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Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

The simplicity of this three-leafed motif encased by the swing of its stem in a light yellow-green gives it an easy air and a smart, refreshing appeal. The sleek curves and gentle serifs of the El Messiri typeface echo the effortless elegance of the icon, whereas the deep shade of purple adds a sense of creativity and mystery.

Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

The rounded terminals of the Quicksand typeface have an open, friendly appearance that is slightly subdued by the deep purple coloring, which has a mysterious yet grounding effect. The delicate icon in soft pink and green balancing atop the brand name creates a vision of an innovative greenhouse containing exquisite botanicals.

Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

The juicy Persian green color exudes a gentle power and instills a sense of calm, which pairs well with the balance achieved by the symmetrical bloom in the negative space of the circular icon. The clean straight lines of the Lato typeface replicate the delicate lines in the design and complete this logo's pristine look.

Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

This icon's bright green and blue create a revitalizing combo representing lush foliage and water — the latter being reinforced by the framing teardrop shape. The symmetrical botanical design at the heart of the icon is complemented by the short, sleek serifs of the ZCOOL XiaoWei typeface, which exudes easy elegance.

Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

The bright aquamarine botanical starburst is intensified by the dark backdrop, lending this logo a meaningful depth as well as mystery. The image of delicate foliage emerging from a dark forest is lightened by the pure white Goudy Bookletter 1911 typeface, which adds a traditional edge with its simple, classic design.

Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

The playful cursive Clicker Script typeface mirrors the dainty botanical design of the icon, working together to create a charming ornamental effect. The fresh green citrus color further enhances the budding lightness of the blossoming twig and the romantic lettering, beautifully rounding off this logo's spring bloom effect.

Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

The deep purple backdrop sets a stage of creative mystique and makes the vibrant yellow-green icon pop. The design's simple leafy symmetry is decorative but not overly ornate and draws the eye. The smart, traditional appeal of the Goudy Bookletter 1911 typeface is a good choice for this design as it adds to its smart casual appeal.

Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

The blocky serifs and traditional style of the Bree Serif typeface underline an intricate botanical wreath, creating a lovely image of class, stability, and sophistication. The deep green color of the icon and the black lettering enhance this solemn effect, making it ideal for a more conservative but elegant brand.

Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

The casing of the icon loosely resembles a pear-cut diamond shape, giving it an elegant, luxurious appearance, with the dark shade of green giving it some weight. The refreshing citrus green of the foliage it holds is matched in the smart, modern El Messiri typeface, creating a clever balance of sophistication and botanical flair.

Botanical logo for a business called Plant Life. Edit

The icon's pink and purple color scheme creates an intensity reminiscent of the more aromatic botanical herbs. This is echoed by the unusual plant design showcased in a circular frame that has a spotlight effect and draws the eye. The elegant Cormorant Unicase typeface underlines the icon with a sleek and powerful confidence.

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A botanical logo makes use of imagery and fonts that reflect the shapes of plants. This can range from floral designs to leafy and vine-like elements. While it usually is the icon that gives a logo its botanical appearance, an appropriate typeface can be used to echo the plant-like features of the icon.

Where can I download botanical logos for free?

You can use Zarla's logo maker to create, edit, and download botanical logos at no cost. Simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples or navigate to our free logo maker to start from scratch.

What are some botanical logo images?

Botanical logo images include those of plants as whole or individual elements, such as leaves and flowers, as well as multiple elements used to create other shapes, such as wreaths. Have a look at our collection of botanical logos for inspiration.

Are there any botanical logo templates?

Yes, you can browse our list of ready-made botanical logo designs above or use our logo maker to generate your own.

Where can I get a botany logo in PNG format?

You can use Zarla's logo maker to create and download a botany logo in a range of formats, including PNG.

  1. Think about the images that remind you of a botanical garden.
  2. Get inspired by existing botanical logos to see which icons, colors, and fonts pair well.
  3. Use a logo maker to produce some unique logo ideas.
  4. Mix and match the design elements to your liking.
  5. Choose the best logo and download it.

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