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Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

The icon of a regal woman wearing a flowing gown creates an image of elegance and style. These traits are mirrored by the luxurious magenta and chocolate color scheme. The classic Unna typeface completes the logo's chic look. The perfect design for a brand that creates garments for special events.

Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

The dark backdrop conveys a feeling of power, allowing the vintage sewing machine to pop. This is indicative of your business's handmade, high-quality designs. The leafy accent adds an element of nature, while the Averia Serif Libre typeface accentuates the design's elegance.

Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

A clean, minimalistic logo that's characterized by a pretty, flowing dress in shades of blue. This combination implies that your business stocks an assortment of casual dresses for everyday wear. Inspired by a 1960s advertisement, the cursive Parisienne typeface adds a romantic touch.

Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

This logo's sleek look is achieved by the black backdrop and fitted dress in a shade of gold, speaking to the sophisticated style of your dress business. The refined, curved lines of the Cardo typeface pair beautifully with the shape of the icon. It's perfect for a brand that sells shapely garments.

Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

If your dress business caters to plus-size clientele, this design will convey your brand perfectly. The sassy woman in bright pink suggests that your beautiful dresses will make clients look and feel their best. Its minimalistic linework pairs well with the funky characters of the Monoton typeface.

Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

This authoritative logo includes a cute polka dot dress. This implies that your dress business is both playful and professional. Known for its delicate look, the Yeseva One typeface builds on the logo's modern appearance. The dark background is perfect for a business that sells work attire.

Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

The sky blue color creates an ethereal logo that evokes feelings of delicateness and magic. The soft lines of the dress and mannequin icon implies that your atelier business can tailor dresses to perfection. The edgy Special Elite typeface offsets the refined icon with a slight grunge quality.

Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

A pretty design that conjures images of clients looking radiant at celebratory events. The flared dress icon has a vintage quality, while the bright pink adds a traditionally feminine energy to the design. The slightly curved serifs of the Yeseva One typeface complement the icon's shape.

Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

This modern logo is characterized by a large button and needle icon, which implies that your dresses are handmade with high-quality materials. This idea is reiterated by the black color palette, which symbolizes precision. The Parisienne typeface rounds off the design's elegant look.

Dress logo for a business called Dream Dress. Edit

Encourage clients to strike a pose with this fun logo. The icon of a stylish, powerful-looking woman is accentuated by the brushed linework of the ZCOOL XiaoWei typeface. The black color scheme is sophisticated and highlights the strong look of the icon. It's perfect for a trendy dress business.

Fashion Logos

10 elegant logo ideas for your fashion business.


We've created a collection of free dress logos for you to browse. If you find one you love, simply click on "Edit" beneath it to customize it to your liking. Alternatively, visit our home page to start designing a logo of your own.

What should a fashion dress logo look like?

Your fashion dress logo's appearance will depend on your business's style. If you prefer a modern look, a minimalistic icon and neat font in black will work well. For a more playful design, opt for a bright pink or blue color combined with a stylish dress icon and fun typeface, such as Monoton.

What are the best dress logo images?

Dress logo icons should convey the style of your business and display which products you specialize in. An elegant gown will suit a designer brand or couture business, while a summer dress is great for a casual boutique. Other icons, such as buttons, needles, a sewing machine, and a mannequin, could also capture the essence of your dress business.

How do I create a dress logo for my business?

  1. Think about the dresses you make or sell. Are they sophisticated, casual, formal, fun, or a combination of these?
  2. Get inspired by existing dress logos and their icons, colors, and fonts.
  3. Use a logo maker to create some logo designs.
  4. Play around with the different design elements until you've created the perfect dress logo.

What are some dress shop logo ideas?

Consider using neutral or muted tones coupled with dainty linework to achieve a high-end, elegant feel. To this end, typefaces such as Parisienne work well. Alternatively, vibrant colors with fun typefaces such as Monoton can help create a casual, approachable feel.

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