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Terrarium Logo Ideas:



Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

The soothing blue tone of this design symbolizes imagination and intuition and creates a sense of calm that can be linked to gardening and meditation. The cute succulents planted within the bowl are simple but clearly show what your business does, while the black Nunito Sans creates a solid base to make your brand name stand out.

Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

The elegant serifs of the SeoulHangang typeface convey a sense of sophistication that hints at a high-quality, luxury terrarium brand. The bottle holding the plants may suggest a business that uses unique, unusual containers for their terrariums as well as possibly antique bottles, while the earthy color palette links the business to nature.

Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

The white coloring glows against the midnight blue background, creating an air of sophistication and elegance — the viewer may even expect a contemporary, all-white store with elegant glass terrariums, as can be seen in the icon, scattered stylishly about. The curls of the Arbutus Slab typeface soften the stark icon for a beautiful brand image.

Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

A light bulb as a terrarium is a fun idea and may suggest that your business is innovative and unique when it comes to terrarium designs! The serious and slightly archaic style of the Alata typeface complements the eccentric style of this logo. The hint of teal in the brown color palette seems like a cool drop of water on the earth.

Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

Tones of green are perfect for a terrarium logo, as they link the design to nature, growth, and new beginnings — hinting at a specialty in housewarming gifts. The sphere shape hints at the business focus and may represent community and continuity, while the smooth Arya typeface brings a sense of tradition and professionalism to the brand.

Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

The cheerful yellow-green contrasts with violet, creating an eye-catching, approachable color palette that will draw in customers. The strong structure of the Roboto Slab typeface complements the sense of balance in the design and provides a stable base for the bell jar in the icon. A miniature tree suggests unique, different terrariums.

Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

The hexagonal shape of this terrarium conveys your business's reliability and strength of teamwork and community. The tones of blue confirm that your business is trustworthy and that you are an expert in your field. Meanwhile, the Montserrat typeface, with its urban flair, shows the dedication and drive of this business to be the best.

Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

The Cinzel typeface has a classic style, giving your business a sense of prestige and tradition. However, it also merges in a contemporary style, bringing the logo design into a timeless design aesthetic. Dark green draws attention to the delicate leaf, and conveys renewal and abundance, while the gentle taper of the jar is elegant.

Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

Bright yellow-green and purple convey a fun, joyful, and creative brand message, indicating that customers will find amazing terrariums at your business. The enclosed cactus shows a more traditional terrarium style, using cacti and succulents within glass cases, and the smooth letters of the Arya typeface flow beautifully with the circular icon.

Terrarium logo for a business called Sap & Sweet. Edit

The delicate lines of the overlapping diamonds make an elegant image and the simple leaves in the middle convey grace, sophistication, and style. The dark cyan color stands out, bringing a calming aesthetic, and linking your brand to nature, while the Roboto typeface has a complimentary natural flow with open and friendly letterforms.

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Where can I download free terrarium logos?

You can create, edit, and download a terrarium logo for free by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples or by using our logo maker.

How can I create the best terrarium logos?

  1. Think about the nature of your business and your target market.
  2. Study the logos of your top competitors for inspiration.
  3. Use a free logo maker to experiment with different icons, colors, and fonts.
  4. Create several design options.
  5. Get feedback on your designs from your inner circle.
  6. Edit the design as needed and download the final version.

What are some great terrarium logo ideas?

A good terrarium logo uses natural colors like green, brown, and blue with terrarium-themed images to reflect the terrarium's connection to nature. For a professional look, go for an organized typeface like Poppins, and for an organic feel, go for a handwritten typeface like Pacifico.

Where can I find pretty terrarium logo images?

Try Zarla's free AI-powered logo maker. It generates hundreds of terrarium logo templates in seconds. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded for free in both PNG and vector formats.

What are some simple terrarium logo ideas?

Keep your terrarium logo simple with a clean line drawing of a plant or cactus within a glass dome. Add a monochromatic green color palette and a clean, geometric typeface, such as Josefin Sans, for a modern, minimalistic finish.

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