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Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

The rising sun symbolizes rebirth and new prospects, a message that veterans seeking employment will appreciate. The beautiful Alice typeface underlines the logo's professional appearance, while the monochromatic color scheme is reliable and memorable, making it ideal for a veteran recruitment firm.

Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

If you're starting a delivery service with the support of veterans, this logo will encapsulate your brand's ethos. The sharp serifs of the ZCOOL XiaoWei typeface add character, while orange enlivens the design and adds warmth. Your employees' expertise is reflected in the delivery vehicle and plane.

Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

The sharp letters of the Cinzel typeface are bold and commanding, offsetting the modest icon perfectly. Bright red communicates power and courage, qualities that help build trust in a brand. The badge-inspired icon lends your brand authority and suits a barbershop that welcomes air force marines.

Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

The rounded letters of the Dosis typeface complement the circular icon, creating a strong, well-balanced logo. While also paying respect to the American flag and its history of patriotism, the dynamic color scheme accentuates the curves of the luxuriant tree, which signifies perseverance and wisdom.

Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

The hands wrapping around the three figures promise veterans that their "brothers-in-arms" will be protected and taken care of. This message of comfort is emphasized by the yellow tone, which exudes warmth and positivity. The dark blue Laila typeface helps the logo appear refined and reliable.

Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

Retired veterans deserve their time in the sun, soaking up some well-deserved relaxation time with loved ones. This transportive design embodies this message, using cool tones and vivid imagery to help envision the future veterans have earned. The Ubuntu typeface builds on the logo's friendly charm.

Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

Veterans want to feel soothed by their medical aid after enduring the challenges of duty, making this lovely logo the ideal choice. The hands wrapped around the medical cross suggest that you protect your patients' health, while the regal color scheme is complemented by the elegant Cinzel typeface.

Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

Veterans are modern-day superheroes, and this ingenious icon of a caped delivery man pays tribute to them. From battlefields to doorsteps, this logo's earthy color scheme and sense of humor will make for an interesting brand identity. The prominence of the Dosis typeface helps ground the logo.

Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

A plumbing service run by veterans will enjoy promoting this formal logo, which combines modern and traditional elements expertly. While the Sriracha typeface appears youthful, the classic icon and soft gold tones emanate authority, reassuring clients that you've got the credentials to back you up.

Veteran logo for a business called Jawa Joe. Edit

The contemporary Righteous typeface adds originality, with its quirky letterforms complementing the gentle waves in the icon. The logo's nautical aesthetic is underlined by the trustworthy dark blue tone, while the image of an anchor makes it clear that your restaurant welcomes marines.

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Where can I download a veteran logo design?

We've created a collection of honorable veteran logo designs for you to use and customize. If you're interested in one of the designs, simply click on it and start the customization process.

Where can I find free veteran logos?

You can create, edit, and download free veteran logo designs with Zarla. To get started, simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or use our logo maker.

  1. Think about your branding, target market, and the type of services you'll provide.
  2. Study your competitors' logos and identify design elements that suit your industry.
  3. Use a logo maker for inspiration.
  4. Test various colors, icons, and typefaces together and create a list of potential logos.
  5. Share your ideas with trusted peers and potential customers to analyze their responses.
  6. Choose the logo with the best feedback.

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