Gray Logo Ideas:



Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The Saira typeface creates an adaptable logo that will read well in a wide range of sizes and styles. This abstract icon resembles a snowflake and could work well for an HVAC company, an ideal complemented by the cool dark gray color palette. The color palette's reference to metallic tech suits a technical industry particularly well.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The cool elegance of dark gray-blue is the perfect choice for a private school logo —the educational theme is given by the pencil in front of the abstract building. Together, this design radiates intelligence and authority. Meanwhile, the simple rounded curves of the Dosis typeface soften the design, telling parents their children are welcome.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The geometric shapes that make up this abstract icon convey stability, creating an impression of construction. The contemporary style is complemented by the dark gray color palette, hinting at a reliable, well-balanced, and professional business, like an engineering firm. Meanwhile, the Cormorant Unicase typeface continues the clean, geometric theme.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The use of dark gray-blue gives this logo a professional aesthetic that will appeal to customers looking for a trustworthy dentist. The smiling teeth soften the design, hinting at a family-friendly dental practice, while the vintage Lusitana typeface gives the brand name an epic-worthy appeal, conveying the legendary style of your business.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The proud profile of this lion icon conveys a brand message of courage, strength, and nobility, letting your customers know your business is trustworthy and a leader in your industry. The point of the mane leads the eye to the Days One typeface, adding to the newsworthy aesthetic of this logo. Cool gray highlights intelligence and skill.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The handwritten style of the Itim typeface can be used to tell customers they can expect personal service from your business. The abstract flame icon conveys a brand that is passionate, creative, and playful — perfect for a fashion or entertainment business. Meanwhile, dark gray adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The classic lines of the Noto Serif typeface complement the clean lines of the simple icon, creating a contemporary brand that will stand the test of time. The neutral gray color palette enhances this aesthetic, providing a neutral base on which to build the brand, while the fish and chopsticks indicate an Asian food brand.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The road leading into the distance could be a literal image of trucking and life on the road or an abstract representation of a brand that looks to the future. The black, white, and gray offer a professional, modern brand aesthetic, while the Pridi typeface adds to the straightforward message of clarity, intellect, and brand awareness.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

Two tones of gray enhance a neutral base on which to build a brand and convey a sense of maturity and balance. This is complemented by the rejoicing figure in the icon, perhaps in front of a rising sun — the combination of icon and color suits a therapy business. The rounded Nunito Sans typeface welcomes all to your business in gentle warmth.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The long locks blowing in the wind make the business focus clear — it's all about hair. Whether you are a hairdresser, make wigs, or sell shampoo, this is a great logo for someone in the haircare industry. Dark gray conveys your business's authority and intelligence in the industry, while the geometric Arvo typeface aids in brand memorability.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

This icon exudes strength and the idea of hitting your exercise or weight goals, convincing customers to try out your fitness business. The classic Goudy Bookletter 1911 typeface takes command of the space, drawing attention to the brand name and ensuring customers remember it. The gray tones highlight the business's professionalism and skill.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The bold Grenze typeface stands its ground against this strong icon, creating a well-balanced logo design. The two cookies are a clear brand focus, hinting at the sweet treats customers can expect. Meanwhile, the dark gray color palette showcases a contemporary brand that is serious, professional, and willing to let the product speak for itself.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

A dolphin is a peaceful symbol, representing joy, grace, and intelligence and, as such, would make a great mascot for a range of businesses. The gray, black, and white color palette acts as a neutral yet professional base on which the dolphin icon can shine, while the Biryani typeface adds a flashy display style that enhances the icon.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The angular Quantico typeface offers a unique characteristic that builds a base on which this wholly unique design stands. The typeface was inspired by military lettering and is offset by a diamond heart, a romantic image built up of hard, sharp shapes. The dark color palette also contrasts the romantic image for a cool intelligence and elegance.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

Dark gray-blue creates the perfect base of professionalism and sophistication for your brand, suiting the idea of metal engraving highlighted by the tool in the icon. The triangular frame also complements the stability provided by the gray, while the Jomolhari typeface conveys a traditional aesthetic that speaks to your business's methods.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

This soft icon uses natural elements and the image of an expectant mother to create an impression of care and compassion. This theme is complemented by the maturity radiating from the cool gray color palette, also hinting at your business's professionalism, while the classic Forum typeface conveys a sense of comforting tradition and history.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The rounded frame for the various pets conveys a sense of unity and collaboration in the care or provision for a wide range of animals and pets. The weathered Averia Libre typeface, the result of an averaging process on different typefaces, indicates a business that treats all pets the same, while dark gray conveys the brand's professional nature.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The thick letterforms of the Days One typeface help the brand name to stand out in this logo, no matter how it's used in branding and marketing. Dark gray-blue conveys the intelligence, sophistication, and professionalism of the brand, a theme that is complemented by the image of a flame in front of a book, symbolizing wisdom and knowledge.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

Metallic gray is a great color for a technology business, hinting at the circuits and machinery involved in this industry. This theme is continued in the gear behind the smartphone, indicating a business specializing in the manufacture or repair of these devices. The mechanical side of the unique KoHo typeface complements the overall design.

Gray logo for a business called Metal Inc. Edit

The Chewy typeface offers a fresh, flavorful characteristic that is complemented by the range of sweets sitting above it. The candy in the icon conveys the brand focus perfectly, but may also be used in an abstract way for a child-focused or otherwise "cute" business type. Meanwhile, the monochromatic dark gray color palette shows reliability.

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Where can I find some gray logo images?

Your logo image depends on your business focus and your brand message. When designing an icon for your logo, consider why you are starting your business and how you can convey your message. Check out our collection of logo ideas for inspiration.

Where can I download dark gray logos?

Try Zarla — our free AI-powered logo maker generates hundreds of logo designs in seconds based on a few input keywords. Some of the templates will be dark gray, but you can also customize your favorite template and change the color palette for free.

What does gray represent in logos?

Gray is a neutral tone that does not influence other colors but accompanies them harmoniously. A touch of gray conveys stability, security, and practicality. It is usually used for logos in the technology, metallurgy, transportation, and consulting industries. At the same time, it is a color associated with the future, innovation, and quality.

What companies use gray in their logos?

  • Nissan.
  • Dell.
  • Huawei.
  • Apple.
  • Mercedes-Benz.
  • Toyota.

Gray is a great color for a professional, contemporary, or sophisticated logo design and works particularly well for the automotive, tech, luxury, and some creative industries.

Should my gray logo ideas be in PNG format?

PNG logos are useful for branding because they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, meaning your logo will clearly stand out when used on different surfaces and promotional materials.

Where can I download gray logo ideas for free?

You can create, edit, and download gray logos for free with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by using our logo maker.

How do I come up with light gray logo ideas?

  1. Think about the type of image you want to convey.
  2. Do some research and get inspired by existing light gray logos.
  3. Identify which colors, fonts, icons, and logo styles best represent your business.
  4. Experiment with a logo generator to create the right design for your brand.
  5. Create a few light gray designs and share them with potential customers for their honest feedback.
  6. Tweak the best logo using the feedback and download it.

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