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Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

An icon of children playing below an abstract tree emphasizes the idea of the joy of growth through learning, an idea that is enhanced by the use of green. Pinkish red symbolizes your preschool's passion for educating the youth of today, while the dark brown Sarabun typeface encourages parents to trust your school with their children.

Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

Dark blue is a strong color choice for a school logo, as it conveys authority and knowledge, and encourages parents to trust in your educational system. This sense of formality is contrasted by the fun Finger Paint typeface, which resembles a child's handwriting, and the smiling flower that symbolizes the blooming of children's minds.

Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

An abundance of stars creates an eye-catching logo that children will adore, and it hints at a school's philosophy of reaching for the stars. The cartoon style of the Ribeye typeface and the bright pink tone complements this playful design with a touch of whimsy, while the earthy brown provides a sense of stability, calm, and safety.

Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

The rounded shape of this cute, abstract design is open and inviting, creating a sense of warmth that is echoed in the use of the joyful orange tone. Purple enhances the sense of mystery and magic prevalent in the icon: is it a ball, or children playing in a circle? Meanwhile, the purple Marmelad typeface adds a hint of elegance and refinement.

Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

Children dancing on the pages of an open book convey a brand message of knowledge and learning through play. It may also hint at a preschool that encourages teamwork and builds on friendships. The simple design of the Rubik typeface works well with the blue and gray color palette to portray a professional, trustworthy aesthetic.

Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

The chunky Slackey typeface creates a sense of fun and whimsy in this design that highlights a child-like wonder. The toy train emphasizes your target audience, but also subtly hints at a journey into the future. Orange and dark blue are complementary colors that create a warm, trustworthy design that will appeal to both parents and children.

Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

The white Gochi Hand typeface, which resembles a child's handwriting, is a great choice for a preschool logo as it showcases your ability to teach children to write and spell. The hands splashing paint seem to emphasize this hands-on, handcrafting approach, and yellow-orange and light blue symbolizes creativity and imagination.

Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

Golden orange stands out and grabs attention, creating a brand aesthetic that is prestigious, high-class, and intelligent — perfect for a private preschool. The stars around the child's head may symbolize the knowledge and imagination gained through learning and reading, while the light brown Vollkorn SC typeface adds a hint of approachability.

Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

"We provide the educational building blocks of the future" is what this icon says. Bright pink and light blue make for a fun, youthful color palette that highlights your target market, while the classic style of the dark blue Oswald typeface creates a well-balanced logo that is perfect for online marketing and social media branding.

Preschool logo for a business called Pixie Sprouts. Edit

Soft pink and yellow-green is a gentle, soothing color palette that traditionally is used to market to young children. The ring toy and balloons indicate that your preschool focuses on toddlers and younger children, while the informal brush style of the dark purple Laila typeface is friendly and welcoming, adding to the overall cute aesthetic of this design.

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Where can I download a preschool logo design for free?

You can create, edit, and download preschool logos for free with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples.

What are some great preschool logo images?

Great preschool logos images should appeal to both children and parents by being playful, colorful, and cartoon-like, but also showing an educational brand message. Images like this include children playing, educational items, and growing things like trees and flowers.

  1. Consider your business plan and brand message for design inspiration.
  2. Research popular Christian symbols that may highlight your brand message.
  3. Consider popular Christian colors that may showcase your business.
  4. Use a logo maker to experiment with colors, icons, and fonts.
  5. Create a few options and show them to friends and family for feedback.
  6. Use the feedback to tweak and download the best preschool logo.

Where can I download a preschool logo in vector format?

You can create and download a preschool logo in both vector and PNG formats with Zarla's logo maker for free. Vector format is great for marketing, as the logo can be resized without losing resolution, and PNG files can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds.

What should a kindergarten logo design look like?

The ideal kindergarten logo should showcase a child-like icon that highlights the playful, yet educational style of your business. Bright colors, especially primary colors, work best for kindergarten logos, and playful typefaces that look like children's handwriting are a great choice.

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