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Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

The spool of thread hints at the business focus of fabrics that can be bought and made into anything, while the needle draws the eye to the business name. The monolinear Poppins typeface represents the strong, even weave of your textiles, while the very dark purple adds elegance and poise.

Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

The beautiful teal color creates a calming aesthetic that complements the simple cotton bud. This icon, together with the strings circling it, represents the premium quality cotton fabrics used in your textiles, and the display style of the Fjalla One typeface enhances this idea of great products.

Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

The unique blend of upper and lower case letters in the Crushed typeface creates a fresh, contemporary vibe that will appeal to a youthful audience. Purple continues this theme, symbolizing the creativity of your cool textiles. Meanwhile, the stack of T-shirts hints at the available variety.

Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

A range of sewing implements references a store that sells textiles to be made into clothing, toys, or other items. The geometric letterforms of the Sen typeface complement the style of this logo while adding a friendly look that is contrasted by the formal, professional monochromatic color palette.

Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

This mesmerizing pattern mimics the woven patterns found in textile cloths. The script style of the Pacifico typeface enhances this idea, resembling a woven thread, while the combination of beige and black symbolizes a premium brand that caters to high-end fashion designers.

Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

This fun and flirty A-line dress indicates a textile store that sells summery fabrics that are light and breezy. Bright pink enhances the playful, youthful vibe and adds a sense of nostalgia that is complemented by the vintage Caudex typeface. These simple letters are a great choice for branding.

Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

Orange highlights an enthusiastic, exciting textile brand with fun patterns available, as can be seen in the icon which shows a close-up view of woven cloth. The traditional serifs of the Noto Serif typeface add a subtle formality that indicates your brand's professionalism and trustworthiness.

Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

The minimalistic, geometric style of this logo highlights a modern brand, with the interesting circular icon hinting at strong, woven textiles. The Sansation typeface complements this contemporary style and yet softens it with a humanistic aesthetic. Purple adds a sense of luxury and wealth.

Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

A sewing machine in action is a good image for a textile brand, hinting at the raw materials needed to create the best garments. Violet symbolizes the creativity of your brand, while the display-style Federo typeface has great online readability, suiting an e-commerce textile business.

Textile logo for a business called Cotton Court. Edit

Straight and vertical lines make up a minimalist representation of textiles, suiting a contemporary brand. This design is complemented by the geometric Alatsi typeface, which adds a calm, familiar feel that encourages trust. Meanwhile, orange and dark gray contrast creativity and professionalism.

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What does a logo for the textile industry look like?

A textile company logo should choose specific elements to stand out from the competition. Icons such as geometric patterns, fabrics, and thread are ideal for achieving this goal, while different colors can show the range of your fabrics, your quality, or even simple professionalism.

Textile logo fonts that feature a connected, woven style, such as Pacifico, will also look great. Take a look at our logo collection for some great ideas.

  1. Think about the type of image you want to convey.
  2. Do some research and get inspired by existing logos for textile companies.
  3. Identify which colors, fonts, icons, and logo styles best represent your business.
  4. Experiment with a logo maker to create the right design for your brand.
  5. Play with the customization options until you have five to ten great designs.
  6. Share these designs with potential customers and ask for their honest feedback.
  7. Choose the best logo.

Where can I download textile logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download free logo designs for textile businesses with Zarla. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker to get started.

Where can I download textile logos in vector and PNG formats?

You can design and edit textile logos with Zarla and download them for free in both PNG and vector formats. PNG images are great for branding as they can be downloaded with transparent backgrounds, while vector images can be resized without losing resolution.

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