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Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

The subtly rounded shape of the Asap typeface adds a contemporary aesthetic to this design and complements the rounded style of the icon. The realistic blackberry can highlight a fruit business but also symbolizes wisdom and healing — perfect for a holistic business. The cool cyan background adds a relaxing, tranquil energy to the logo.

Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

The raspberry is a symbol of kindness, heart, and, traditionally, motherhood and fertility — creating a logo that can be used for a range of businesses. Both purple and orange convey creativity, with orange adding a strong positivity to the design. The casual Pacifico typeface adds a fun, summery aesthetic that works with this summer fruit.

Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

Bright yellow-orange brings warmth to the design and conveys happiness and excitement. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and are considered a healthy source of nutrients, making a good icon for a health or smoothie brand. Meanwhile, the elegance of the Sansita typeface adds a sense of quality to your brand message and works well in logos.

Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

Red brings a passionate energy to your design that draws attention and makes people take note of the brand. The perfect circle of abstract berries conveys a sense of open welcome and community, suggesting you offer a range of berries at bargain prices to suit all customers. The geometric Nunito typeface balances this clean design for a modern vibe.

Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

This cartoony, idealized version of a bunch of grapes conveys the juiciness and sweetness of this berry, while the bright purple complements the design style and shows the creativity of your brand. The tasty Chewy typeface adds to the lushness of this logo, completing a design that will work for any business, from fruits to jewelry.

Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

This brown tone conveys a warm earthiness that hints at organic products and a focus on sustainability. The clean appearance of the Miriam Libre typeface works well with the simple icon design, creating a modern, minimalist design style that will attract a trendy target market. The blueberries symbolize luck, protection, and prosperity.

Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

Vivid red draws attention to your brand and conveys the juicy sweetness of the strawberry in the icon. The combination of the strawberry with a blueberry highlights a business offering a wide range of berries or a smoothie business that focuses on fresh fruits. Meanwhile, the Sansation typeface shows customers they can expect a personal touch.

Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

The handwritten style of the Sacramento typeface promises customers a personal service that has a traditional, retro vibe. The light green background creates a calming atmosphere and encourages growth and new beginnings, while the pile of blueberries hints at health, nutrition, and wellness — perfect for a wellness brand that focuses on whole foods.

Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

The low-contrast Barlow Semi Condensed typeface adds an almost institutional look to this design, conveying professionalism and a commitment to quality. The soft red softens the seriousness of this logo, adding a dreamy quality, while the idealized version of a raspberry or bunch of grapes highlights a hope for perfection and goodness.

Berry logo for a business called Berrylicious. Edit

This logo makes good use of negative space with a strawberry outlined with the raspberry, highlighting kindness, goodness, and compassion. Bright red conveys the passion of your business, while gray shows professionalism and elegance. Meanwhile, the Signika typeface's gentle character is perfect for logos, offering a legible and memorable design.

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Where can I download berry logos for free?

You can create, edit, and download free berry logos with Zarla by simply clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or using our logo maker.

How do I design a raspberry logo for my business?

  1. Research the symbolism behind raspberries and decide whether it suits your brand.
  2. Research existing raspberry logos to ensure a unique design.
  3. Identify which colors and typefaces would suit your logo best.
  4. Experiment with a logo maker to produce the right design for your brand.
  5. Play with the customization options to design original logo ideas.
  6. Share your best ideas with potential customers and ask for their honest feedback.
  7. Tweak the top-ranked logo according to the feedback and download it.

What are some good berry logo images?

There are a lot of berries that you could potentially use in your logo, but the most recognizable are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. You can also add some leafy elements to your design for an organic look.

Can I use a berry logo for my company?

A berry logo is not only for a fruit-based company, it can work well for other industries, such as fashion, toys, or technology. Research the different meanings of the different berries to find the one that best suits your business.

What should a red berry logo look like?

Choose a red berry, such as a strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, or goji berry for your icon and combine this with a bright, strong red color palette. Complete your design with a casual typeface, such as Chewy, for a juicy logo aesthetic.

How do I find ideas for my berry logo design?

  • Review your business plan and brand message for design ideas.
  • Research the symbolism of various types of berries.
  • Research color theory for inspiration.
  • Take a look at your top competitors' logos.
  • Consider why you're starting your business and how a berry logo can convey this.

Is there a berry logo font?

There are a few berry-inspired typefaces available, including Berry, Berryfield, Raspberry Script, and Yummy Delivery.

Is there a berry logo idea template?

Yes, Zarla's logo maker offers a wide variety of berry logo templates for you to use. Each template is customizable and can be downloaded for free.

Where can I find berry logo ideas for business?

Zarla offers a free AI-powered logo maker that generates hundreds of berry logo templates in seconds. Each template can be customized and downloaded in a variety of formats for free.

What is a good berry logo ideas aesthetic?

Choose a summery vibe for your berry logo, with warm colors like orange, red, or yellow. Combine this with a handwritten typeface, such as Pacific, for a casual, personal aesthetic, and a berry icon that complements your brand.

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