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Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

A large cleaver makes an impression and slams home the focus of your business in the culinary world. Shades of blue convey professionalism and encourage clients to trust in your brand, while the contemporary Krona One typeface adds a friendly personality to the design and highlights a trendy, fashionable brand aesthetic.

Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

The black of the business name stands out against the bright icon, and highlights the gothic style of the Oswald typeface. Combined with the bright red, which subtly hints at dangerous pastimes, this logo is suitable for a variety of businesses. The crossed knives work like "X marks the spot," to say that customers should visit your business.

Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

The bold Signika typeface is great for marketing your knife brand, drawing attention to your brand name. The wicked looking knife framed by a thin circle hints at weapons sold for self-defense, or a business that teaches self-defense, and the dark blue background conveys your expertise in your chosen field, encouraging clients to trust your brand.

Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

A dark color palette conveys a brand that is contemporary, sophisticated, and professional. Together with the image of a cooking knife on a wooden surface, this logo suggests a dedicated brand that crafts and sells professional chef's knives for domestic use. Meanwhile, the classic Libre Franklin typeface adds a timeless quality to this logo.

Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

Wreaths and stars are both used to indicate award-winning quality and superiority in the industry, marking your knife brand as one of the best in the market. The Public Sans typeface provides a strong, neutral base for this busy icon, while shades of blue and gray mark your brand as professional, trustworthy, and experienced.

Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

Red grabs attention and pulls the viewer's gaze into your design, while the use of gray for the blades adds a touch of realism to your logo. A range of knives of differing sizes suggests a retailer or wholesaler with a wide variety, from butter knives to cleavers, while the flow of the Maven Pro typeface creates a logo perfect for online or print.

Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

This icon of a well-made, perfectly balanced hunting knife highlights your specialization in a clear, straightforward way that is complemented by the steel gray-blue color of the blade. The elegant curls of the Marko One typeface add an intriguing point of contrast to the hunting knife, while bright orange encourages excitement about the brand.

Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

The gothic stylings of the Pirata One typeface add a weighty balance to this design, similar to how a knife's handle balances the blade. A trio of stars marks your chef's knives as top quality, encouraging all the best chefs to use your brand. Meanwhile, the dark color palette brings a modern aesthetic that is professional yet sophisticated.

Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

The soft gold circle glows against the dark background and serves to spotlight the range of cooking knives silhouetted in the icon. The rounded curves of the Sansation typeface complement the icon and add a friendly, personal touch to the design that welcomes customers to try your products. This makes an elegant logo for a kitchen knife brand.

Knife logo for a business called Nifty Knife. Edit

A bright red background grabs attention and is an elegant reminder of the danger of knives. The large cleaver casting a shadow over the business name creates a sinister atmosphere that, together with the red color, would work well for a horror brand. The Poppins typeface, inspired by movies and famous characters, seems to support the horror theme.

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Where can I get free knife company logos?

You can create, edit, and download knife company logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

  1. Think about the type of swords you sell and your target market.
  2. Look at competitors' logos to get ideas and see what has already been done.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with different icons, colors, and fonts.
  4. Show your top five designs to your inner circle and get feedback.
  5. Edit the best design as needed and download the final version.

A dagger is a type of fighting knife, similar to a small sword, so when designing your logo, you could use a stylized dagger as an icon, or an image of someone fighting with a dagger. Consider bright reds to highlight the danger inherent in your product and strong fonts to showcase your business's expertise.

What are some good ideas for my knife logo design?

When designing a knife logo, you should highlight your niche through a clear icon, whether you sell steak and cooking knives, professional chef's knives, or tactical weapons, or if you run a butchery or want a knife icon for a fashion or horror brand. Use an appropriate color palette and font to complement your brand message, such as dark blue with a neutral font, like Public Sans, for a professional chef's brand.

Where can I find templates for pocket knife logos?

Zarla is a free AI-powered logo maker that provides users with hundreds of templates based on their keyword search. You can then edit and download your chosen logo for free.

Should I download my knife logo in PNG format?

Logos in PNG format offer greater versatility, as their transparent background allows them to be used on a variety of surfaces and in a variety of ways.

What does a chef knife logo look like?

A chef's knife has a long, straight blade with a single sharp edge that extends a little past the heavy handle. It is a clear image to use on your logo to highlight where your business focus lies. Strong, neutral colors like blue and gray show your professionalism and expertise, while a basic typeface, such as Poppins or Sansation, allows for easy readability.

Where can I download a knife logo in vector format?

Zarla allows you to create, edit, and download knife logos in vector format for free. Vector graphics are ideal for branding as they can be resized without losing resolution.

Yes, you can use a logo maker, like Zarla, to find a knife logo template and customize it to your liking. Alternatively, you can download logo design software and create your own custom logo, or hire a graphic designer to do so for you.

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