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Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

The shampoo droplet is a compelling visual that denotes gentleness and delicacy. Enhanced by the leafy accents, the icon's message of natural resources is clear, while the rich green hue bolsters these themes and helps evokes a sense of safety. With its solid serifs and lofty stems, the black Arbutus Slab typeface helps your brand name stand out.

Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

The grand icon of a person with cascading hair evokes a sense of opulence and beauty, resonating with your target market's desire for healthy, lustrous locks. The combination of deep gold and white complements the icon's aesthetic with its themes of trust and quality, while the classy Cinzel typeface is bursting with style and elegance.

Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

Yeseva One, an assertive but timeless typeface, blends thick and delicate stems, giving your brand name some needed personality. Combined with the neutral gray hue, which elevates the icon's impact, the purple tone comes to life, denoting creativity and excellence. A floral icon is a versatile image that promises floral scents and rich ingredients.

Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

A dark monochromatic color scheme sets the tone for this sophisticated design, which includes a sleek profile of a woman to magnetize your intended audience. While her radiant afro commands attention, it's the effortless flow of her neckline that gracefully directs attention to the brand name, presented in the proud but refined Rosarivo typeface.

Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

The striking fusion of fiery red and dark blue brings together contrasting themes, which helps capture attention and leave a lasting impression. Presented in the assertive Lato typeface, the brand name in white builds on the logo's confident allure, while the modern icon of a person with lush locks spotlights your shampoo products in a trendy way.

Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

The stark black Bungee typeface with its bold muscular letters draws in viewers, leaving a lasting impression. This intensity is softened by the calming blue hue, which exudes refreshing qualities, including serenity and high energy while spotlighting a man with lush hair and a beard promotes your shampoo's transformative results.

Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

Dark pink is a striking color with connotations of sweetness and compassion — both welcoming attributes that complement a brand looking to project a positive attitude. While the Freckle Face typeface, with its edgy yet whimsical charm, appeals to a youthful market, the leaf and droplet hints that your shampoo is enriched with natural elements.

Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

Minimalism is the order of the day for this stylish design, which includes a graceful profile of a person with an afro to illuminate your shampoo's specialization. Against the dark blue setting, the softness of the nude tone is enhanced, creating a balance of boldness and simplicity — ideas reflected in the Cinzel typeface's delicate characters.

Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

Parisienne is a delicate typeface that lends the design a romantic charm. While it may look like a flower at first glance, a closer look unveils the droplet in the center, a clever choice that testifies to your brand's creativity. The pale orange hue, enriched with positive associations works beautifully against the aqua-blue text.

Shampoo logo for a business called Lushful. Edit

A woman adorned with little flowers makes for a captivating visual, appealing to a brand that wants to stand apart from its competitors. The bright cyan and green colors add a refreshing quality that's often associated with shampoo, while the dainty but firm Marcellus SC typeface elevates your brand name's aesthetic, allowing it to pop on labels.

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Where can I download shampoo logos in PNG format?

With Zarla, you can generate and download custom shampoo logos in PNG format, and it's completely free! To get started, simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker to start from scratch.

  1. Define your brand's personality, values, and unique selling points.
  2. Research your competitors' logos to identify recurring design elements.
  3. Consider your shampoo and conditioner's ingredients to determine the best imagery and colors.
  4. Use a logo maker to experiment with colors, icons, and typefaces.
  5. Share some logo ideas with trusted peers and choose the logo with the best feedback.

Where can I find shampoo logo designs?

Zarla allows you to generate, customize, and download shampoo logo designs for free. To work from a template, click on one of our examples, or navigate to our logo maker to unleash your imagination.

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