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Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

The blue tones reference the watery origin of your seafood and encourage customers to trust in the freshness of your offerings. The realistic squid icon hints that your business features more exotic seafood selections, with the cutlery indicating the purpose of your products. Meanwhile, the rounded Sansation typeface creates a friendly aesthetic.

Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

Bright red draws attention to your brand and helps your logo stand out from the competition, encouraging customers to use your business. The contemporary style of the Alatsi typeface complements the clean design and adds a calm, trustworthy aesthetic to the logo, while the fish and prawn in the icon highlight the seafood focus of the business.

Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

The Pirata One typeface's gothic style brings to mind life on the high seas, while also optimizing this logo for use in online and print advertising. The blue complements the nautical theme of the logo and highlights your expertise in the industry, encouraging customers to trust your brand, while the fiery shrimp conveys the business purpose.

Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

Dark brown creates a contemporary design that symbolizes the safety, stability, and reliability customers can expect from your seafood business. This business is highlighted in the icon, with cutlery and seafood showing the end purpose of your seafood. Meanwhile, the rounded Ubuntu typeface creates a friendly, welcoming brand aesthetic.

Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

The Art Deco style of the Righteous typeface conveys a retro artistic aesthetic that is beautifully contrasted by the contemporary style of the crab icon, creating visual interest and drawing attention to the logo. Bright orange brings warmth and positivity to your brand, highlighting a creative and ambitious brand message.

Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

Dark blue gives your logo a corporate aesthetic and highlights your business's authority within the industry. The large fish icon is a clear and contemporary representation of your business that will help with brand memorability, while the rounded, geometric Poppins typeface conveys stability and friendliness, welcoming all customers.

Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

Red-orange conveys a brand message that is playful, engaging, and energetic, perfectly complementing the icon of a leaping fish. The movement of the icon brings dynamic energy to the design that enhances the color palette, and the contemporary Oswald typeface works well with the clean lines of the design for a great online business logo.

Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

The rounded, geometric Sen typeface conveys a sensible yet friendly brand aesthetic, promising service with a smile! The rounded frame in the icon complements the typeface, while the use of a lobster, typically a more high-end seafood product, indicates a business focused on quality products. Light blue adds a calm, peaceful quality to the design.

Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

The flames around the crab create a dynamic, mouth-watering image for a seafood business, whetting the customers' appetites. Bright orange suggests the adventure and creativity of trying out different seafoods and flavors, while the rounded Rubik typeface softens the sharp design with a friendly and inviting character.

Seafood logo for a business called Ocean's End. Edit

The fish swimming in this icon brings to mind the large fishing trawlers sprawling their catch on the deck, suggesting a fishery business. The urban style of the Montserrat typeface gives your logo a stand-out quality that helps with brand memorability, complemented by the attention-grabbing red — standing out from the competition.

Seafood Restaurant Logos

10 appealing logo ideas for your seafood restaurant business.


What are some good seafood logo images?

You can use various marine animals in your seafood logo, including crabs, tuna, lobster, and squid, in a variety of ways, from abstract to cartoonish. The style of your icon depends on your brand message. Take a look at our collection of seafood logo ideas for inspiration.

How do I come up with seafood logo ideas?

  • Review your business plan and brand message for design inspiration.
  • Research your top competitors' logos for ideas.
  • Think about why you are starting your business and what it means to you.
  • Use a logo maker to generate ideas.
  • Poll potential customers about what they'd like to see in a seafood logo.

Where can I find the best seafood logos?

You can create, edit, and download great seafood logo ideas from Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by using our logo maker.

Why should my seafood logo be in PNG format?

A logo in PNG format is perfect for branding as it can be downloaded with a transparent background, meaning that the logo can be used on any background or promotional item with very little adjustments made to the design itself.

Is there a seafood logo font?

Try a handwritten typeface, such as Coral Reef or Pacifico, in your logo to creates a flowing, wave-like character for your brand that references the sea and marine life.

Where can I find a seafood logo template?

Zarla offers a free, AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of templates from just a few input keywords. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded completely free on charge.

Can I download a seafood logo design for free?

Yes, there are free logo makers, such as Zarla's one, which allow you to generate and download a logo design for free. Zarla offers customizable logo designs to ensure you can properly convey your brand message.

What is a simple seafood logo idea?

Use a simple line drawing of a fish, crab, octopus, or other seafood for a clean contemporary style. Combine this with a monochromatic color palette, such as cyan, and a handwritten typeface to reference the color and flow of the sea.

Where can I find seafood logo ideas for business?

There are a variety of ways to come up with logo ideas for your business. You can mine your business plan, brand message, and reason for starting the business for ideas, use a logo maker, start a design competition, or even hire a graphic designer. The choice depends on you and your budget.

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