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Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

What speaks more to security than the parapets of a castle's battlements? This icon stands tall with strength and pride, while the gray color palette conveys balance and seriousness. The shield emblem hints at military precision and the Spartan letterforms of the Dosis typeface project resolve.

Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

The solid navy blue background conveys competence, efficiency, and trustworthiness. The duotone lock icon complements the calming blue palette and creates a simple house silhouette that is highly memorable. The timeless Poppins typeface is professional and stands out against the dark background.

Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

This quirky design uses the classic primary color combination of red and blue to represent strength and efficiency, respectively. The "okay" hand gesture holds a key and conveys a sense of safety and trust. The italicized Source Code Pro typeface creates a sense of energy and alertness.

Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

The bright orange background draws attention to the minimalist white logo and conveys enthusiasm and energy. The simple key and house icon is a clear visual representation of a home security service. The all caps Saira Condensed typeface is weighty and complements the bold attitude of this design.

Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

Set against the clean white background, the orange lock icon is prominent, creating a strong security brand identity that is memorable and versatile. The black Staatliches typeface has a charming proportionality and grounds the light composition. This clean design is versatile and scalable.

Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

The deep navy blue represents sophistication, duty, and efficiency, and the lighter aqua gives the crocodile icon a quirky character. The symbol balances its playfulness with an elegant and simple form to create a strong visual identity, which is further bolstered by the Poppins typeface in white.

Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

Blue is associated with professionalism, logic, and trust, making it a good choice for a security logo. The circular lock and wreath icon conveys expertise, reliability, and sophistication. The unconventional proportions in the Righteous typeface create a subtle intrigue to this modern design.

Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

Black represents structure and formality, which reflects a sort of military aspect to your business in this logo. The icon, which resembles a mask composed of spearheads, is a symbol of strength and ferociousness, while the prominent letters of the Montserrat Extra Bold font seem formidable.

Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

The use of red for the bold Saira Condensed typeface is associated with strength and vigor, giving your business name a powerful attitude. This is complemented by the blocky linework in the house and key icon. This symbol is visually clear and a highly recognizable image for your security business.

Security logo for a business called GoProtect. Edit

The hexagons in the icon resemble walls within walls and convey reliability, while the keyhole at the center of the icon represents impenetrable security. The blue color scheme inspires trust and confidence, while the big and bulky Holtwood One SC typeface adds to the overall tone of strength.

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  1. Consider the type of security services that your agency will specialize in.
  2. Do some research to see how other security agencies designed their logos.
  3. Make a list of the colors, fonts, and iconography that you like.
  4. Experiment with your ideas using a security agency logo maker to create the perfect design for your security agency.

Cool colors like blues and greens are grounded and sophisticated. Look for a simple but striking icon that combines classic security symbols such as a shield or lock with digital imagery like circuitry. Opt for a clean typeface to reinforce the sense of elegance and professionalism of your logo.

What are the best security logo elements?

Your security service logo should convey professionalism, reliability, and expertise. Simple and sophisticated colors like deep blues are reassuring and elegant. Look for icons that communicate strength and security like locks, keys, and shields. Your typeface should be simple and strong. Have a look at our collection of security service logos for inspiration.

Where can I download a security logo in PNG format?

You can create, edit, and download security logos in PNG format for free on Zarla. A PNG logo is highly versatile as it has a transparent background and can be placed on a variety of images or surfaces.

What icons work best for a security logo image?

Classic security icons use the imagery of locks, keys, and homes to communicate safety, strength, and reliability. Strong visual elements like shields, wreaths, and lions create a sense of power and expertise and can give your logo a sophisticated aesthetic.

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