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Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

When coupled with a sunny green hue, the icon's leafy accents spring to life, enhancing the logo's natural aesthetic to seamlessly link your brand to landscape photography. While presenting the business name in a darker shade helps denote authority and prestige, the thin, graceful letters of the Cardo typeface underscore the logo's classic charm.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Large and in charge, the camera's commanding presence dominates the spotlight, with its shadows and the dark backdrop adding to its intriguing allure. In contrast, the delicate Sorts Mill Goudy typeface lends the brand name elegance and distinction, while the lively golden orange hue injects the design with promises of creativity and excellence.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

The icon, cleverly featuring a house adorned by a large lens, pairs nicely with the rosy pink hue, as both elements evoke creativity and a sense of wonder. The sharp shutters tell a story of artistry and precision, aligning with a photographer's skills. Complementing this aesthetic, the elegant Alice typeface heightens the logo's timeless allure.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

The icon, a camera cradling a paw at its heart, highlights your pet-friendly photography services beautifully. Bathed in a sunny orange hue known to evoke joy and kindness, the logo radiates warmth, while the little paw offers a heartfelt touch. The Inria Serif typeface, with its assertive letters, helps lend a sense of formality and structure.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Professionalism meets modernism in this captivating design, which features a camera with a human figure at its heart to add a personalized touch. While the figure's little tie reinforces the dark blue setting's formal qualities, the Sorts Mill Goudy typeface, comprising distinct, harmonious letterforms, injects prominence into the brand name.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Yeseva One, a commanding typeface with authority and subtle elegance, serves as a solid foundation for this contemporary icon. The camera icon strikes a delicate balance between dynamism and minimalism, with its lack of details making it a brandable visual. While the blue tone lends a professional charm, the pink hue adds a fun, playful contrast.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

While simple in its approach, spotlighting the digital camera in a respectable green hue does well to emphasize your brand's primary offerings and trustworthy service. Marko One is a versatile and distinct typeface that still exudes a friendly personality, complementing the green shade's positive associations of hope, safety, and approachability.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Red-orange is a spirited color that injects an electrifying energy into this design, contrasting the dark blue background's cool aesthetic to create a harmonious visual. Comprising sleek, refined letters, the DM Serif Text typeface adds a respectable allure to the brand name, while the winged camera promotes your drone photography service nicely.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

While minimalism is the primary aesthetic of this design, the icon's bold linework and the brand name's gentle characters pair well together, resulting in a striking visual brimming with marketing potential. Presented in the graceful Cinzel typeface, the brand name appears sophisticated, with the rich purple hue adding to the logo's premium charm.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Towering above the camera is a vast cityscape, emphasizing your focus on urban photography. While the city's dynamic design adds prominence to the icon, the lofty but delicate letters of the Marcellus typeface elevate the brand name's significance. The diverse shades of blue not only define the logo but evoke core ideas of trust and honesty.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Josefin Sans is a sharp, well-defined typeface that exudes a touch of modernity, enhancing the icon's sleek linework and broad shape. While the camera's linework draws the eye inward, the heart at its core hints that you're an expert at capturing loving memories. The pale gold hue adds notions of success and luxury, resulting in a refined finish.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Comprising sharp angles that hint at attention to detail and precision, the icon's refined charm appeals to a brand wanting to attract an experienced market. The contrasting blue tones add depth to the design, amplifying its intricacies and sense of trust, while the ZCOOL XiaoWei typeface, boasting agile but proud letters, delivers a firm finish.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Incorporating the shape of a house into the camera is an ingenious move, as it perfectly communicates your business's essential focus areas: real estate and photography. Opting for a refreshing green-only color scheme adds versatility and a touch of modernism — ideas echoed in the Arya typeface's clean, geometric letterforms.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Caught in the lens are sharp skyscrapers that draw the eye, effortlessly marketing your business's focus on urban or architectural photography. Building on the icon's commanding presence is the radiant red tone, which does well to imbue power and passion, while the Arya typeface lends a clear and trendy finish that reinforces the icon's modernism.

Camera logo for a business called Frameable. Edit

Roboto Slab is a boxy typeface offering an industrial charm, forming a firm foundation for this minimalistic icon. While its linework is simple and understated, the icon's inclusion of an eye for a lens is captivating, suiting a security company that always keeps watch. The light blue hue washes over the design, evoking ideas of peace and honesty.

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Where can I download camera logos for free?

With Zarla, you can generate and download camera logos for free. To get started, simply click on "Edit" beneath one of our examples, or go to our logo maker to unleash your imagination.

  1. Consider your target market, niche, and the message you want to convey.
  2. Research your competitors' logos to identify popular design elements.
  3. Use a logo maker to experiment with icons, colors, and typefaces.
  4. Share some logo ideas with potential customers in exchange for honest feedback.
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Where can I find camera logo designs for my business?

We've curated a list of creative camera logo designs for you to browse through. Whether you sell or repair cameras or own a niche photography business, our logo examples cover various industries to help you find your ideal design. Alternatively, you can navigate to our logo maker to start from scratch.

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