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Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

A vivid orange background gives this design a warm and powerful impact, allowing the white elements to pop. The spikey sun icon is striking and clearly captures the essence of a tanning salon, whole the fluid characters of the Pattaya typeface add contrast to the logo, creating a dynamic design.

Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

The distinctive orange tone of the icon and the black Laila typeface look good together, communicating warmth and authority. The sun peeping out from behind a lush leaf conveys playfulness and, paired with the Middle Eastern-style letterforms of the Laila typeface, conjures desert scenes.

Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

This design appeals to the market by showing what confidence looks and feels like. The woman in the icon is dressed for summer and gives off a vibrant and playful energy. The white flowers in the hat balance well with the white Alata typeface, and the yellow pops against the dark backdrop.

Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

The picturesque scene in the icon says: "if it's that tropical glow you want, this is the place to get it!" The sunset orange and warm yellow colors are tempered by the soft blue sun, adding balance to the design, while the friendly letters of the Baloo Bhai 2 typeface add a welcoming appeal.

Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

The icon's joyfully confident figure framed by a radiant sun celebrates tanning. The rays of sunshine resemble degrees on a compass, evoking ideas of international travel. The dark orange of the icon exudes youthful boldness, while the classically styled dark gray Cinzel typeface refines the logo.

Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

This design's iris blue background conjures images of warm, tropical waters and adds freshness to the design that will differentiate your brand. The rectangle and sunflower icon, together with the elegant Cardo typeface, form a tasteful logo that will work well for an upmarket tanning salon.

Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

Simple and modern, this spiral design is accented by the radial sunrays, which add energy and liveliness to the logo. The warm orange icon hints at the quality of your luxurious tanning services, while the strong terminals and dark color of the Bree Serif typeface work well to ground the design.

Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

With its curving lines and elegant design, the icon captures tanning in a tasteful and distinctive way. The sun cradles the figure in the icon, conveying gentleness. The deep maroon of the icon communicates luxury and exclusivity, while the Alatsi typeface fits the minimalistic approach perfectly.

Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

With its smoky gold and dark blue color choice, this logo appeals to an opulent and classy clientele that lounges by the pool at swanky hotels. The striking icon resembles a sunflower and looks like expensive jewelry. The white Nunito Sans typeface complements the upmarket feeling of the design.

Tanning logo for a business called Sunkissed. Edit

This icon resembles many things: the sun, four friends in a circle, and blooming flowers. This makes it very compelling and memorable. The orange color pops and conveys a vibrant enthusiasm for life. The sharp serifs of the Cardo typeface look great in black and add a classic charm to the design.

Sunshine Logos

20 sunny logo suggestions for your business.


What are tanning logos?

Logos designed for and used by tanning businesses are considered tanning logos.

Where can I get tanning salon logos?

You can customize and download one of our tanning logo examples or use Zarla to generate hundreds of tanning logos for free.

What should be in spray tanning logos?

Spray tanning logos, like any logos representing tanning businesses, should resonate with people who like to look sunkissed. To do this, these logos should include images of the sun, tropical plants, and reclining figures, as well as a color palette made up of gold, yellow, and orange.

Where can I find tanning bed logos?

Customize one of our tanning business logos and download it for free when you're happy with the design.

How do I come up with tanning logo design ideas?

  1. Decide on an image for your icon that captures why tanning is so great and why people choose tanning services.
  2. Find no more than three colors that communicate your business's vibe.
  3. Feed your keywords into Zarla to generate hundreds of tanning logo designs.
  4. Look for a design that has the right icon, colors, and typeface.
  5. Download the design for free.

Where can I download tanning business logos?

Zarla is a free logo maker that can be used to generate hundreds of tanning business logos. You can download your favorite for free.

How can I generate clever spray tan logo ideas?

  1. Research famous spray tan business logos to see what works and doesn't work.
  2. Ask people why they like to be tanned and note their responses.
  3. Brainstorm as many keywords related to spray tanning as possible.
  4. Identify symbols that capture the spray tanning culture.
  5. Feed your keywords into a logo maker.

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