing and branding. The simple badge brings to mind military stylings, while the near black color palette adds a techno-futuristic vibe.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

This circular design resembles a target, highlighting a gothic edge that is complemented by the smudged Averia Libre typeface. These letterforms also hint at the idea of mechanical damage which works well with the nodes on the icon. Meanwhile, red-orange and black symbolize the passion, courage, and integrity of your business.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

The angles on this dragons face give it a robotic look, creating a great cyberpunk icon that blends the mythical with the future. The Oswald typeface has been structured to suit the pixel grid of modern computer screens, complementing the futurist tone of this design, while the very dark blue highlights your business's authority in the industry.

Cyberpunk logo for a business called Zenith. Edit

The Alatsi typeface dominates this design and encourages customers to trust in your brand by conveying feelings of familiarity and calm. The dark green color palette works well with this aesthetic, and subtly hints at your business ambitions. Meanwhile, a giant eyeball makes a statement of futuristic intent with cybernetic nodes coming off it.

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Where can I find cyberpunk company logos?

We created a range of cyberpunk logos using Zarla's free logo maker. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our logo examples to make it your own.

With Zarla's free logo maker, you can create, edit, and download your cyberpunk logo in PNG format, which gives your logo a transparent background.

What is a good cyberpunk logo font?

  • Bruno Ace SC.
  • Goudy Bookletter 1911.
  • Cyberway Riders.
  • Cyberwar.
  • Alien World.
  • Teroxia.

Why should my cyberpunk logo be in vector format?

A cyberpunk logo that is saved in SVG format can be resized without losing any pixel resolution, making vector format perfect for branding and marketing.

How do I design a cyberpunk logo samurai?

  1. Consider whether a cyberpunk samurai fits your brand aesthetic.
  2. Research color meanings and choose no more than three preferably dark colors to suit the cyberpunk aesthetic.
  3. Look at the different cyberpunk fonts and consider which would suit your logo and brand best.
  4. Use a logo maker to create a template, or hire a graphic designer to design your samurai.
  5. Put all the elements together and create a few options.
  6. Show your designs to family, friends, and potential customers for feedback.
  7. Use the feedback to tweak the best design and download it.

Should I use a cyberpunk logo animation?

Logo animations are trending this year and will definitely suit cyberpunk's techno-futuristic aesthetic. However, consider how you will use the logo, as animations are best used for social media and other online branding.

You can use Zarla's logo maker to design, edit, and download cyberpunk logos in red. Click on "Edit" below one of our examples to get started.

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