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Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

The trio of happy-looking birds conveys a feeling of connection and playfulness, suggesting a family business that caters to a youthful audience. The purple and orange color scheme brings an element of joy to the design, while the slightly curved Paytone One typeface enhances the logo's charm.

Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

The icon of a regal dog set against a heart shape conveys your family business's passion for taking care of clients' furry friends. The icon is offset by the chunky letterforms of the PoetsenOne typeface. The green color symbolizes freshness and could suggest that you offer natural pet products.

Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

If your family business values tradition, this logo will capture your brand. The icon of a grand tree represents stability and growth, while the dark gray color conveys a feeling of strength. The curly terminals of the Arbutus Slab typeface complement the icon's circular shape, symbolizing harmony.

Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

The design's minimalistic linework is accentuated by the terra cotta orange and gray color palette, which is inviting yet professional. The icon of a little chef is a great depiction of a children's cooking class or a family-owned bakery. The Vesper Libre typeface adds a hint of elegance.

Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

This dynamic design uses a bright yellow color set against a dark backdrop to convey ideas of power and vigor. The pair of muscular health enthusiasts hint that your family gym or fitness brand helps clients build strength and confidence. The blocky Russo typeface enhances the design's classic look.

Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

The icon of a heart with abstract shapes resembles stained glass, creating a sophisticated image that will suit a family jewelry or beauty business. The blue color is a chic addition and conveys a feeling of tranquility. The cursive Parisienne typeface rounds off the logo's stylish appearance.

Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

The logo's playful orange and pink color palette is bright and will associate your business with good ol' family fun. The carousel icon has a vintage look and suggests that your theme park offers traditional games and activities. The cartoonish lines of the Boogaloo typeface add a friendly appeal.

Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

This personable design conjures images of families getting together and enjoying authentic Mexican food and laughter late into the night. The green backdrop symbolizes vitality and speaks to your restaurant's fresh cuisine. The Pacifico typeface brings a feeling of ease and harmony to the logo.

Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

The commanding icon resembles a community, which could hint at your business's affinity for growth and connection. The beige color denotes sophistication, which is mirrored in the refined lines of the Cardo typeface. A great logo choice for a family-run architecture or real estate company.

Family logo for a business called Clan Creations. Edit

The icon of two people tossing leaves into the air creates an image of joy, indicating a family business that specializes in helping clients reach their physical or spiritual goals. The pink and blue color palette is bold and fun, while the Comfortaa typeface builds on the logo's contemporary look.


Where can I find the best family logos?

We've created a collection of the best family logos using Zarla. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, and use the editor tool to customize the design to your liking. You can then download the logo for free.

  1. Think about what makes your family business unique.
  2. Jot down which colors, icons, and fonts will convey your family's personal values and traditions.
  3. Use a logo maker to produce some unique logo ideas.
  4. Experiment with the different design elements.
  5. Make a list of your favorite logos and ask friends or family for feedback.
  6. Pick the best-received design and download it.

What are some ideas for a family logo design?

Depending on your family business's aesthetic, your logo design should represent the products or services you provide, as well as your core values. For a serious look, opt for a dark color palette and formal typeface, such as Cardo. For a personable design, use a familial icon, such as two birds or a tree, to convey connection.

What are some good family logo images?

Some good family logo images include some well-known familial symbols, such as people holding hands, sprouting plants, or pets. Abstract images, such as heart shapes or a plate of food, will work well for a subtle approach. Whichever you choose, be sure to use a bold color, such as pink or blue, to help your logo stand out.

Where can I find some family logo templates?

You can go to Zarla to browse through the site's large selection of logo design templates categorized according to industry. Once you find a logo you like, click on it and customize the design with our editor tool. Once you're happy, you can download the logo for free.

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