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Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

This magnetic logo embodies the famous quote by author Victor Hugo, "A writer is a world trapped in a person." While the large letters of the Gothic A1 typeface draw attention, a star-flecked book hints that you craft magical worlds. The contrasting colors balance ideas of honesty and creativity.

Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

This icon's minimalistic design of a quill pen complements the delicate characters of the Noto Serif typeface, which is suited for both modern and traditional letters. The color purple symbolizes creativity and fantasy, targeting customers in search of fictional worlds and stories.

Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

Backlit by a brilliant sun, the quill pen forms a striking image that draws attention. The sun denotes progress and spirituality, making this the ideal logo for spiritual writers. The Vollkorn SC typeface adds a timeless elegance to this logo, which is infused with originality by yellow and white.

Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

This logo takes a more descriptive approach, promoting your writing services by using a pen and a piece of paper for the icon. The pen's formality complements the black and blue color scheme, conveying authority and dependability. Josefin Sans is a geometric typeface that adds an air of elegance.

Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

The vivid pink background imbues this logo with themes of creativity, kindness, and romance. The graduating hat and pencil place your company in the educational sector, suiting a creative writing class aimed at a youthful target market. The classy Cardo typeface's bold stems help ground the logo.

Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

Writers have the magical ability to craft new worlds, which requires them to think outside the box. Perfect for a creative writing service, the elegant color palette and detailed icon symbolize creativity and capture the joy of writing. The sharp serifs of the Marko One typeface add a modern finish.

Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

This design is brought to life by the use of vibrant colors, which convey ideas of joy, creativity, and just a hint of professionalism. The icon of a pen and a book speaks to your love for storytelling and bound books. Proza Libre is a clear and refined typeface that helps to mature the logo.

Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

If you're an expert in ghostwriting, this edgy logo will capture the essence of your brand's identity. The bold color palette stands out, denoting passion and authority, qualities that will appeal to daring customers. The noir aesthetic is enhanced by the Art Deco-inspired Fascinate Inline typeface.

Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

Modernism meets traditionalism in this cool logo. The quill pen pays homage to the traditional form of writing and conveys your love for classic novels. The Krona One typeface, a contemporary sans serif, matures the logo and adds a digital twist. The contrasting colors appear dynamic and versatile.

Writer logos for a business called Nibbed. Edit

A freelance writing service will enjoy marketing this fun logo. While pink is a stirring color that signifies your love for writing, the hint of green adds versatility. The digital elements of the icon situate your brand in the online industry, and the Averia Libre typeface adds a vintage charm.

Freelance Logos

10 contemporary logo suggestions for your freelance business.


Do authors have logos?

No, authors are not required to have logos. However, if you'd like to create an author's logo or publishing logo, it will help you establish a unique brand identity.

Where can I find great writer logos?

You can create, edit, and download logos for writers on Zarla at no cost. To get started, click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples to work from a template, or navigate to the home page to start from scratch.

Writing logos are distinct and descriptive imagery that represents an author or service related to writing. Whether it's for a freelance writer, ghostwriter, or novelist, a writing logo is often used to identify specific genres and styles of writing.

  1. Consider your target market, genre, and style of writing.
  2. Research your competitors and identify colors, imagery, and typefaces that work well together.
  3. Think about your industry and how you want to attract your target market.
  4. Find inspiration from our list of logo ideas or use a logo maker.
  5. Share your logo ideas with trusted peers and ask them for honest feedback.
  6. Choose the best logo.

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