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Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

This is a delightful icon of a smiling baby elephant, depicted in purple and surrounded by turquoise hearts. The shape of the elephant's ear echoes the heart shapes, making the elephant even more lovable. The rounded forms of the Baloo Bhai typeface complement the circular shape of the elephant.

Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

A sense of joyful exuberance is reflected in this image of people with their arms up in the air. The stars and dots around them add to the sense of high-spiritedness as does the use of bright pink and lime green. The spontaneous Gochi Hand font complements the unconstrained movement of the figures.

Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

The celestial imagery in this logo depicts a child balancing on a crescent moon and reaching for a star. The image links children to nature and reminds us that children are inquiring. The child is yellow, a symbol of cheerfulness and freshness, and the Luckiest Guy typeface will appeal to kids.

Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

Purple is a color that children love and it represents magic and creativity. The dramatic purple is offset by the calmness of the shades of blue. The Ranchers typeface in this logo is informal, fun, and a suitable choice when paired with the icon of two lovable fledglings.

Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

Children are fascinated with the ocean so this image of a cheerful whale blowing star-shaped bubbles is sure to appeal to them. The uniform pink of the stars together with the lettering balances the icon. The Slackey font is fun and chunky, which matches the characteristics of this whale character.

Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

The typeface used in this logo is Pridi, which means "joyful" in Thai; an emotion that is expressed in the happy face of a child depicted as the sun. The blue line under the image resembles an ocean wave, suggesting happy days playing in the sea and sand; an activity that children love.

Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

The playful icon represents children splashing water or engaging in hand-painting. Blue is associated with tranquility and calmness while purple is associated with mystery and magic, making both colors a great choice for a kid's logo. Slackey is a fun font, well-suited to a children's brand.

Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

Many fairytales take place in castles. As such, this image is a familiar one to children, summoning epic tales of princes and princesses. The solid lines of the Pridi typeface represent the stability of a castle and the flag stands for victory. Blue is calming and a fitting choice for a kid's logo.

Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

The Biryani typeface is typically used in headings and logos. Its geometric lines are well-matched with the simple, upright, black and white depiction of a giraffe; an animal that fascinates children. The monochromatic characteristic of this logo gives it a bold and striking effect.

Kid logo for a business called Fun Timez Edit

Dolphins are magnificent creatures and they symbolize good luck and social connection. They are playful, friendly, and caring. In this icon, the black dolphin is offset by the splash of pink water beneath its tail. The Vesper Libre Medium font has a classical foundation, but a modern appearance.


Think about your brand and the products or services you are offering in order to align these ideas with your marketing strategy. Try a kid logo creator to see a variety of options. A splash of color and a clear font will make your logo attractive.

How do I design a logo that will appeal to children?

  • You need to think about the children's products or services you are offering. Is it clothing, toys, games, or a daycare service?
  • Play around with different icons, fonts, and colors and select those which reflect your brand best.
  • Try Zarla — a free, intuitive kid logo creator to help you come up with great ideas.
  • Show your designs to friends and family members and get their feedback.
  • Choose a logo that suits your brand and that will appeal to children and adults alike.

Start by doing some research to get a feel for what other kid logos look like. Take note of fonts, icons, and colors that are commonly used and try to design a logo that deviates from the "norm" or from what is most common. You can use humor and wordplay to come up with a cool kid logo.

Where can I download free kid logos?

You can create, edit, and download free kid logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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