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House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

This design uses shades of blue to denote strength and stability, indicating an authoritative and modern real estate or home insurance business. The heart-shaped icon hints at your brand's passion, while the large, commanding letterforms of the Cuprum typeface give the business name prominence.

House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

The logo's sea green backdrop symbolizes tranquility and renewal, implying that your home maintenance or refurbishing business will revitalize clients' properties. The icon brings a personal and friendly quality to the design. The fluidity of the Lemon typeface creates a soft yet eye-catching image.

House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

This retro-inspired design lets clients know that your house cleaning business will get the job done with speed and efficiency. The blue tone suggests cleanliness, and the sparkly accents hint at your first-rate services. The clean lines of the Monoton typeface enhance the logo's vintage appearance.

House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

The icon's minimalistic linework speaks to your brand's modern aesthetic. The red and black color palette creates a sleek and powerful impression, indicating a sophisticated home rental or interior design business. The sharp terminals of the Frank Ruhl Libre typeface give the logo a refined appeal.

House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

If your homeware store or interior decorating business values elegance, this design will match your brand. The orange and red color scheme is vibrant yet classy, while the icon is the perfect depiction of a stylish home interior. The Staatliches typeface enhances the structured look of the logo.

House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

The clean linework of the icon creates a minimalistic logo that speaks to your home painting brand's "no-frills" approach to business. The dark backdrop contrasts well with the design's bright yellow, blue, and white color scheme, while the neat Kodchasan typeface complements the icon's shape.

House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

The unfinished appearance of the icon conveys ideas of progress and innovation, suggesting an architecture business that specializes in designing modern houses. The red and blue color palette is a dynamic choice, highlighting the elegant appeal of both the icon and the stately Unna typeface.

House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

This design is a great example of what a community-based home business's logo could look like. The icon expresses a sense of care and connection, while the Persian green color denotes harmony. The smooth letterforms of the Dosis typeface are friendly and pair beautifully with the personable icon.

House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

If your home repair business favors precision, this design will capture your brand. The icon of a home filled with tools and a curved line brings a dynamic element to the logo, reinforced by the vivid orange and blue color palette. The bold Ubuntu typeface mirrors the icon's illusion of movement.

House logo for a business called Home Up. Edit

The design's elegant black color indicates a powerful and stylish real estate or home rental business. The hint of green symbolizes naturalism, which is reflected in the leafy outline of the icon. The structured lines of the Averia Serif Libre typeface indicate a contemporary brand.

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Where can I download free house logos?

You can use Zarla to design and download free house logos. To get started, simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or go to our home page.

Where can I find a house logo in vector format?

Zarla allows you to create, edit, and download house logos in vector format for free. Vector logos are great for branding because they are scalable without losing resolution.

How do I create a house logo design?

  1. Consider the industry your house business is in, as well as your aesthetic and target market.
  2. Research existing house logos to see which colors, fonts, and icons pair well.
  3. Use a logo maker to produce some unique logo ideas.
  4. Play around with the different design elements.
  5. Pick your favorite logo and download it.

What does a modern house logo look like?

A modern house logo typically consists of a sleek house icon with clean, minimalistic lines. A monochromatic color, such as black, gray, or blue, works well to convey a sense of professionalism. The design is usually rounded off with a structured typeface, such as Dosis or Unna.

Where can I find some house logo ideas?

We've created a collection of house logos for you to browse through using Zarla. If you find a logo you like, simply click on "Edit" beneath the example to customize it. Once you're happy, you can download the logo for free.

What are some good house logo images?

Depending on your type of business, a good image for a house logo should represent the services you offer whilst appealing to your target market. An elegant real estate or home rental business could opt for a stylish home or lawn scenery icon to denote refinement. A home repair, painting, or maintenance company would benefit from a house, tools, or a paintbrush icon.

Where can I download a house logo in PNG format?

Zarla is an AI-powered logo maker that allows you to design and download house logos in PNG format for free. PNG logos are good for branding a variety of surfaces because they support transparent backgrounds.

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