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Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

Who wouldn't want this awesome ogre's head as an icon? The purple skin and white hair make it compelling and unique. Its sharp features represent power and intelligence, while the Odibee Sans Regular font commands attention. This is a memorable logo that many will come to recognize very easily.

Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

The dragon in the logo commands attention with its fierce presence and fire-breathing stance, warning everyone that you're a force to be reckoned with. The soft red background exudes power and passion, while the joyful Pridi SemiBold font adds the perfect touch of sophistication.

Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

Fierce and loyal, this battle-worn wolf makes for a gripping Twitch logo. Its black and white coloring represents balance in all things. And the blinded eye is reminiscent of Odin, the Norse god, and could imply wisdom. The Pridi Sem-bold font feels both traditional and exotic.

Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

Ninjas are sneaky, dangerous, and efficient. As a symbol, they speak volumes about a team's approach and values. The unique coloring of this ninja makes the logo stand out and creates a memorable effect. The Grenze typeface has an old fantasy style to it, which increases the logo's cool factor.

Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

This simple design has hidden meanings. The icon looks like an infinity symbol, game controller, and a pill. This could be taken together to mean "forever addicted to gaming." The transparent background and simple coloring make this logo very versatile.

Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

More honorable than a ninja, this demon samurai will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies and command respect all around. Your logo will be instantly recognized and samurais are always cool. The eerie and dark-natured Eater font gives a sinister feel to this daring logo.

Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

This logo is great because it is of a single color, a bold black. The negative space used to create the skull inside the splat-shaped icon means you can pop this logo onto just about any color background, and it will look awesome. People won't forget it.

Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

Any gamer in the world will immediately recognize the ancient Spartan battle helmet. Making it red emphasizes the courage, rage, power, and danger the helmet implies. The clean, almost minimalist font relates well with the icon and stands out boldly in white. The black backdrop is pivotal.

Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

This logo screams supremacy. The sword warns the enemy with its sleek design and sharp edges. The gaming console stands out against the white background, making it clear that you're an expert in gaming. A very cool logo that all will quickly come to recognize.

Twitch logo for a user called Throttle Edit

The bold, unmissable Montserrat typeface grabs the attention and brings to the logo a rugged, urban flavor. The icon is very unique and original and is reminiscent of a fighter pilot's helmet and goggles. All the design elements in this logo complement each other.


How do you get a logo on Twitch?

  1. Design your Twitch logo using Zarla, a free, AI-powered logo maker.
  2. Download your new logo for free.
  3. Log in to Twitch.
  4. Click on your profile icon.
  5. Select "Settings."
  6. Click "Add Profile Picture."
  7. Upload the logo you created.
  1. Go to
  2. Type in your brand name.
  3. Answer a couple of questions.
  4. Find a logo you like.
  5. Customize it.
  6. Download it.

It is a small visual design that represents your Twitch channel.

When it comes to using trademarks, it is best to err on the side of caution. Twitch has laid out guidelines for the use of their brand assets. You can also email if you have any further questions.

Where can I get a Twitch logo for free?

You can create, edit, and download free Twitch logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

Twitch accepts JPEG, PNG, or GIF files that are no bigger than 10MB.

What are the best Twitch logos?

We've collected ten awesome Twitch logo ideas for you to see and download. You can customize and download the logos for free.

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