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Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

The icon of an orange in a shopping cart is a great way of visually representing your grocery store or green grocer. Aqua is a calming color that evokes the inner peace of your customers when entering your business. The Antonio typeface makes this logo ideal for outdoor signage.

Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

If you're thinking of launching a home and clothing brand, this icon makes a very clever visual symbol. It's identifiable, eye-catching, and modern, while the black and white color scheme is simple and stylish, providing a great contrast to the informal Odibee Sans typeface.

Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

This fun and quirky logo is sure to put a smile on customers' faces. The cute icon hints at a green grocer's or an online organic shop, while the red and orange color palette is known to stimulate appetite. The whimsical Ribeye typeface perfectly offsets the bright icon in a rich shade of brown.

Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

Yellow and mustard are very modern colors for logos. This contemporary approach is complemented by the geometric Montserrat typeface and the sharp lines in the leafy coat hanger icon. This makes it the ideal logo for a modern clothing shop. The leaf indicates something new and fresh.

Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

This delightful design cleverly combines the icon of a pair of hands holding a shopping bag filled with groceries and a complementary color scheme, evoking feelings of passion, energy, and growth. The typewriter-style characters of the Arvo typeface add a vintage yet friendly appeal to the logo.

Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

The clever use of a shopping basket and thumbs-up sign, combined with the tranquility of the aqua color scheme, makes this logo a sure thing for building customer trust. The logo's slick icon is underpinned by the Poppins typeface, which adds a geometric, international edge to it.

Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

Solid backgrounds give prominence to any logo. The indigo tone adds richness and authority to your brand, while the light blue adds a sense of nostalgia to the design. The characters of the Biryani typeface give this logo an added strength that supports the professionalism of the design.

Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

This vibrant logo instantly captures attention with its red gradient color palette and geometric shapes. The horizontal lines in the icon hint at speed and efficiency, while the circle denotes wholeness and perfection. The jumbo-sized business name, in the Paytone One typeface, offers continuity.

Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

This logo is joyful and bright! The solid light blue background adds a sense of trust and loyalty to your brand, while the white stars and bow tie convey a sense of cleanliness. The bow tie and hanger icon hint at your products, and the Days One typeface shows that your brand has a playful side.

Shopping logo for a business called HelpfuLove. Edit

The laureate around the shirt creates a sense of luxury, while the shirt is indicative of a clothing brand. The use of teal triggers feelings of creativity and sophistication, which are reinforced by the wreaths. The Lato typeface adds harmony and style to the design, underpinning its refinement.

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Where can I get free shopping logos?

You can create, edit, and download shopping logos for free on Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by going to our home page.

What makes a good shopping business logo design?

Your shopping logo should be clear and fun, yet professional. Draw inspiration from your product range and opt for visually pleasing colors that will suit your brand message. Bright colors are associated with a fun product, while dark colors are more professional.

How do I design a logo for a shopping business?

  1. Decide what your logo should portray about your business.
  2. Choose an icon that represents your business and the type of shopping service you will provide.
  3. Select a color palette that conveys the message you want customers to receive regarding your business.
  4. Use a logo maker to provide some ideas for your shopping business logo.
  5. Ensure the typeface used for your business name is legible and eye-catching.

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