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Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

The fountain pen embodies prestige and immediately adds this trait to your blog without readers having read it. It indicates that your blog will be informative and of high quality. The cool blue color of the logo is refreshing and communicates trust, honesty, and loyalty.

Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

Playball is an informal typeface that adds a relaxing and playful note to the look and feel of this logo. The kaleidoscope image reiterates the playfulness and creativity that readers can expect from your writing. Overall, the logo implies that your ideas will be fresh and entertaining.

Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

The Gochi Hand font used in this logo looks as if it was written by hand. It showcases originality and ownership of the content. The arrow shaped icon means that your blog will give direction, and also represents the nib of a fountain pen. The cool green color scheme is refreshing.

Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

The pencil looks like it's unfurling, which could hint at uncovering juicy news or information that the reader might want to know. The DM Serif Text typeface is easy to read and characteristic of the fonts used in print media, which adds a seriousness to the blog.

Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

The Lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. Even when in dirty water, the Lotus will produce the most beautiful flower. The green color of the text and icon further represents a connection to nature and an awareness of your surroundings.

Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

This logo depicts a bullseye meaning that your content will be spot on. Inria Serif Bold is a modern, contemporary, and clean font, which is ideal for a no-frills news blog. The green color scheme will be great for a blog that creates awareness on topics related to the earth.

Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

Lightbulbs are indicative of new ideas, creativity, and "showing the way." The color turquoise represents open communication and freshness, and relates to electronic communication. The link to electronic communication is indicative of your blog bringing new information to readers' fingertips.

Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

Simple, elegant, and to the point. The blue tone adds a coolness to your blog that will tell potential readers that your ideas are modern and that you are open-minded. A transparent background creates the opportunity for you to use the logo on any color background.

Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

Fonts such as DM Serif Text portray tradition, history, and reliability; exactly the type of characteristics that a news blog should aspire to. The bubbles above the pencil are indicative of the thought process and the pencil represents the creative mind behind the blog.

Logo for a blog called Newsture Edit

Research has found that green improves reading ability. The color also represents tranquility, good luck, and health, which tells readers that your blog will offer good news and tips for a better lifestyle. Inria Serif Bold is a prominent font that will further add to your logo's originality.


How do I create a logo for my blog?

A good blog logo should be modern and represent the creativity of the writing process. The choice of logo must reflect reliability, honesty, and truthfulness. We recommend that you use bold and strong yet subdued colors like blue, green, and black.

Zarla comes highly recommended as it allows you to design, edit, and preview scores of brandable logo designs for free. Users can customize logos by changing the font, color, and images provided by the site. Once you've found the perfect logo, you can download it for free.

Should my blog logo reflect my personality and writing style?

It is essential to stay true to yourself and the message you want to convey with your blog. When choosing a font, decide if you will write formal or informal blogs, and use that to guide you in your choice. The same goes for color choices. Blogs are personal and say a lot about the writer; therefore, choose a logo that represents you the best.

How do I come up with lifestyle blog logo ideas?

  • Consider the topics you will write about and choose a logo accordingly.
  • Determine who your readership is and what relates to them.
  • Research the meaning of colors and find colors suitable to your blog and personality.
  • Experiment with colors, icons, and fonts to create a logo.
  • Ask friends, family, and potential readers for input.

Where can I find good personal blog logos?

Take a look at our selection of blog logos for inspiration.

Where can I download free blog logos?

You can create, edit, and download free blog logos with Zarla by clicking "Edit" on one of the examples above, or by going to our home page.

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