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Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

A shovel sprouting branches can be used to highlight your business's dedication to growing and nurturing plants. This theme is complemented by the use of green, with the dark gray adding a professional aesthetic. The Hind Madurai typeface, with its traditional letterforms, is perfect for online marketing and social media use.

Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

The simple, rounded letters of the Comfortaa typeface set the tone for a contemporary style brand. The typeface is well suited to the basic curve of the sun and the simple design of the leaves, conveying a horticulturist brand that cultivates elegant cultivars and hybrids. Bright orange and olive green bring vibrancy to the icon.

Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

Persian green is a great color for a horticulture business as, in Iran, it symbolizes gardens and nature. It also creates a calming atmosphere that encourages relaxation in a greenhouse, as seen in the icon — showing the horticulturist's domain. Meanwhile, the Arbutus Slab typeface provides a stable and sturdy foundation for the business.

Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

A color palette of dark and light green conveys the growth and abundance cultivated by your horticulture business. The fragile shoot in a pot could symbolize the principles of cultivating plants and perhaps grafting hybrids, while the slightly rounded Rubik typeface is inviting to all customers and potential horticultural enthusiasts.

Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

The structured letters of the Lato typeface provide an aesthetic contrast to the flowing, organic icon, while also complementing the summery feel of the strong green and blue color palette. The icon represents the continuity and life cycle of the plant, while bright green and blue complement the natural theme of the design.

Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

A hand gently cradling a fragile new stem shows passion, care, and dedication to the art of horticulture. The near-governmental style of the Barlow Semi Condensed typeface shows the professionalism and reliability of the brand. The earthy colors perfectly work with the natural theme, celebrating the deep brown of the soil and the vibrant green of life.

Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

A beautiful flower suggests a horticultural business that specializes in flower hybrids and bulbs for planting. The geometric structure of the Sen typeface adds a professionally friendly aesthetic that conveys the simple pleasure flowers bring to people, while the natural color palette of pink and yellow-green is the perfect complement.

Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

The beautiful brush strokes of the El Messiri typeface add an elegant and personal touch to this design, telling customers they can expect personal service with a degree of sophistication. Earthy orange and yellow-green promise plantings with lush foliage, while the clever use of negative space shows healthy roots reaching their full potential.

Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

The strong pop of teal in this otherwise green logo highlights the business name and hints at the depth of thought that goes into your horticulture. The simple, rounded Dosis typeface complements the icon and provides a rest from the busy lines, which suggests a horticulture business focused on agriculture and the health of the fields.

Horticulture logo for a business called Evergreen. Edit

Brown stands strong against the yellow-green background, conveying a warm, earthy, and sensible brand message. The structured icon adds a modern, trendy vibe that speaks to fashionable clients. Meanwhile, the Bebas Neue typeface grabs attention with its headlining display-style lettering. This is a strong design that will stand the test of time.

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How do I come up with creative horticulture logo ideas?

  1. Think about what your business means to you.
  2. Get inspired by existing horticulture logos.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with different icons, colors, and fonts.
  4. Create a maximum of 10 designs and get feedback on them from your inner circle.
  5. Edit the design as needed based on the feedback and download the final version.

Where can I get free horticulture logos?

You can create, edit, and download horticulture logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

Where can I download a horticulture logo in PNG format?

Zarla allows you to create and download horticulture logo ideas in both PNG and vector formats. PNG images can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, while vector graphics can be resized without losing resolution. This makes them ideal options for branding.

Are there any horticulture logo templates?

We have created a list of example horticulture logo templates for you to browse and get inspired by. If you like any of our templates, you can click on "Edit" beneath the template to go to our free editor and tweak the logo to your specifications.

What are some simple horticulture logo ideas?

An all-natural color palette using tones of green, orange, brown, and yellow would look great on a horticultural logo. Try a simple icon that showcases plants, flowers, trees, or seedlings, and a strong, structured typeface to root your business name in the logo.

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