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HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

The icon resembles a group of interlinked figures, hinting at people-centric business values. The design also has a floral quality, which gives it a delicate and welcoming appeal, and together with the green color, conveys the idea of growth. The thick strokes of the Bungee typeface match the icon.

HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

The blue and white colors project a sense of calm and understanding. The icon, an abstract image of three people formed by overlapping swirls, has an optimistic appeal and conveys the idea of teamwork. The defined strokes and choppy terminals of the Pridi typeface add a fun touch.

HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

The circular design of the icon has a blooming effect, with the bursts of orange adding a cheerful, dynamic quality. The sharp angles and edges of the linked stick figures create a strong presence. In conjunction with the sapphire shade, the PT Sans Caption typeface looks crisp and professional.

HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

The monochrome color scheme gives this design a powerful, sophisticated appeal, softened a tad by the friendly, rounded features of the icon. The triumphant figure conveys success, and the slim, squared appearance of the Odibee Sans typeface elevates the smart, modern appeal of the logo.

HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

The double silhouette of a head is a great way to convey that your business is about people. The bold red, a color associated with intense emotions, creates a striking effect, demanding attention. The neat, no-frills look of the Bebas Neue typeface adds to the logo's powerful simplicity.

HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

The midnight blue backdrop projects power, stability, and confidence, reassuring clients that your HR company is professional, efficient, and reliable. The abstract icon resembles three celebratory figures and is neatly underlined by the well-balanced, smart, and modern Nunito Sans typeface.

HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

The icon of a person with outstretched arms and butterfly wings conveys the idea of unfolding human potential, a great message for an HR business. The vibrant orange color enhances the positive energy of the design, while the confident, distinguished Staatliches typeface in black grounds the design.

HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

The icon is a creative depiction of a group of people joined in celebration. The triangular shapes convey a sense of momentum and purpose. The Persian indigo backdrop exudes power and integrity. The subtle, soft shade and reserved elegance of the Overpass typeface don't distract from the icon.

HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

This icon is bursting with energy and excitement, conveyed by the three figures jumping for joy and the refreshing, lively medium sea green color. The easy, futuristic look of the Nico Moji typeface suggests an HR business or brand that leverages technology and embraces innovation.

HR logo for a business called Highmark HR. Edit

Blue-gray on the bold red makes for an intriguing color combo. While the blue-gray is rather neutral, red adds emotional intensity. The fluid lines topped by dots are suggestive of human figures, suitable for an HR company. The neat Montserrat typeface adds a professional touch to the design.

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20 thoughtful logo ideas for your professional business.


Where can I find human resources logo ideas?

Have a look at our list of ideas or research existing HR businesses to be inspired by their logos. Alternatively, use a logo maker to generate designs to spark your imagination.

How do I come up with a human resources logo design?

  1. Consider your business values and brand personality.
  2. Research logos of competitors in the HR field and take note of elements that work well together.
  3. Define the colors, typographic style, and iconography that suit and reflect your HR brand.
  4. Use a logo maker to generate HR logo designs.
  5. Customize designs to your liking.
  6. Ask your peers for honest feedback.
  7. Select and download the best design.

What is a good human resources icon?

A simplified depiction of one or more people works well as a human resources icon. Arranging figures to look as though they are interlinked or supported in some way can help you convey notions of teamwork, solidarity, and encouragement.

Where can I download an HR logo in vector format?

You can use Zarla to create, edit, and download HR logos in vector format for free. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or navigate to our home page to start from scratch.

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