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Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

The Marcellus typeface's classic, subdued appearance lends the design a clean aesthetic and counterbalances the icon's bold linework. While the ruby pink color offers ideas of love, romance, and compassion, the clever incorporation of negative space provides dynamism and ample visual breathing room.

Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

A travel vlogging company would appreciate this vibrant design, which includes a burst of vivid orange to denote adventure and excitement. Placing a single suitcase as an identifier allows you to attract your target market faster, while the elegance of the Cardo typeface provides a refined finish.

Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

The Krona One typeface comprises sleek, futuristic letterforms that match the icon's clever reimagining of a camera. The addition of hearts softens the intensity of the dark background, giving your business an approachable quality, while the sunny orange hue offers positive energy and enthusiasm.

Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

Both green and blue are traditional colors that blend ideas of serenity, growth, and professionalism — all respectable brand statements. The Cardo typeface's sharp serifs and neat strokes complement the sweep in the icon, while the outline of a play symbol hints that you're ready to start vlogging.

Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

The figure at the center of the lens helps personalize your logo and spotlights your love for telling human stories. While both orange and purple spotlight your brand's imaginative vlogging practices, the Crimson Text typeface's sophisticated aesthetic helps add distinction to the business name.

Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

With its graceful sweeps and stems, the Cinzel Decorative typeface offers a regal aesthetic that echoes the gold hue's relation to elegance. In a clever twist, the fork and knife resemble an antenna, placing your business in the broadcasting industry, while the polished colors suit an upscale brand.

Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

The strong presence of the black and red colors makes a statement in this eye-catching design, which includes a video camera placed on a tripod to showcase your business's professionalism. In a soft white hue, the Forum typeface's modest quality is brought to life, providing a polished finish.

Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

A monochromatic color scheme provides a cool and effortless charm that's distinguishable and modern — qualities that accentuate the futuristic design of play symbols. While doubling the play symbol helps your logo appear dynamic, the slender letters of the Marcellus typeface add a neat contrast.

Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

The icon's continuous linework hints at a vlog business that is constantly rolling, promising customers that you'll capture all their special moments. The edgy strokes of the Ceviche One typeface are distinct and memorable on branded items, while the pop of purple denotes creativity and top quality.

Vlog logo for a business called Vlog On. Edit

The little bubbles are both adorable and innovative, matching an online vlogging business that wants to showcase its trendy and whimsical personality. With the bright red tone adding passionate energy and confidence, the contemporary letters of the Righteous typeface provide a structured finish.

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How do I create a logo for my vlog?

  1. Consider the specialty of your vlogs and how you plan on connecting with your viewers.
  2. Research your competitors' logos to identify common design elements.
  3. Use a logo maker to come up with unique logo ideas.
  4. Play around with various colors, icons, and typefaces.
  5. Share your ideas with trusted peers in exchange for feedback.
  6. Tweak your logo designs where necessary and download the best one.

Where can I download vlog logos in PNG format?

Try using Zarla, an innovative logo maker that allows you to generate, customize, and download vlog logos for free. To get started, click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or use our logo maker.

Where can I find good travel vlog logo designs?

We've compiled a list of logo ideas to help inspire ideas. To work from our templates, click on a travel vlog logo that suits your brand and download it for free, or navigate to our logo maker to start from scratch.

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