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Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

Purple and orange are both strong colors that work well to create a vibrant but not overwhelming energy in this logo. The smooth curves of the slender silhouette in the spotlight give this logo a traditionally feminine feel, which is tempered by the bold, crisp, and straight-edged Alatsi typeface.

Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

The dress icon brings to mind dance costumes, particularly tutus, with the petal shapes adding a playful, fairylike touch. The bright pink color matches the romantic and joyful energy of the design, while the black lettering of the Yeseva One typeface adds a sense of stature and professionalism.

Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

Cyan is a calming but inspiring color that works well with the leaf design and infuses the lively figure striking a dance move with harmonious energy. The clean, slim letters of the Barlow typeface are highly legible and underline the attractive design without detracting from it.

Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

The different shades of blue in this design convey stability and elegance, which works particularly well with the classic-looking Cardo typeface. The icon of a woman demonstrating impressive strength, discipline, and flexibility makes this a great choice for a contemporary dance school or studio.

Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

This splendid design showcasing a pair of heels in motion brings to mind the vibrant energy and rhythm on a busy dance floor. The highly legible, bold Ubuntu typeface in bright green creates a solid base beneath the icon and balances the intense black of the stylish heels beautifully.

Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

The figure in the icon projects power in movement, which is enhanced by the arching accent echoing the range of motion. The purple and gray color combination is subtle but elegant, giving the design a quiet strength, which is mirrored in the confident, classic look of the Lusitana typeface.

Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

The bright green and lilac color combination has a vibrant energy, enhancing the dynamic quality of the curved stroke enveloping the figure in a lifting dance pose. The exuberance and joy of the logo is grounded by the calm and modest feel of the dark green Vollkorn SC typeface.

Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

The high bun hairstyle in this icon suggests a ballet dancer's profile, instantly linking your business to dance, while the floral accents in the circular frame add a delicate, dreamy touch. The dark grayish-blue provides a soft contrast, while the refined Federo typeface adds a classy retro finish.

Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

The graceful, rounded terminals of the Noto Serif typeface give it a gentle elegance that works well with the harmonious and inspirational sea green color. The color also complements the icon, which depicts a dancing figure taking center stage on a lotus blossom, alluding to a lyrical dance style.

Dance logo for a business called Dance Prima. Edit

The soft shades of pink add a romantic flair to this logo and stand out beautifully against the black backdrop. The stars sparkling above the shoes — a subtle hint at partner dances — add a sense of magic. The open style of the classic Crimson Text typeface underscores the design with class.

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Where can I find some dance logo ideas?

Research dance brands online or use a logo maker to create dance logos for inspiration.

You can create, edit, and download logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples.

  1. Think about what you want your logo to convey.
  2. Research your competitors and take note of design elements that work well together.
  3. Determine which colors, fonts, and icons best reflect your business.
  4. Use a logo maker to generate dance logo designs.
  5. Select a few designs that you think hit the mark and customize them to your liking.
  6. Ask your friends, peers, and potential customers for feedback on the designs.
  7. Select the best design.

Where can I get a dance logo design?

You can either hire a designer to create a unique dance logo design for you or create one yourself. The easiest way to do this yourself is by using an online logo maker, such as Zarla.

What makes a good hip hop dance logo design?

A good hip hop logo design incorporates elements that are synonymous with hip hop, such as a graffiti aesthetic and depictions of individuals, often simply silhouettes, striking a hip-hop dance pose. These designs work particularly well with a blend of dark and vivid colors.

Why should I download my dance logo in PNG format?

Unlike JPEG files, PNG logos support transparent backgrounds. This makes them ideal for online use.

What colors work best for a dance logo background?

Transparent backgrounds are often a great choice because they make a logo incredibly versatile. However, off-white, dark gray, or dark purple backgrounds are top options to convey notions of style and grace, which are great qualities to align with a dance business.

  • Barreto Dancewear.
  • PlanetDance.
  • Dance Kaleidoscope.
  • Cleo Parker Robinson Dance.
  • Contemporary Dance Studio.
  • Dallas Black Dance Theatre.
  • Koresh Dance Company.
  • Camille A. Brown and Dancers.

You can search online for examples of Afro dance logo designs, or simply come up with your own by using an online logo maker.

A 3D dance logo is a three-dimensional design that creates the perception of depth.

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