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MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

Stars symbolize quality, while a fist is apt for a combat sport brand. Perhaps it shows the quality of your MMA apparel, or the quality of your coaching. Blue inspires trust, while orange is an energetic color that denotes action. The bold lettering of the Play typeface suits a confident brand.

MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

Red and black offer gorgeous contrast that creates visual interest and holds attention. Red conveys intensity and black shows sophistication, suiting an MMA training center. The fighting icon inspires passion and excitement, and the Blinker typeface has a heaviness that suggests a respected center.

MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

If your MMA coaching service specializes in Asian fighting styles such as Muay Thai, then using Asian symbols is a great idea, especially dragons. The Paytone One typeface has a muscular look that is apt for MMA. Red is associated with Asia and projects power, while blue conveys reliability.

MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

The icon painted in a loose hand shows flexibility and movement that is synonymous with graceful MMA fighting styles such as Aikido. Blue displays trust and confidence, while orange tells of the enjoyment found in MMA. The flowing letters of the Aref Ruqaa typeface mimic the movement of fighters.

MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

Using the icon of an athlete celebrating victory is a great way of associating your MMA business with success, competitiveness, and power. The neutral color choice symbolizes your serious and professional approach to the sport, and the height of the Anton typeface attempts to reach for the stars.

MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

The Teko typeface has letters that are evenly spaced, creating plenty of visual breathing room that is pleasing to look at. It suits an MMA business that prides itself on appearances, and the icon of a dangerous wolf says "we transform you into a fearsome animal." Its yellow color conveys energy.

MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

A flaming blue fist projects action and ferocity, making the perfect emblem for an MMA brand. Blue flames are hotter than red ones, and blue communicates trust and professionalism, too. A dragon hints at Asian fighting styles, and the sleek lines of the Krona typeface look great on business cards.

MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

A clenched fist symbolizes strength and action, while stars express excellence and quality. When encased in a badge, it makes the perfect symbol for an MMA coaching center. Blue amplifies feelings of professionalism and pride, while the Zilla Slab typeface has bold serifs that project strength.

MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

Black conveys prestige and sophistication and, when paired with the icon of a muscular athlete emerging from flames, makes a great MMA gym logo or one renowned for producing premier fighters. The understated Kanit typeface balances the striking icon and stops the design from being too busy.

MMA logo for a business called Cage Kit. Edit

If your name does all the MMA talking and you want to give it prominence in your logo, opting for a neutral-colored, text-only logo would serve you well. Text-only logos make your name stick, while the slanted design of the Alegreya Sans SC typeface expresses movement that is synonymous with MMA.

Sports Logos

10 catchy logo ideas for your sports business.


  1. Think about your MMA business niche, be it coaching, management, apparel, or more.
  2. Think of symbols that represent your company's offerings, or words that associate with action, mentorship, and intensity.
  3. Use an MMA logo maker to come up with some MMA logos.
  4. Use feedback from family and friends to narrow your final selection.
  5. Pick your best MMA logo ideas and tweak them until you're happy.
  6. Download the best MMA logo design.

Where can I download free MMA logos?

You can create, edit, and download MMA logo templates for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples.

A good MMA logo will communicate a business identity in simple visual terms. Icons can point to a specialty, be it training or attire. Color can convey a mood, be it discipline or intensity, and bold typefaces are apt for a bold and daring sport.

Why should my MMA logo be in PNG or vector format?

If you save a logo or any other image in a PNG or vector format, it can be used on a variety of digital platforms. Unlike JPEG images, PNG images can be saved with a transparent background, making them ideal for online use. Vector files allow for easy resizing without any resolution loss. You can use Zarla to create your logo design and download it in PNG or SVG format for free.

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