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Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

Olive green and bright orange make a great color palette for a lemon logo as it brings to mind the bright, tangy flavors of lemon juice. The juiciness of this fruit is highlighted in the icon with its dripping lemon slices, and the rounded letters of the Sansation typeface add to the happy, friendly aesthetic of the logo.

Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

This icon of a sliced up lemon conveys a trendy vibe that could work well for a variety of businesses. The bright purple background adds a creative, yet luxurious energy to the design that is complemented by the pale yellow-green lemon, reminding us of fresh lemonade. The upbeat Bubblegum Sans typeface brings just as much flavor to this logo.

Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

Bright and vivid, this yellow and green logo, combined with the icon of a whole lemon and a slice of lemon, brings to mind baskets full of fresh lemons and limes — a great logo idea for a citrus orchard or similar business. The geometric letterforms of the Nunito Sans typeface hints at a stable, professional business that delivers on promises.

Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

The carefree style of the Mali typeface sets the tone for this fun design and conveys a fun-loving, childlike wonder. The sliced lemon makes a beautiful geometric pattern and resembles a piece of jewelry or a stamp, suiting a variety of businesses, while green and cyan serve to bring a soothing tranquility to the viewer.

Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

With a black and golden yellow color palette, this design exudes a sophisticated, elegant brand message. The Philosopher typeface with its curled serifs complements this design aesthetic, and the lush branch holding healthy lemons hints at life and wellness. This logo may work well for an upscale health and wellness business.

Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

The outline of a lemon that holds juice and a straw is a funky, trendy idea for a juice bar that specializes in tropical, citrus drinks. The rounded, open letters of the Hind Madurai typeface add a friendly, welcoming atmosphere to the design that is complemented by the reddish-pink touches, while green hints at organic ingredients.

Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

A friendly, smiling lemon is a great mascot for a family-friendly brand, particularly a food brand that is targeted at children. The informal Laila typeface works well with this design, adding to the cute, happy aesthetic. The dominant orange color will also appeal to children, and conveys notions of happiness and excitement.

Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

The lively Marko One typeface brings an enchanting energy to this logo that is complemented by the dynamic dripping effect on the slice of lemon, bringing to mind the fresh, tangy taste of lemon juice. The combination of the lemon and the earthy green tone may hint at wealth and prosperity, bringing to mind the saying: "When life hands you lemons."

Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

This classic image of a sliced lemon with bright leaves exudes life, energy, and health, perfect for a wellness brand. The stately DM Serif Text typeface has robust letters that hold their own against this bold design, while orange and olive green convey natural, organic materials as well as a sense of sunshine and nature.

Lemon logo for a business called Purely Citrus. Edit

What better font for a lemon logo than the Lemon typeface? These dynamic, fluid letters mimic the flow of lemon juice, while yellow-green conveys excitement and joy. The lightning bolt slashing through the lemon adds a dynamic energy to this design and sends the message that your product will provide customers with a boost of energy.

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You can use Zarla's logo maker to generate lemon logo templates for you to use. Alternatively, you could sketch out your lemon icon or approach a graphic designer for help. Check out our collection of logo examples for lemon icon inspiration.

  1. Think about your brand message and target market.
  2. Get inspired by existing lemon juice logos.
  3. Use a free logo maker to create unique design options.
  4. Experiment with different icons, colors, and fonts.
  5. Show your favorite designs to your inner circle and ask for feedback.
  6. Choose the best logo and download it.

You can create, edit, and download free lemon tree logos with Zarla's logo maker by clicking on "Edit" below one of our examples.

You should emphasize the refreshing, tangy quality of your lemonade through bright colors, like yellow and green, and with edgy, slightly jagged typefaces, such as the Bubblegum Sans typeface. A simple lemon or lemon slice icon would benefit your design by following the modern trend of minimalism.

A lemon slice is a great, minimalist icon that can be used for a variety of businesses. As lemons are often associated with cleanliness and freshness, a lemon slice logo could work particularly well for a cleaning company, emphasizing "lemony fresh."

Where can I download a lemon logo in PNG format?

Zarla's logo maker allows you to create, edit, and download lemon logos in vector and PNG formats. PNG images can be downloaded with a transparent background, while vector graphics can be resized without losing resolution.

What does a green lemon logo mean?

Technically, a green lemon is still unripe, but can still be used in this state. When used in a logo, green may emphasize your business's connection to nature or, in the sense of "when life hands you lemons...," a green lemon logo may also indicate wealth and prosperity.

Can I download a lemon logo for free?

Zarla's free log maker allows you to download lemon logos for free. Go to our logo maker, or click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, to get started.

If you want your business name to be the star attraction in your logo but still want to use a lemon icon, you can use a small, minimalist line drawing of a lemon to add a cute, trendy touch and emphasize your lemon brand.

What does my lemon logo brand mean?

Lemons are often associated with cleanliness, freshness, and purity, but are also sometimes associated with life, hope, and happiness. Therefore, a lemon logo can convey a variety of meanings, depending on the business's specialty or particular brand message.

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