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Sleepwear Logo Ideas:



Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

The stunning moon and stars icon looks whimsical and inviting, conjuring images of warm pajama sets and starry nights under the covers. While the simple DM Serif Text typeface works well to add a touch of elegance, the white and turquoise color palette instills a sense of peace and tranquility.

Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

A gorgeous logo for a mature sleepwear line. The delicate feather in the icon represents the soft feel of your sleepwear, promising top-quality material. The stylish color scheme breaks tradition, choosing to tastefully pair dark tones with the elegant Cormorant Unicase typeface.

Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

Surrounded by tiny stars, this icon looks magical and trendy when paired with the traditional DM Serif Text typeface. The icon includes a set of pajamas on a hanger, a clever detail that adds the perfect finishing touch. The color purple is favored in the retail sector owing to its regal charm.

Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

The contrast between the vintage-inspired Josefin Sans typeface and the warm pink tones creates an attractive logo that would pop on pajama labels. The pretty butterfly-style icon complements the aesthetic perfectly. These elements have traditionally been considered feminine and suit a women's line.

Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

A wonderful logo for a stylish sleepwear line. The Questrial typeface is designed for online advertising — a great benefit for those looking to invest in digital branding. The prominence and intricacy of the white floral icon commands attention, which is accentuated by the blue-green backdrop.

Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

If your sleepwear business specializes in creating warm, comfortable nightgowns, this design will match your brand. The dark blue color symbolizes authority, while the star accents give the logo a dreamy quality. The clean lines of the Sen typeface complement the authentic look of the icon.

Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

The straightforward icon of pajamas lets clients know exactly what your sleepwear business is all about: style, quality, and comfort. The purple, blue, and pink color scheme indicates a vibrant brand. The classic lines of the El Messiri typeface add a touch of sophistication to the design.

Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

The clever icon suggests that you're the home of all things pajamas. Black denotes glamour and class — qualities that are reinforced by the elegant Cormorant Unicase typeface. With a seriousness that's traditionally associated with masculinity, this logo is ideal for a men's sleepwear line.

Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

The Goudy Bookletter 1911 typeface is subtle and tasteful, while the cute, flower-inspired icon suggests that customers can expect a range of soft, floral sleepwear products. The hot pink color scheme brightens the icon and adds a dazzling finish that will leave a lasting impression.

Sleepwear logo for a business called Pajama Bay. Edit

The combination of a crescent moon and a hanger lets customers know that your clothing business creates cute sleepwear. The purple and orange color scheme symbolizes luxury and warmth, respectively. The refined characters of the El Messiri typeface build on the design's modern appeal.

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What are some cool sleepwear logo ideas?

If you're looking to stand out with a cool sleepwear logo, you'll need to pay special attention to the colors, fonts, and icons you use. Bright colors such as blue, orange, and pink will look young and fresh, while a modern typeface like Questrial or Ranga will add the perfect finishing touch. See our collection of sleepwear logos for ideas.

When creating the perfect sleepwear logo, you'll first want to consider your brand's core values, style, and marketing strategy. This should help you better understand the message you want your logo to convey. Then, use our logo maker and experiment with different colors, fonts, icons, and placements until you find the perfect logo.

  1. Consider your target market, brand, and sleepwear style.
  2. Research your competitors to find out what works for them.
  3. Use a logo maker and play around with the customization tools.
  4. Choose your favorite logo designs.
  5. Ask for input from friends, family, and potential customers.
  6. Identify the well-received logos and download one that suits your brand.

Where can I download free sleepwear logos?

With Zarla's intuitive logo maker, you can create, edit, and download free sleepwear logos by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or by using our logo maker to design your own.

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