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Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

This screaming skull icon resembles the Grim Reaper, coming to drag souls to the afterlife, a fitting brand for a gothic business. The drips of the cloak complement the dripping Nosifer typeface, enhancing the dark aesthetic of the logo, while red helps the design to stand out and strengthens the sense of danger coming from this brand.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The retro Special Elite typeface creates an inked-up grunge aesthetic, perfect for a tattoo shop or clothing brand, and is complemented by the dirt spots around the skull. The crossed scythes convey a warning to customers that they'll become addicted to your brand. A black color palette continues the grunge theme, adding a touch of elegance.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

A black and red color palette symbolizes strength and intensity, creating a strong gothic character. This skull appears to be screaming into the void, suggesting danger, agony, and horror — perfect for a horror brand. Meanwhile, the rounded Ubuntu typeface softens the design with a sense of open welcome, inviting all customers to try your products.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

Bright yellow captures attention, helping this skull logo to stand out from the competition and conveying positive energy and happiness. It is strongly contrasted by the detailed laughing skull, highlighting how some people enjoy a gothic style. The Bebas Neue typeface aids in brand memorability by giving your business name a headlining quality.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The Atma typeface sends a brand message of fun and a laidback atmosphere, creating a welcoming effect for your brand. The flaming skull icon shows awareness and acceptance, enhancing the sense of welcome and openness created in this logo. The gorgeous dark green color palette contrasts the skull image with connotations of life and growth.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The side view of this rounded, oozing shape of this skull gives Macbeth vibes, creating a theatrical flair that is fun and inviting. Bright red shows your business's passion and energy, hinting at a strong, vibrant brand, while the contemporary Libre Baskerville typeface optimizes the design for use in online marketing and branding.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The vintage Lusitana typeface brings an epic, adventurous quality to this logo, complementing the sense of power and the idea of death and rebirth conveyed by this skull design. The marks framing the skull could suggest it's breaking through a wall, symbolizing acceptance, while gray-brown offers a calm, neutral base to build a brand on.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The contemporary Monda typeface with its clean letters is the perfect choice for a brand that has a strong online presence. Red and dark blue make a strong impact, showing a brand that is as passionate about the product or service as it is about delivering with skill and professionalism. The detailed skull adds a cool gothic aesthetic.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

This amazingly realistic icon draws the eye in, encouraging the viewer to take in all the details of your death metal music logo. Dark blue adds to the gothic vibe but also suggests your business's skill and expertise within your industry. The modern Oswald typeface complements the monochromatic color palette and contemporary trend of this design.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The unusual choice of pink for this skull logo will help your business stand out from the competition, conveying friendship and approachability. It's strongly contrasted by the grunge metal look of the barbed wire around the skull, perhaps hinting at a sniper-themed video game, while the modern Anton typeface works with the idea of online gaming.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

Dark orange shines in this design, bringing out a sense of positive sociability and strength. The almost cartoon styling of this skull and crossbones listening to music works with the color palette to create a more approachable business, while the weathered look of the Averia Libre typeface adds that grunge aesthetic associated with the skull.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

This terrifying winged skull symbolizes the fleeting nature of life and death, perfectly suiting a gothic brand. Dark blue brings a sense of detached elegance and sophistication, sending a brand message of exclusivity. Meanwhile, the Art Deco flair of the Righteous typeface softens this design and gives it an artistic style.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The striking image of a skull wearing a crown of branches hints at a pagan forest god, conveying a strong message of life, death, and spiritualism. Tones of green complement and enhance the nature theme of this design, symbolizing life, renewal, and abundance. Meanwhile, the contemporary Laila typeface softens the logo with its cute, friendly vibe.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The rounded curves and simple lines of this logo create a contemporary logo in keeping with modern design trends. The unique Crushed typeface adds to the fresh, modern feel of this design, while the monochromatic color palette brings visually pleasing neutrality and coolness. Meanwhile, the abstract skull design offers a more approachable brand.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The small details on this skull make it seem as if it's about to burst into flames, creating a sense of anticipation and a little anxiety — perfect for an edgy brand. The point of the chin leads the eye to the clean Viga typeface, which holds its own against this strong icon and complements the vivid orange by bringing personality to the brand.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

The loud, harsh character of the New Rocker typeface works particularly well in this design where the bright red shows a passionate, vibrant energy, and the swords skewering the house holding a skull adds a dangerous edge. This logo creates a strong, slightly dangerous aesthetic that will attract thrill seekers and the adventurous.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

Purple tones are used to great effect in this design, creating an effect of magic and mystery that complements the hooded figure, and also hints at a high-quality brand. Negative space has been utilized in this design to show the skull glowing beneath the hood, conveying a dangerous vibe, while the Josefin Sans typeface adds to the elegant vibe.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

