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Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

The fountain pen embodies prestige and immediately adds this trait to your blog, indicating that your blog will be informative and of high quality. The cool blue color of the logo is refreshing and communicates trust and honesty, and the Merriweather typeface is perfect for use on screens.

Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

This icon resembles both a computer cursor and a folded paper plane, creating a strong symbol that highlights speed and communication. The sharp icon is complemented by the edgy Audiowide typeface, which has a distinctively modern appeal, with the dark blue color balancing the vibrant red icon.

Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

The facial profile framed by a sharp, circular speech bubble adds a personable feel to this logo and hints at the online medium of your blog. The bright pink color scheme adds energy and liveliness to the design, while the handwritten Clicker Script typeface reinforces the authenticity of the logo.

Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

Playball is an informal typeface that adds a relaxing and playful note to the look and feel of this logo. The kaleidoscope image reiterates the playfulness and creativity that readers can expect from your writing, while tones of blue imply that your ideas will be fresh and entertaining.

Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

The lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. The green color of the text and icon further represents a connection to nature and an awareness of your surroundings, while the heavy weight of the Abhaya Libre Bold font is perfect for a mobile blog app.

Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

The journal and pen icon creates an intimate and personal impression, suggesting that your blog's content is from the heart. The brown and soft pink color reinforces the down-to-earth appeal of the design, while the light blue DM Serif Text typeface adds sophistication and professionalism.

Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

The pencil looks like it's unfurling, which could hint at uncovering juicy news. The DM Serif Text typeface is easy to read and characteristic of the fonts used in print media, adding a sense of seriousness. This is highlighted by the blue tones, indicating trust and honesty.

Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

This icon suggests that your blog has your stamp of approval. The sense of confidence is reinforced by the vibrant orange color, which allows the encircled fountain pen to stand out clearly. The dark blue Caudex typeface is modern with a charming allure that pairs well with the simple icon.

Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

Typefaces such as DM Serif Text portray tradition, history, and reliability — characteristics that a news blog should aspire to. The squares above the pencil are indicative of the thought process, the pencil represents the creative mind, and the gray tone adds a sense of professionalism.

Blog logo for a business called Newsture. Edit

This speech bubble outlines a feather in the negative space and clearly captures the essence of your blog. The icon, together with the pink color, creates a soft and comforting appeal which is balanced by the light blue text. The Playball typeface adds grace and elegance to the logo.

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How do I create a logo for my blog?

A good blog logo should be modern and represent the creativity of the writing process. The choice of logo must reflect reliability, honesty, and truthfulness. We recommend that you use bold and strong yet subdued colors like blue, green, and black.

Zarla comes highly recommended as it allows you to design, edit, and preview scores of brandable logo designs for free. Users can customize logos by changing the font, color, and images provided by the site. Once you've found the perfect logo, you can download it for free.

Should my blog logo reflect my personality and writing style?

It is essential to stay true to yourself and the message you want to convey with your blog. When choosing a font, decide if you will write formal or informal blogs, and use that to guide you in your choice. The same goes for color choices. Blogs are personal and say a lot about the writer; therefore, choose a logo that represents you the best.

How do I come up with lifestyle blog logo ideas?

  • Consider the topics you will write about and choose a logo accordingly.
  • Determine who your readership is and what relates to them.
  • Research the meaning of colors and find colors suitable to your blog and personality.
  • Experiment with colors, icons, and fonts to create a logo.
  • Ask friends, family, and potential readers for input.

Where can I find good personal blog logos?

Take a look at our selection of blog logos for inspiration.

Where can I download free blog logos?

You can create, edit, and download free blog logos with Zarla by clicking on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or by going to our home page.

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