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Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

Pink is a great color choice to show the nurturing, caring, and compassionate nature of your business. The two pets make your business focus clear, while the bubbles hint at a grooming business. Meanwhile, the Bree Serif typeface with its upright italics adds a friendly aesthetic that complements the tone of this logo design perfectly.

Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

The Hind Madurai typeface's monolinear lines create a contemporary design style and add a personal touch that suggests a personal service. Black and white complement the modern trend and also convey your business's professionalism, while the large paw, with pets in the negative space, is a clear idea of where your business focus lies.

Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

Grooming tools and an abundance of bubbles indicate your business in a fun, attractive manner. The use of a solid pinkish purple color palette conveys a brand message of compassion and kindness — perfect for a pet care brand. Meanwhile, the Pattaya typeface's semi-connected style brings a casual appeal to the logo that is inviting and friendly.

Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

The dog comically relaxing in a bath tub shows pet care that is nurturing but also fun. The Gochi Hand typeface, that looks like it was written by a teenager, adds to the relaxed, casual style of the design. The earthy tones of brown and dark orange bring out the brand message of nurturing care and stability that is so important in pet care.

Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

Green stands out from the crowd and symbolizes hope, new beginnings and rebirth — perfect for a pet doctor that gives assurance of a speedy recovery. The stethoscope in the shape of a heart around the pets enhances this idea, highlighting the business focus, and the Poppins typeface has a monolinear character that suits the clean lines of the icon.

Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

The rounded corners of the Rubik typeface bring a friendly quality to this logo that complements the abundance of animals in the icon and softens the stark color palette. The different animals suggest a versatile pet care business, while the near-black color palette conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication perfect for an exclusive brand.

Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

The subtle addition of an EKG line in this icon of a dog clearly hints at a veterinary business. The vivid orange color of the icon indicates a brand message of ambition, sociability, and creativity, indicating a vet business that prioritizes friendly service. The Oswald typeface optimizes the logo for use across print and online marketing.

Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

The dog in the icon is looking up at someone with obvious adoration — a subtle hint that your business takes pet caring seriously and is devoted to pets. Pink complements this brand message with connotations of love, nurturing, and compassion, while the friendly Laila typeface uses brush terminals to create a cute, contemporary vibe.

Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

The strong lines of the PT Sans Caption typeface give this design a solid base and bring a "human" factor that suggests personalized care and service. This idea is emphasized by the caring image of a person petting a dog, while the pure white design shines against the green background, bringing a sense of freshness and care to this brand.

Pet care logo for a business called Wag Plan. Edit

Tones of blue encourage potential clients to trust in your brand and highlight the expertise and skill of your business within your industry. This industry is prominently highlighted by the stethoscope and paw print, while the rounded, well-balanced Nunito typeface creates a display quality that makes this logo perfect for branding and marketing.

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How can I design unique pet care logos?

  1. Think about your services and the types of pets you cater to.
  2. List colors and symbols that match your brand message.
  3. Generate several logo ideas using a logo maker.
  4. Get feedback from your inner circle on your favorite designs.
  5. Choose the best logo and download it.

Where can I find the best pet care logos?

We have created a collection of pet care logo ideas for you using Zarla. Click on the design you'd like to edit and then download the logo for free.

Where can I download pet care logos for free?

You can design, edit, and download your free pet care logo in both PNG and vector formats using Zarla.

Where can I find cute pet care logos?

Zarla is a free AI-powered logo maker that can create hundreds of customizable logo designs in seconds. Alternatively, check out our pet care logo templates for some cute logo ideas.

What are some good pet care logo fonts?

When designing your pet care logo, try typefaces that show friendliness, care, and a casual setting, such as Bree Serif, Pattaya, or Gochi Hand.

What are some good pet care logo images?

  • Paw prints.
  • People petting animals.
  • Animals playing.
  • Animals being groomed.
  • Stethoscopes for vet care.
  • Dog houses.

Where can I find pet care logo ideas for dogs?

Try Zarla, a free logo maker that generates logo templates from a few keywords that can be edited and downloaded for free.

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