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Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

Red is an attention-grabbing color, contrasting dramatically with black text, and can help your logo stand out from the competition. The line below the excavator icon provides a solid foundation that emphasizes the earth aspect, while the dynamic Alegreya Sans SC typeface creates a sense of movement, perfectly complementing this strong design.

Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

An excavator arm clearly outlined against the pyramids hints at a brand message of construction that lasts. The icon leads the eye to the heavy geometric Black Ops One typeface, which enhances the sense of strength and power in this design, while the use of a monochromatic blue color palette conveys the knowledge and authority of your business.

Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

The Exo typeface creates a technical, futuristic feel that conveys a brand message of innovation. The business name is also nicely complemented by the modern look of the square icon divided by the excavator's arm in the negative space. Meanwhile, green symbolizes environmentally friendly practices, while dark gray creates a serious impression.

Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

The Libre Franklin typeface brings clear legibility to this logo with its unobtrusive letters and creates a subtly vintage aesthetic. The gear around the excavator's arm highlights your expertise and precision work, while the blue tones enhance the traditional vibe and encourage customers to trust in your business expertise.

Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

This striking color palette is perfect for helping your brand stand out and stick in customers' memories. The pop of bright orange evokes the sunset behind shadowed mountain ranges and energizes the design, while the excavator is a subtle nod to your business. The boxy lettering of the Oxanium typeface adds a cool, futuristic vibe to the logo.

Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

This is a clear and concise, minimalistic design that creates a modern aesthetic. The excavator icon with its detailed lines positions your business directly in the excavation industry. The dark blue color symbolizes your business's authority and knowledge, while the squat letters of the Changa typeface are ideal for branding.

Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

An excavator on a hilltop with the night sky behind it creates a unique, magical effect that will give your brand a whimsical aesthetic. This idea is contrasted by the blue tones, which tell customers that you have fun but take your work seriously. Meanwhile, the strong, neutral Public Sans typeface provides a strong base for your brand.

Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

The simple lines and two-dimensional look of the excavator icon give this design a contemporary look that is complemented by the energetic orange hue, making the icon stand out and convey a warm, friendly brand message. Meanwhile, the Sansation typeface in dark blue adds a complementary humanistic element that will draw customers in.

Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

The texture on the circular icon gives the appearance of wood which, together with the solid brown color palette, adds an earthy aesthetic that is warm and inviting. The addition of the excavator hints at construction, while the retro Libre Franklin typeface complements the earthiness of the design and conveys feelings of stability and safety.

Excavation logo for a company called Big Mover Edit

The gear highlights the excavator and the subtle heap of earth in the corner emphasizes the work your business does. The slightly rounded letters of the Rubik typeface complement the shape of the icon and add a friendly vibe. The vibrant orange color adds a sense of positivity and energy to the design, while dark blue conveys your professionalism.

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Where can I get excavation logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download excavator logo designs for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

  1. Review your business values and strategy.
  2. Research competitors' logos for inspiration and to identify common design elements.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with different colors, icons, and fonts.
  4. Share your favorite designs with colleagues and get feedback.
  5. Choose the best logo and download it.

What should a dirt work logo look like?

A logo that shows off your expertise in dirt excavation or construction could use an excavator as an icon in an earthy brown color palette. A solid typeface, such as Libre Franklin or Black Ops One will round off your design perfectly.

Where can I download an excavator logo in PNG format?

You can design and download excavator logos for free in vector and PNG formats on Zarla's logo maker. PNG logos are great for branding as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds.

What should my excavator bucket logo look like?

A fun idea for your excavator logo is to use the bucket to cradle and highlight your business name, as if you were digging it up and laying a strong foundation for your business. Combine your design with strong earthy colors or professional dark colors and a clear typeface, such as Libre Franklin for a winning design.

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