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Hipster logo with an armchair icon. Edit

The mustard color used in this logo is modern and exciting, while remaining classy. The use of an armchair as the main icon can suggest that you are a furniture company, but could also be used for any other type of business. The Sura font has a fun twist on a traditional style, making it stand out.

Hipster logo with a pink scrunchie icon. Edit

The photorealistic icon in this logo makes it retro and wonderfully hipster. Blush pink is often considered a feminine color, making it perfect for a scrunchie business aimed at women. The El Messiri typeface is neat but stylish, adding an air of sophistication to your brand.

Hipster logo with a gold camera icon. Edit

The camera icon in this logo has multiple lenses, possibly hinting at the hipster trend to use filters on photographs. The Saira ExtraBold font is reminiscent of retro camera companies, making it ideal for a hipster brand. The use of gold makes your business seem luxurious.

Hipster logo with sneaker icons. Edit

The black and white color scheme in this logo makes your brand appear serious and formal, and creates a sense of professionalism. Modernity and simplicity combine perfectly, using simple icons to convey that you are a sneaker brand. The Quantico-Bold font looks quite digital, adding contrast.

Hipster logo with a tree feller icon. Edit

While the icon in this logo depicts a tree feller, it could be used for any type of business. Green is prominent in this logo, linking your business to nature and inspiring feelings of freshness and zest. The Monda typeface is simple and strong, conveying a sense of confidence or clarity.

Hipster logo with a red moose icon. Edit

The red and yellow color scheme in this logo works perfectly to convey energy, power, and confidence. The icon of a moose is somewhat abstract, but connects your brand with nature and a powerful animal. The Biryani typeface is neat with subtle hints of style, making it modern but professional.

Hipster logo with a moustache and pair of scissors. Edit

The prominent use of black in this logo makes it stand out but also defines your brand as being more masculine and confident. The icon of a handlebar moustache is arguably the universal symbol for hipster culture. The Odibee Sans font is reminiscent of signs from years gone by.

Hipster logo with a comb and pair of scissors. Edit

Teal is not commonly used in logos, making it stand out well. As a calming color, teal is assuring and calming to customers. The icons of a comb and a pair of scissors show that you are a salon, but the art style is what makes this logo retro. The Cinzel Decorative font is extremely stylish.

Hipster logo with a man's silhouette. Edit

The striking orange background in this logo grabs attention and stimulates the mind. The bold silhouette of a man's face would work well for a barber shop as well as a men's clothing or grooming product brand. The Biryani typeface adds a subtle sophistication to the design with its slim lines.

Hipster logo with an old-fashioned sewing machine. Edit

The deep burgundy color used in this logo is romantic, mature, and dignified. With the addition of an older sewing machine icon, this logo would be perfect for a womenswear brand that creates formal clothes. The Cardo font is bold, stylish, and traditional, complementing the other design elements.

Hipster logo with a bunch of flowers. Edit

This logo design is delicately pretty, with the line drawing of flowers hinting heavily at a feminine brand. The gold color used suggests luxury and quality, while the brown text grounds this otherwise light design. The Sacramento typeface resembles handwriting, making it feel more personal.

Hipster logo with a button and needle. Edit

The hot pink icon in this logo not only stands out, but defines your brand as fun and young. The icon of a button with a needle suggests that you are in the fashion business, either as a tailor or retailer. The brown text adds warmth to the design, while the Lato typeface adds an air of confidence.

Hipster logo with a pair of red lips. Edit

Red features prominently in this logo, creating sex appeal and confidence. The icon of painted lips complements this, suggesting that your brand works in beauty or fashion. The yellow background exudes positivity and excitement, while the Overpass typeface adds a sense of style and professionalism.

Hipster logo with a pencil icon. Edit

Pink and navy blue work together wonderfully in this logo, combining ideas of fun and youth with integrity and intelligence. The icon of a pencil suggests that your business is involved in publishing or journalism. The Pacifico typeface is stylish but untraditional, breaking the mold.

Hipster logo with a pen icon. Edit

The mustard background of this logo is offset beautifully by the bold white design elements. The color scheme suggests creativity and energy, while the icon of a pen relates to writing. The Unna Bold font is stylish, traditional, and authoritative, demanding respect and attention.

Hipster logo with patterned socks. Edit

Patterned socks are a staple in hipster fashion, making this icon the perfect choice for a sock or fashion brand. Dark brown is warm and inviting, making your business seem both welcoming and professional. The Miriam Libre typeface is an excellent combination of fun and bold, expressing attitude.

Hipster logo with an abstract icon. Edit

The abstract symbol in this logo is intriguing and modern, making viewers take it in. It loosely resembles a person with raised arms, suggesting excitement. The mustard color scheme is a muted way to express confidence and style. The Unna typeface is strong but stylish, adding weight to the design.

Hipster logo with a moustache icon. Edit

The handlebar moustache became known as a symbol for hipster culture in the 2010s, featured prominently on social media. As such, it is the perfect icon for a hipster business of any kind. The Cormorant Infant typeface carries its weight in this design, adding style and class without overpowering.

Hipster logo with a shirt icon. Edit

The navy blue and gold color scheme in this logo expresses luxury, integrity, and high quality. The icon of a shirt suggests that your business deals with menswear, perhaps an upscale sleepwear brand. The Alata Regular font is bold and neat, adding a touch of class to the logo.

Hipster logo with a moon and stars surrounded by a circle. Edit

This logo has a whimsical charm thanks to the icon of a moon surrounded by stars. The dark green color makes your brand seem professional but approachable, and somehow connected to nature. The Ibarra Real Nova font is enchanting with hints of a traditional typeface and unique details.

Modern and Simple Logos

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What are hipster logos?

A hipster logo pushes the norms of society and design with an admiration for days gone by. A hipster logo adopts elements that are uncommon or show an appreciation for the finer things in life.

What is the best free logo maker?

Zarla is an excellent free logo maker that offers a wide variety of icons and fonts for your business.

Is there a hipster logo maker?

You can use Zarla to make hipster logos for free.

Where can I find a hipster logo vector?

Zarla allows users to download logos in a variety of formats, including vector images, for free.

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