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Lawn Care Logo Ideas:



Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

The smooth lines of the Zilla Slab typeface, along with the detailed icon, suggest that you can create a beautiful and homely environment for customers with impeccable lawn care. The bright green and blue color scheme symbolizes tranquility and freshness, which will appeal to potential clients.

Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

This logo design celebrates the idea of breathing new life into your garden with the pretty, stenciled shovel and plant icon. The dark background conveys dependability and trust, allowing the curved lines of the white Lemon typeface to stand out and catch the eye of prospective customers.

Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

The leaf tag icon evokes a feeling of personal service and homeliness. The muted brown and green color palette is reminiscent of spring and could suggest that your lawn care business uses natural products. The stretched, clean lines of the SeoulHangang EB typeface feel modern and professional.

Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

The geometric icon combines bold lines with a smooth spherical shape to create a distinct design that conveys stability and freshness. The Josefin Sans typeface complements the structure of the icon with its clean and elegant lines. The monochromatic green color scheme feels natural and serene.

Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

The vibrant orange background is warm, energetic, and will differentiate your brand from competitors. The elegant shovel and tree icon is modern in its simplicity, forming a strong symbol for your lawn care business. The Cinzel typeface reinforces the sophisticated, contemporary appeal of the logo.

Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

The image of well-tended, rolling lawns in the icon creates the impression of a framed painting, highlighting the quality of your work and creating a sense of artistry. The shades of green convey freshness and serenity, allowing the angular Quantico typeface to pop and give your name a presence.

Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

The winding path runs up a heart-shaped, olive-green lawn, drawing the eye to the house. These elements convey the love and passion that you have for your service. The Radley typeface is based on the letterforms used in wood carving, adding a sophisticated and handmade appeal to the design.

Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

The refreshing green background creates a calm and rejuvenating impression, allowing the prominent white watering can icon to grab attention. The sprig accent adds a touch of delicateness to the design and suggests attention to detail. The blocky Lato typeface complements the large icon perfectly.

Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

The shovel and smooth lawn are framed by a sweeping circular leaf border, creating a refined and elegant symbol for your lawn care brand. The green color highlights your competent green fingers, while the sophisticated black Cinzel typeface balances the design and reinforces the modern appeal.

Lawn care logo for a business called Tidy Acre. Edit

The stone-gray background gives this white design an earthy yet modern appeal, while the vibrant green sprig adds a touch of liveliness to the logo. The wheelbarrow is an iconic symbol that evokes a sense of honest work. The Libre Baskerville typeface balances elegance with friendliness perfectly.

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How can I create some cool lawn care logos?

  1. Brainstorm a few logo ideas that you feel will best represent your brand.
  2. Use our free logo maker for inspiration.
  3. Try a variety of color schemes, icons, and text combinations.
  4. Select your favorite logo design and show it to your peers or family for some feedback.
  5. Choose the logo design that fits best with your lawn care business.

Where can I download free lawn care logos?

You can create, edit, and download free lawn care logos by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by using Zarla's logo maker.

What are some good lawn care and landscape logos?

A good lawn care and landscape logo will include some references to your services, such as lawnmowers, grass, shovels, plants, or trees. Try out a few color combinations and play around with different typefaces, such as Lemon, Averia, Cinzel, or Zilla Slab until you find the best logo for your business.

What are some eye-catching lawn service logos?

An eye-catching lawn services logo includes an icon that feels on-brand and fresh, like a leaf, a tree, or a lawn landscape. You can use a color palette that conveys professionalism to draw the eye in, like dark green, blue, or black. Try using a typeface that will ground the logo with strong, bold lines like Quantico or Josefin Sans.

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