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HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

The dark blue background is associated with quality and sophistication, allowing the bold lettering of the Changa typeface to stand out. The duotone icon, comprising inverted checkmarks, elegantly creates a home and conveys reliability. The sharp forms in the icon add energy to this cool design.

HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

The contrast of sharp and round elements in the KoHo typeface gives a subtle quirk to this design. The fan icon elegantly suggests air movement and conveys warm and cool themes by juxtaposing solid and outlined shapes in blue and red. The charcoal text balances the bold primary colors in the icon.

HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

This minimalist black and white design is modern and sophisticated, conveying strength and clarity. The use of red in the symbol adds a subtle flair to the logo. The simple split icon cleverly combines warm and cool elements and pairs well with the sharp linework of the Saira Condensed typeface.

HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

The circular snowflake conveys a sense of air movement that cools the fiery house. The vibrant imagery and warm tones are balanced by the charcoal SeoulHangang EB typeface. The subtle terminals and slick linework pick up on the energetic elements in the icon, giving the design a modern feel.

HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

This simple and catchy icon depicts a rising sun in a cool blue and a snowflake in warm red, creating a dynamic contrast of form and color to represent your service. The symbol is strong and versatile, balanced by the darker text. The Quicksand typeface mirrors the elegant linework in the icon.

HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

The falling snowflakes seem to quench the flaming silhouette of a gable and make for a strong visual symbol. The cooling dark blue color palette complements the fiery icon and denotes professionalism. The playful weight distribution and rounded form of the Candal typeface complement the quirky icon.

HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

The cooler colors in this design are complemented by the flame symbol in the icon. The fiery silhouette forms a drop of water, making for a dynamic symbol and strong visual identity. The green and blue color scheme conveys peace and efficiency, which are mirrored in the smooth Quicksand typeface.

HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

The flame in this icon represents heating, while the blue tones hint at cooling, creating a dynamic and elegant symbol. The Saira Condensed typeface balances the energy of the icon, adding a blocky structure to the design. Set against a transparent background, this design is versatile and scalable.

HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

This logo uses the classic combination of red, white, and black to create a contemporary look and feel. The snowflake imagery creates a sense of movement, and the icon is brought to life through the red color choice. The simple Rubik typeface pairs well with the circular, patterned illustration.

HVAC logo for a business called My Air Brothers. Edit

A fun color palette paired with a sun-inspired icon creates a versatile image that's professional. The splash of red and blue in the icon helps add flair and intrigue to this minimalist design. The bright colors in the symbol are also grounded by the chunky lettering of the Saira Condensed typeface.

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Where can I find some air conditioning logo ideas?

We've created a collection of air conditioning logos using Zarla. If you see a design that you like, simply click on the image and refine it in the Zarla editor to create the perfect logo for your business.

Where can I download an HVAC logo in PNG format?

You can create, edit, and download free HVAC logos in PNG format with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page. PNG files have transparent backgrounds, making them ideal for branding.

What images should I use for my air conditioning logo design?

Elements like snowflakes, water droplets, and fans clearly capture the cooling aspect of your business, while flames, sunrays, and steam denote warmth. Try combining these juxtaposing symbols to create a clever logo that captures the full range of your offerings.

Where can I find free HVAC logo templates?

Take a look at our collection of HVAC logo templates. If there is a template that you like, click on "Edit" to customize the design and create the perfect logo for your HVAC company.

How can I come up with a logo for my HVAC business?

  1. Do some research to see how competing HVAC businesses designed their logos.
  2. Make a list of symbols, imagery, colors, and fonts that capture the services and values of your brand.
  3. Experiment with a logo maker to create unique logo templates.
  4. Pick your favorite template and customize the design.
  5. Request some feedback from family, friends, and potential clients.
  6. Finalize the design based on the feedback and download your logo.

The primary colors red and blue are visually striking and pair well to represent hot and cold. A cool blue flame, for example, conveys warmth through the form of the flame, but coolness through the use of color. Similarly, when depicted in warm tones, icons such as snowflakes can elegantly combine hot and cool elements coherently.

Typefaces like Changa, Saira Condensed, and KoHo in all caps can give your company name a bold and strong personality, which may grab potential customers' attention. More rounded typefaces like Rubik and Quicksand are friendly and unassuming but maintain contemporary elegance and sophistication.

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