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Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The slightly tilted, haphazard design of the Luckiest Guy typeface is unpredictable and attention-grabbing. It creates the effect of motion and speed, making it suitable for an energetic and dynamic brand or one with a humorous identity. The blue color evokes feelings of loyalty and trust.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The Anton Regular font features bold strokes that are clean and confident. In red, they stand out and capture the attention. This is ideal for a logo without any imagery. Red also conveys energy and intensity, giving life and vigor to your business name. It would look great against a white backdrop.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The color orange does well to capture the attention of foot traffic around your business. Its brightness and vibrancy create positive associations with customers and evoke feelings of playfulness and youth. The Bungee Regular font has a unique style that is bulky and friendly.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

Gold communicates a sense of luxury, glamour, and opulence. It suits companies that sell fancy products at high-end prices. The thickness of the Holtwood One SC typeface resembles gold bars themselves or objects made from gold. This type of logo could also suit a financial investment firm.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

Red and black is a color combination that offers gorgeous contrast. Red evokes passion and intensity, and this intensity is amplified against a black background. The sleek, chiseled lines of the Caudex typeface offer even more visual candy, making this an ideal logo for a stylish brand.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

Blue and pale orange-pink are colors that don't often pair up but offer an interesting combination. This gentle shade of is friendly, pleasing, and inviting. Blue evokes seriousness and professionalism, offering contrast. The Averia Libre Regular font is amiable and stylish.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

Green communicates feelings of naturalism, vitality, and freshness. It brings a positive atmosphere to the logo and contrasts the white lettering. The Finger Paint Regular font has a childish and playful design that evokes fun and positivity, qualities that suit a children's brand.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The comical stretching of the Denk One typeface is both humorous and memorable. Its exaggerated lines and untamed nature offer tons of personality and suit a business that doesn't take itself too seriously. The navy blue color scheme brings balance and professionalism to the logo.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

Advertisers use the color purple to communicate feelings of mystery, curiosity, and intelligence. In timeless white, the classic Goudy Bookletter 1911 typeface pairs beautifully with the background and boasts an elegance that suits a high-end fashion store or an upscale jewelry brand.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The black bean colored paint dripping from the Nosifer typeface can suggest many things. It has a raw, unfinished look that matches the punk aesthetic and dark color scheme, making it ideal for a brand with a rebellious identity. It can also evoke feelings of heat, with the name melting in the sun.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The contrast between pink and white is stunning, which helps create a lasting impression. The Cinzel Decorative typeface features elongated lines and sharp angles that are sleek and stylish. Pink is a color that traditionally appeals to women, making this the ideal logo for a chic, feminine brand.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The Elsie Swash Caps typeface has a distinctive design that features exaggerated curls that look like roses. It creates a unique look that can be leveraged as a brand identifier. The light blue color evokes vibrancy and positive feelings, making this logo suitable for a youthful brand.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

Black is used to communicate feelings of luxury, mystery, and sophistication. When paired with classic white, it creates a beautiful contrast that suits a high-end brand. The Gothic A1 Black font is clean and legible and wouldn't look out of place on a magazine cover or a billboard.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The lettering of the Cookie Regular font twists and twirls like twigs or tree branches, creating an earthy charm. The brown color continues this wooden aesthetic, and the green background mimics the color of leaves. Brown and green come together to make a beautiful logo brimming with naturalism.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

This logo has the feel of a black marker scribbled on a whiteboard. The Gochi Hand typeface is friendly and unpretentious, almost making it a prototype of a logo instead of the finished product. This makes it ideal for a startup or young company that's still a work in progress.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The Freckle Face typeface has a distinctive personality, while the color blue communicates trust and loyalty. Each letter in this logo is painted in obscure, uneven, and jagged lines that resemble children's paintings. This makes it ideal for a children's brand or one with an identity of creativity.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The Sacramento typeface, with its lavish curves and flowing inky lines, resembles refined handwriting with a felt-tip pen. The handwritten style of the letters creates a personal impression, giving your brand familiarity with customers, while the red and white color contrast is striking and grand.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

Red and gold come together to great effect in this logo. Red captures the attention and evokes passion and desire, while gold communicates a sense of luxury and prestige. The Baloo Bhai 2 typeface is well-spaced and clean. Its lack of sharp points give the logo a friendly and welcoming mood.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

The leather brown background is a highly fashionable color that creates a soft, carefree mood. The Redressed typeface has luscious, rounded curves and sleek, pointed edges, giving it plenty of sex appeal. This logo is suited to a fashion brand or a business that wants to associate itself with style.

Letter logo for a business called KLN. Edit

Black and orange is a color combination that pairs up nicely. Black communicates sophistication and prestige, while orange conveys vibrancy and joy. The black background accentuates the vibrancy of the orange Libre Baskerville typeface, whose sharp, sleek edges are refined and elegant.

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Letter logos forgo the use of an icon and focus on the company initials. Think CNN and J.P. Morgan. Because these logos lack distinctive icons, more focus is given to the typeface and color palette to grab attention and make an impression.

How do I create a logo with letters?

  1. Write down some key points about your business and its values.
  2. Think of fonts that represent your company's ethos, keeping your key points in mind.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with a few ideas for your letter logo.
  4. Pick your favorite ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  5. Show your family and friends and ask them what they think.
  6. Use their feedback to narrow your final selection.
  7. Make a final decision on which logo to use for your business.

A single letter can be an excellent brand identifier. Think Facebook or Google. Unfortunately, because there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, chances are your letter of choice has been used and reused countless times.

Color and typeface become your main design choices to experiment with. Try color combinations that pair well, such as red and black or blue and white. Use fonts that have emotional resonance, keeping your core business values in mind.

How do you make a logo with two letters?

This is your call to get creative. Can one of the letters fit into the shape of the other? What do they look like when one is placed above the other, as opposed to having them side by side? Can you flip one on its side and have it pass through the other, creating a unique shape?

Try combining colors that complement each other, such as purple and orange. When experimenting with layout, remember that your logo has to embody your business values and the letters have to be legible.

Where can I download free letter logos?

You can create, edit, and download free letter logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our home page.

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