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Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

The saxophonist is a memorable visual that's enhanced by the crescent moon and little stars, giving this design a romantic aesthetic. While the Noto Serif typeface appears formal and professional, the bright orange tone balances the design by adding brandable qualities of ingenuity and optimism.

Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

While the record's contrasting shadows are dynamic, the Monoton typeface builds on the logo's distinct personality, pointing towards a brand that appreciates modern classics. The monochromatic color underlines this logo's contemporary appeal — a design strategy that will aid branding prospects.

Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

If you want to attract new clients to your bebop jazz club, this logo's lively color palette will undoubtedly do the trick. The twin guitars promise a festive atmosphere and memorable nights with friends, while the Roboto Slab typeface's structured letters add a professional contrast to the design.

Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

The starry visual's romantic charm is emphasized by the red-orange hue, a stimulating color that denotes passion and excitement. The calligraphy of the Aref Ruqaa typeface lends the design some originality, while the addition of a ladder and stars illustrates the feeling of a memorable night.

Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

The grunge style of the Special Elite typeface lends this design a vintage appeal. The warm color scheme emphasizes this old-school concept, with its shades of brown elegantly mirroring the romantic ambiance of your jazz club. A bar with live singers is cleverly suggested by the lone microphone.

Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

The intricate use of negative space is accentuated by the ornate letters of the Redressed typeface, creating a well-balanced visual that shines on packaging and signage. While the lyrics escaping the chimney highlight your jazz club's specialty, its bright red hue is both refreshing and inviting.

Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

The array of stars establishes your brand as distinguished, suiting a jazz cafe that appreciates the classics. This idea is reinforced by the dashing color scheme, which opts for a monochromatic style to denote sophistication. The Secular One typeface's simple letterforms flatter the elaborate icon.

Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

The Original Surfer typeface's youthful aesthetic is a welcome touch, while the piano accents on the location pin speak to your jazz business's ingenuity. This design's imagery is enhanced by the imaginative use of confident colors, resulting in an enticing finish that will stand out on posters.

Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

A single note makes for an alluring first impression, providing your business with the freedom to play around with brand expansion. Whether you offer music classes or host jazz events, the icon's simple green shades feel lucky and hopeful. Philosopher is a luxurious typeface that conveys elegance.

Jazz logo for a business called Blue Cosmos. Edit

This logo's geometric shape complements the trendy appeal of the Teko typeface, making this the ideal logo for a modern jazz label or podcast. The burst of vivid orange thrills its audience and radiates with creativity, while the icon's traditional microphone highlights your love for the classics.

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Where can I download jazz logos in PNG format?

Try using Zarla, a free logo maker that allows you to create and download jazz logos in PNG format. To work from a template, click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples. Alternatively, you can use our logo maker to start from scratch.

  1. Research your competitors' logos to identify design elements that suit your brand.
  2. Consider your target market and how you want to attract them.
  3. Use a logo maker and experiment with icons, colors, and typefaces.
  4. Create a list of your top 10 designs and ask potential customers for feedback.
  5. Choose the logo with the best response.

Where can I find jazz logos in vector format?

Zarla allows you to create, edit, and download logos in vector format for free. Vector files are useful for large-scale branding as they can be scaled to any size without losing their quality.

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