A black and white color palette sends a strong brand message, enhancing the power and authority of the skull-shaped kettlebell, telling customers that your gym, personal training, or boot camp business is ruthless and demanding — just what hard-core workout enthusiasts look for. The Pridi typeface complements the message of strength and knowledge.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

This realistic skull seems to be frowning, creating a forbidding aesthetic that may work well for a secret society or elite club. The inky, grunge style of the Special Elite typeface complements the dark aesthetic of this logo, which is in turn lightened and contrasted by the vibrant purple, hinting at a brand that values quality and substance.

Skull logo for a business called Dark Hunt. Edit

Vivid orange shines in this logo, conveying positivity and energy, and encouraging creativity. This creativity is shown in the skull icon, where the headphones and records for eyes show a business in the music industry. Meanwhile, the open letterforms of the Play typeface complement the friendly aesthetic of this logo and welcoming all customers.

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The sports brand Hydrogen features a skull logo, as do the fashion brands Shop Calavera, Psycho Bunny, and Black and Gold. To create your own skull logo, have a look at our example templates, or head to our logo maker.

Where can I find skull logos with names?

Use NameSnack to generate a unique brand name for your business, then head over to Zarla, and use the free logo maker, to create, edit, and download a skull logo for free.

The Grateful Dead, Misfits, and Guns & Roses all feature skulls in their logos.

Where can I find skull logo images?

We've compiled a collection of skull logo ideas for you to browse. Alternatively, you can use Zarla's logo maker to generate customizable skull logo templates that can be downloaded for free.

What are some famous skull logos?

  • The Grateful Dead.
  • The Punisher.
  • Misfits.
  • The classic Jolly Roger.

How do I come up with a skull logo brand?

  1. Consider whether a skull logo suits your brand.
  2. Determine the type of skull logo that would suit your brand: realistic, cartoon, cute, flaming, etc.
  3. Research color theory and choose one to three colors that complement your brand message and skull aesthetic.
  4. Do some research into typefaces and choose one that works with your skull logo aesthetic.
  5. Copyright your final logo design.
  6. Use your logo in all your marketing and brand it on your products to build a brand following.

Where can I download skull logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download skull logos for free with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples, or by using our logo maker.

Skull logos are particularly well suited to gaming brands that focus on horror or war-themed games, as they symbolize the idea of death.

How do I create a skull logo design?

  1. Identify what brand message differentiates your business and if it can be portrayed in a skull logo.
  2. Choose two or three colors that match your brand image and a font that fits your aesthetic.
  3. Find skull images that best reflect your business aesthetic.
  4. Generate ideas using a logo maker.
  5. Choose the best skull logo and download it.

Is there a particular skull logo font?

  • Nemo Nightmares.
  • Diediedie.
  • DOKTOR terror.
  • SMILE.
  • Creator.
  • Monsterfreak.
  • Nosifer.

Why should my skull logo be in PNG format?

PNG logos are ideal for branding because they support transparent backgrounds, meaning they can be used on any surface and any promotional item.

What is the skull logo pirate design?

The skull and crossbones were historically used on pirate flags, known as the "Jolly Roger," to let ships know the pirates were about to attack. It is also sometimes used in modern times as a symbol against authority.

Skull logos when used by designers are typically used to convey a gothic fashion brand.

A skull logo is most often used in the fashion, music, film, and gaming industries and are most often used to symbolize an affinity for horror, the macabre, and death. However, skulls can also be a symbol of bravery and toughness, and in many cultures is used to celebrate the deceased.

What are some simple skull logo ideas?

When creating a simple logo, it is best to stick with one color and clean, minimalistic lines. Try a black logo with an abstract line drawing of a skull as the icon, and complete it with a clear, geometric yet gothic typeface, such as Special Elite.

Can I create cute skull logo ideas?

Absolutely, cartoon skull images, perhaps with flowers, ribbons, or butterflies added, can make a cute brand image when combined with bright colors, such as pinks, yellows, and oranges. Such a logo can be used to symbolize courage and an affinity for a cute gothic style.

Where can I find skull logo ideas for business?

Zarla's free logo maker generates hundreds of skull logo templates in seconds with just a few input keywords. Each template is customizable, and you can change the color palette of your chosen logo to dark blue for a more corporate look.

Where can I find cool skull logo ideas?

Take a look at our collection of skull logo examples, or go to our logo maker to generate some cool skull logo templates. Zarla's logo maker is free to use and offers downloads preset to a range of sizes and file formats.

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